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Executive Sounding Board with President Jennifer Stoll

Florida Trend Magazine

August 2011 | Mike Vogel

What Makes Your Company a Florida Trend Best Company to Work For?

"A big focus of ours is creating an environment where people can be successful. And really trying to be in tune with what motivates our people, not assuming we know. We've learned all of our employees are motivated differently. We have something that's called 'Breakfast with Buddy.' Four employees a month eat breakfast with CEO Buddy Johnson. He's officially met with everyone in the company and now is in his second round. What came from that is, 'We wish we had a 401(k) program.' We instituted that this year. We have a big contingent of moms coming back into the workforce part time. 'It would be great to offer benefits to part-time employees.' That's something we're about to launch as well. We've created an employee lounge with a beach theme. We put a Wii in there, a foosball table, a popcorn machine."

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