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Suze Orman

Orthodontic Insurance Alternative

Understanding the difference between dental insurance and dental savings plans

Orthodontic Insurance Alternative

Understanding the difference between dental insurance and dental savings plans

Suze Orman

Dental Insurance For Braces

Orthodontic treatment – what most of us simply call braces - correct teeth that don’t line up correctly, “bad bites,” or teeth that are crooked or crowded together.
Sometimes the sole purpose of orthodontics is to produce a more attractive smile. But for many people, braces result in a healthier mouth. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), orthodontic treatment helps to prevent:

  • tooth decay
  • gum disease
  • tooth loss
  • difficulty in speaking clearly
  • difficulty in chewing properly
  • abnormal wear to tooth enamel
  • jaw problems

Orthodontics treatment realigns teeth by applying constant, gentle pressure. In the not-so recent past, this was typically done with metal braces. Small brackets cemented to the teeth were connected by a wire, which was regularly tightened by a dentist or orthodontist to shift teeth into the desired position.

Metal braces are still utilized today, but so are ceramic, clear and micro braces. In some cases, clear or invisible aligners can also do the job.

Braces are applied by general dentists or orthodontists, dentists who specialize in realigning teeth and jaws. Only 6% of dentists are orthodontists, having completed 2-3 years of additional education in their specialty. The American Association of Orthodontics says that at any given time over four million people in the U.S. - are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

With a Dental Savings Plan from, You Can:

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  • Save 10- 60% on dental procedures
  • Get affordable rates by trusted healthcare providers
  • Enjoy quick plan activation & no paperwork hassles 
  • Use as often as you wish with no caps, limits or restrictions

Orthodontic Discount Plans

Dental savings plans, sometimes known as dental discount plans, are particularly well-suited to making orthodontics affordable. Many plans on offer savings of 20%-25% on orthodontics, on average. Savings vary based on plan member’s locations, the average rate for dental care locally, and the savings negotiated by plan providers.

Dental savings plans are often the best choice when it comes to paying for braces because unlike dental insurance, savings plans have no annual limit. A plan member can use their plan to reduce their costs at the dentist as often as they wish. This is a significant benefit over insurance, which imposes that $1,500 lifetime cap on coverage.

Additionally, dental savings plans don’t have waiting periods. Plans activate within 72 hours of purchase, and can be used to save on orthodontics or other costly treatments that insurance plans typically don’t cover for many months. You can also use a dental savings plan to reduce orthodontics costs even if treatment is already underway. There are no restrictions on pre-existing conditions with dental savings plans, making them a great option for people who have exhausted their traditional insurance coverage.

And many dental savings plans do offer orthodontics savings to adults as well as children.

Affordable Braces and Dental Care

Besides helping to reduce the cost of orthodontic care, dental savings plan can save you from 10-60% on virtually all dental care and treatments. And with 30+ different plans from trusted healthcare brands like Cigna and Aetna, there is a dental savings plan to fit any dental care need and budget.

Not sure which plan to choose? Our :DP AtYourService® Team, the dental savings experts, can help you select the perfect plan for your needs. And if your needs change, they’ll always be happy to help you switch to a different plan.

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