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Affordable Dental Plans & Dental Insurance in California

Dental savings plan members save an average of 50%* at the dentist.

*Discount Health Program consumer & provider surveys indicate average savings of 50%. Savings may vary by provider, location, and plan.

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Getting Dental Insurance in California

Here are several common ways to obtain dental coverage in California:

  • Get dental insurance by enrolling in your employer’s health insurance plan
  • Buy health insurance and add dental coverage to your policy via Covered California, a state-sponsored ACA exchange offering both medical and dental plans to eligible Californians
  • Purchase a stand-alone dental insurance plan via Covered California
  • Join a dental savings plan
What Does Dental Insurance Typically Cost in California?

According to , individuals who purchase stand-alone and family dental coverage via Covered California can expect average monthly premiums ranging from $15 to $85. Unlike most states, California requires all health insurers participating in Covered California to embed pediatric dental coverage in their medical plans. You can buy additional dental insurance for children in the form of a family dental plan from Covered California.

Shopping for Dental Plans in California

When looking for dental coverage in California, it’s important to compare carriers and coverage levels to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. Additionally, check if your preferred dentist is an in-network provider to save even more on dental costs.

Dental insurance isn’t the only option for saving on dental care in California. Consider a dental savings plan , a trusted alternative to dental insurance that can save you money on most dental procedures.

Dental Plans in California: What You Need to Know

By paying a small annual fee, plan members gain access to a network of over 140,000 dental professionals who offer reduced rates on virtually all procedures, including preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care. Savings vary by plan, procedure, and region, with plan members reporting an average savings of 50%*.

Unlike dental insurance, dental savings plans have no annual limits and can be used within 1-3 business days of joining, even for major procedures.

Dental Plans From Brands You Trust offers more than 25 plans from top healthcare companies such as Careington Aetna , and Cigna . Just enter your zip code and we’ll help you find a dental savings plan in California that fits your needs, in minutes.

*Discount Health Program consumer & provider surveys indicate average savings of 50%. Savings may vary by provider, location, and plan.

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Frequently Asked Dental Questions

What is a California dental plan?

A California dental plan gives members heavily discounted rates at over 100,000 participating dentists. It is a simple and affordable option for families looking for an alternative to dental insurance.

How do I find the nearest California dentist?

Searching for participating dentists in your neighborhood couldn’t be easier. Just visit our dentist locator and enter your zip code. You can also add other details such as you your preferred dentist type. Then click on “Search for Dentists” to get your results.

How soon can I use my discount dental plan in California?

Your plan should be ready to use in approximately three business days. If you have any problems, just give us a call. We’d be happy to assist you.

How do dental savings plans and California dental insurance compare?

There are major differences. With a dental plan, there are no claims or paperwork – just present your membership card to receive discounts at participating dentists. And unlike dental insurance that has defined coverage, dental savings plans allow you to choose plans that offer the best deal on the services you need, including cosmetic procedures and orthodontics.

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We want you to live life with a clean, healthy mouth—and both dental savings plans and dental insurance can help you do that. But it’s important to consider the differences between these plans and choose the one that best matches your needs. Let’s dive in.

Dental savings plans Dental savings plans
Dental insurance Dental insurance
Preventive care Routine check ups, Cleanings, and X-Rays
Basic procedures Fillings, Extractions, Emergency Care
Major procedures Root Canals, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures
No annual spending caps
No waiting periods*
No deductibles
No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
Switch plans easily
*Waiting periods may be waived with prior dental insurance.

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