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Tips for Seniors in Honor of National Senior Health & Fitness Day

Plantation, FL (May 26, 2021)

May 26th is National Senior Health & Fitness Day, the nation's largest annual health and wellness celebration for older adults. The goal is to raise awareness of the importance of regular physical activity as we age., a leading online marketplace for dental savings plans in the U.S. and part of the Henry Schein One portfolio of solutions, is committed to helping seniors live happy, healthy lives. The company, which has been honored as a Healthiest Employer for three consecutive years, has compiled a list of tips for seniors to help make health and fitness a part of their daily routines.

Make movement a part of your life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health, preventing many of the health problems that can often come with age. The CDC suggests that generally fit Americans aged 65 and older should try for at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week.

Get guidance. Exercise needs and ability change with age, so your fitness routine should too. Your doctor, a licensed personal trainer, or a physical therapist can provide you with a personalized exercise plan that is safe and effective.

Do what you can, then do more. Some physical activity is better than none at all. Start off easy, then challenge yourself to do more. Health benefits will increase with the amount of physical activity that you do. For ideas, download the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans from the CDC.

Cover the cornerstones. The four cornerstones of fitness are cardiovascular conditioning, strength, balance, and flexibility. Your workout plan should include activities that target each cornerstone – for example, walking or swimming for cardiovascular health, weight lifting to build strength, and yoga for balance and flexibility. You don’t have to do all four daily – pick one today, another tomorrow, and so on. Varying your routine lets muscles rest and can make exercise more interesting and fun.

Get your checkups. Living a healthy lifestyle extends beyond exercise and good nutrition. You also need to get your preventive care checkups to catch any health issues early. Don’t skip physicals, eye and hearing checks, and regular dental care.

“The best types of health and fitness routines are the ones you maintain in the long run,” said Jenn Stoll, Chief Commercial Officer at “Mark your calendar with your daily exercise time, book healthcare appointments in advance, and don’t postpone your preventive care – delays can turn manageable health concerns into expensive, complicated problems. It’s so important to your overall health to be consistent about your self-care.”

If your budget doesn’t allow for preventive care, consider getting a dental savings plan to help manage your overall health. These affordable alternatives to traditional dental insurance provide plan members with 10-60% off most dental procedures, as well as other wellness savings. Many plans also include discounts on vision, hearing, and chiropractic care, as well as fitness and nutrition offerings and 24/7 telehealth.

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