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2018 Press Releases is Helping Americans Smile More This Holiday Season

Plantation, FL | November 13, 2018

As an advocate for affordable dental care, is making dental and healthcare more affordable by offering 25% off all dental savings plans from November 21st through November 27th.


Consumers Be Wary: ACA 2019 Offers Lower Premiums but Less Coverage

Plantation, FL 33324 | November 06, 2018

As an advocate for affordable dental and health care, offers advice during the 2019 Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment.


Don’t Trick Your Teeth

Plantation, FL | October 18, 2018

Halloween is a scary season for teeth. Americans are expected to spend $2.6 billion on candy for the holiday this year. Sugary, sticky treats are among the leading causes of dental decay, so it’s no surprise that October is also National Dental Hygiene Month.


The Painful Cost of Dental Care

Plantation, FL | September 18, 2018

Chronic pain affects more Americans than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined, and pain is the most common cause of disability in the United States. September is national Pain Awareness Month, dedicated to raising visibility about the impact of living with persistent pain.


Get Ready to Celebrate Tooth Fairy Day!

Plantation, FL | August 20, 2018

Many American children have been visited by the tooth fairy – generally envisioned as a Tinkerbell-type character who gives kids a financial reward in exchange for their baby teeth. In fact, the tooth fairy is so popular that there are two “national days” honoring this tradition: August 22 and February 28.


Dental Issues Can Negatively Impact Children’s School Success

Plantation, FL 33324 | August 08, 2018

A trip to the dentist is one of the best ways to help children have a successful school year. This is unfortunately because the high cost of dental care has been linked to frequent school absences and learning problems.


The Best Time for Orthodontic Treatment is Before School Starts

Plantation, FL 33324 | July 17, 2018

The last thing any kid wants to do in the summertime is spend a few hours in the orthodontist’s office. But this is the best time of year to get orthodontic treatment. provides tips on how to make braces more affordable and comfortable.


Dental Issues May Be to Blame for Migraines and Headaches

Plantation, FL 33324 | June 27, 2018

More than 37 million people in the U.S., and more than 1 billion worldwide, experience migraines, according to the American Migraine Foundation. June is National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, aimed at increasing understanding and advocating for increased medical research and treatment options for these often-debilitating medical conditions.


Defend Against the Top Eight Summer Smile Threats

Plantation, FL 33324 | May 24, 2018

The long, sunny days of Summer bring big fun, but some of the most popular seasonal activities can also damage some of the healthiest smiles. As Memorial Day approaches, marking the unofficial start of Summer, provides the top eight threats to dental health, and tips to help keep smiles bright and healthy. Debunks Top 10 Harmful Dental Myths

Plantation, FL 33324 | May 09, 2018

It was once popular belief that “evil tooth worms” caused cavities and a toothache could be cured by spitting into an anthill. Although it may seem humorous, some modern-day dental myths are just as silly. And while believing in the tooth fairy (or the tooth rat) likely will not cause harm, there is plenty of misinformation masquerading as fact that can seriously damage one’s dental health. Here are the top ten dental myths, from, that can ruin a perfectly good smile.


Tax Refund Season Fuels Demand for Dental Care

Plantation, FL 33324 | April 02, 2018

In 2018, eight out of 10 U.S. taxpayers will receive a tax refund of about $3,000. And many will spend a good portion of their refund at the dentist’s office. provides 5 helpful tips to get the most from your tax return and dental needs.


St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Can Ruin Smiles

Plantation, FL 33324 | March 13, 2018

Enjoying green food and drinks for just one day probably will not tint most people’s teeth an alarming shamrock shade. But warns that they may cause problems for people who have certain types of dental work as these dyes can stain vulnerable teeth, dental devices, and restorations.


8 Great Reasons to Celebrate Dentist’s Day from

Plantation, FL 33324 | March 05, 2018

Dentist’s Day is celebrated every year on March 6, and it is the perfect occasion to show your dentist a little appreciation for helping you to maintain your health and your smile. provides eight reasons why dentists should be celebrated.


Celebrating “If Pets Had Opposable Thumbs” Day

Plantation, FL 33324 | March 01, 2018

Pets are amazing in many ways, but many do not have thumbs, which makes it hard for them to hold a toothbrush. So, they rely on their human friends for help performing dental care activities. March 3rd is “If Pets Had Opposable Thumbs Day,” and in honor of this wonderfully weird holiday, the team at shares some tips on how to take care of your pets’ teeth on a budget. CCO Elected Chairperson of Consumer Health Alliance Board

Plantation, FL 33324 | February 12, 2018, a leading online consumer marketplace for dental savings plans, is proud to announce that the company’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jenn Stoll, has been elected Chairperson of the Consumer Health Alliance’s Board of Directors.


Virtual Dentistry and Shark-like Tooth Regeneration on the Horizon

Plantation, FL 33324 | February 08, 2018

In honor of National Toothache Day, celebrated on February 9 (tomorrow), looks forward to continuing its mission and helping to create a future of happier, healthier smiles more affordably. The company discusses breakthrough technologies and trends that can prevent oral disease and restore dental health, as well as new ways to make treatments affordable to all. Named One of the “Best Places to Work” in South Florida

Plantation, FL 33324 | January 08, 2018, a leading online consumer marketplace for dental savings plans, is pleased to announce that the company has been named one of the "2018 Best Places to Work in South Florida," by the South Florida Business Journal.


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