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2017 Press Releases

DentalPlans.com Predicts an ACA Enrollment Spike with Only 15 Days Left

Plantation, FL 33324 | December 01, 2017

Significant changes in the cost of ACA insurance coverage, coupled with a shorter enrollment period, are likely to cause a last-minute spike in Healthcare.gov enrollment this year. And, as the deadline quickly approaches, those who want to enroll need to do so within the next 15 days.


Options for Obtaining Dental Coverage Under Medicare 2018

Plantation, FL 33324 | October 04, 2017

Open enrollment for Medicare coverage in 2018 begins October 15 and ends on December 7, 2017. During this short window, DentalPlans.com recommends reviewing all plans and what they include before moving forward with a new or re-enrolling in an existing plan.


DentalPlans.com to Present at NADP Annual Conference in Atlanta

Plantation, FL 33324 | September 25, 2017

DentalPlans.com, a leading online health savings marketplace, to Present at NADP Annual Conference in Atlanta. This is the 4th time that DentalPlans.com has participated in a NADP conference session.


DentalPlans.com’s Tips on How to Breakup with Your Dentist

Plantation, FL 33324 | August 30, 2017

Each year, we are met with an increasingly large number of options to choose from—restaurants, television shows, stores, etc. However, not one size fits all. And, in the dental industry, not every dentist is the correct fit for every patient, nor is every patient the correct fit for their dentist. It is important to know your options and how to handle similar situations.


DentalPlans.com Warns: Dental Health Can Impact School Success

Plantation, FL 33324 | August 09, 2017

Dental problems have a significant impact on school success. Children with chronic oral health problems are three times more likely to miss school than their classmates.


Partnership Makes Hearing Aids and Services More Affordable

Plantation, FL 33324 | July 05, 2017

More than 28.8 million Americans could benefit from the use of a hearing aid, but only one in four have actually used one, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIDCD). Recognizing this large need, DentalPlans.com, a leading dental and health savings marketplace, is proud to announce its partnership with Amplifon to offer affordable access to hearing healthcare services and hearing aids.


Summertime: A Great Time to Save on Braces and More

Plantation, FL 33324 | June 14, 2017

Summertime is the perfect time to save on braces. And, a dental savings plan can save individuals and families a considerable amount of money on costly procedures—including braces.


Your Headache and Migraine Culprit May Be Inside Your Mouth

Plantation, FL 33324 | June 08, 2017

For those experiencing headaches or migraines, the culprit could be related to one’s dental health. In fact, among the known causes of head pain are dental problems such as a “bad bite,” tooth grinding, tooth decay and gum disease.


Better Employee Benefits Boost Business Success

Plantation, FL 33324 | May 31, 2017

With the current unemployment rate at a 10-year low, businesses are competing fiercely to attract and retain top talent.


Oral Health and a Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

Plantation, FL 33324 | May 23, 2017

May is Older Americans Month, a nationwide celebration of Americans aged 65 and older. This year’s theme, “Age Out Loud,” encourages older adults to speak up about trends and issues that affect their lives. For many, the conversation revolves around Medicare and the need for accessible, affordable dental care.


DentalPlans.com Featured in Toggle Magazine for Technology Innovation

Plantation, FL 33324 | April 11, 2017

Launched during the height of the dot.com boom, DentalPlans.com was founded by an e-commerce entrepreneur and the son of a dentist. They had a shared company vision — to find a way to leverage the Internet to help people access affordable dental care. Unlike many other companies founded then, DentalPlans.com not only survived — it thrived.


DentalPlans.com Partnership with GoodRx Takes the Speculation Out of Prescription Costs

Plantation, FL 33324 | April 04, 2017

DentalPlans.com, a leading dental and health savings marketplace, is proud to announce its partnership with GoodRx, America’s #1 source for lowering prescription drug costs.


To Floss or Not to Floss? DentalPlans.com’s Tips for a Healthy Mouth

Plantation, FL 33324 | March 28, 2017

Recent reports have questioned the benefits of certain routine oral health practices, such as flossing. According to the national DentalPlans.com's SmileIndex™ Survey, many misconceptions exist about what is and is not healthy for one’s teeth and gums.


DentalPlans.com Executive Honored for Work in Human Resources

Plantation, FL 33324 | March 14, 2017

DentalPlans.com's Senior Human Resources Director Olga Patarroyo was honored as an "outstanding HR professional" at South Florida Business & Wealth (SFBW) magazine's second annual Excellence in Human Resource Awards. The unique awards program, which recognizes the region's top HR professionals in 13 different industry-specific categories, was held at the Weston Country Club on March 9.


DentalPlans.com to Present at The Montgomery Summit

Plantation, FL 33324 | March 06, 2017

DentalPlans.com, a leading dental and health savings marketplace in the U.S., has been selected, for the second time, to present at the 14th annual Montgomery Summit.


Tooth Fairy vs. Magical Rodents, Celebrating a Global Phenomenon

Plantation, FL 33324 | February 28, 2017

It is Tooth Fairy Day, a perfect time to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month and honor a fun tradition. While doing something to mark the loss of a child’s primary teeth is popular, celebrating the “Tooth Fairy” is not. In fact, being visited by a magical rodent is more common across the globe.


Taking Care of Pet’s Teeth is Essential to Their Health

Plantation, FL 33324 | February 27, 2017

Taking care of pet's teeth is just as essential as taking care of one's own. Doing so can save time, money and avoid painful situations. February is Pet Dental Health Month, an annual reminder to take furry family members to the veterinarian for a dental check-up.


Healthy Smiles May Mean Healthy Hearts

Plantation, FL 33324 | February 23, 2017

Valentine’s Day is over, but heart health is the gift that keeps on giving all year long. In fact, every 43 seconds someone in the United States has a heart attack. During American Heart Month, DentalPlans.com is offering tips to help prevent cardiovascular disease.


DentalPlans.com Reveals Bad Breath is a Dating Deal Breaker this Valentine’s Day

Plantation, FL 33324 | February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day is here and many are still searching for their soulmate. Their oral care may be the culprit. Bad breath and other oral health issues are one of the top three dating "deal breakers,” following an “insanely jealous ex” and “being unemployed,” per a DentalPlans.com survey.


Does Your 2017 Budget Include Dental Care?

Plantation, FL 33324 | January 31, 2017

It is only a month into the New Year and for many, self-improvement resolutions are already a distant memory. Although common resolutions focus on making better decisions about spending, health and fitness, budget constraints can derail even the best efforts.


Dental Care: A Peek Into 2017

Plantation, FL 33324 | January 17, 2017

Obamacare did little to address the growing public health crisis of adult oral wellness. And as 2017 commences, it is unclear whether providing access to affordable dental care will be on the political agenda over the next four years.


Future of Obamacare is Uncertain and Open Enrollment is Ending Soon

Plantation, FL 33324 | January 09, 2017

Time is running out for Americans who purchase their health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplaces. Those who still want to choose or change their healthcare plan for 2017 have until January 31 to do so.


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