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No Insurance, Need Cheap Dental Care?

Dental disease can ruin your smile, damage your health, and even cost you your life. If you're experiencing the signs of infection (fever, facial swelling, persistent toothache) don’t wait for your next check to arrive – go to the dentist now. You may say you can't pay the bill, but the truth is that you can't afford to wait. Thankfully, cheap dental care options are available; your options include dental savings plans, community clinics, dental schools, and help through Dental Care Accessibility Organizations.

And you need cheap dental care now. That's where a dental savings plan becomes a great option for you, with no waiting!

Fast, Affordable Dental Care

Your best bet for fast, cheap dental care? Join a Dental Savings Plan—the affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance.

Dental Savings Plans Benefits

  • You save 10-60% on dental care at a nationwide network of dentists

  • You can use your plan to save at the dentist within 72-hours of joining
More Dental Savings Plans Benefits

  • There's no waiting period before you qualify for discounts (unlike dental insurance)

  • There's no annual spending limit so you can use your plan to save at the dentist as often as needed.

Many plans include savings on prescriptions, vision, hearing care and other healthcare services!

FYI: if you have a dental infection, consider going to the Emergency Room. It’s not cheap, but will at least provide the care you need to avoid potentially serious health complications.

Dental Discounts Without the Wait

How Do Dental Savings Plans Work?

Dental insurance is great for maintaining a healthy smile. But for fast access to cheap, quality dental treatment, join a Dental Savings Plan.

Dental Discounts Without the Wait

Why wait 6-12 months for dental insurance coverage to kick in for that root canal, crown or other restorative treatments? With a Dental Savings Plan, you get reduced rates at the dentist the minute your plan activates.

Cheap Dental Treatment

If you haven’t been able to see the dentist regularly, your teeth and gums may need a lot of costly care. Most insurance doesn’t cover existing conditions. Many Dental Savings Plans do reduce the cost of treatment, no matter how long you’ve been suffering with untreated dental disease.

Affordable, Quality Dental Care

Dental discounts don’t mean that the quality of care is reduced. Dentists accept Dental Savings Plans because it’s good for their business, and it’s good for the communities they serve. When you join a Dental Savings Plan, you gain access to a network of caring dental professionals who welcome plan members.

Affordable Quality Dental Care

Dental discounts don’t mean that the quality of care is reduced. Many dental savings plans pre-screen dentists prior to accepting them into the plan’s network.

How To Choose A Dental Savings Plan

You have options with Dental Savings Plans. You can pick the plan that's right for you simply by searching:

  • By Dentist: choose a plan your dentist accepts, or one widely accepted by dentists near you.
  • By Procedure: select your plan based on the savings it offers for the dental care you need.
  • By Savings: join the plan that offers the best overall dental discounts in your location.

How to Get the Dental Discounts Fast

  • If you need to see a dentist as quickly as possible, use the search tool below.
  • Enter your zip code. Each plan will display an "Earliest Activation Date." That's your starting point.
  • Review the savings offered by the Plans that activate quickly, and choose the one that’s right for you.
  • Need help choosing a Plan? Call 1-888-632-5353 or click on "Live Chat" at the top right of your screen.
  • When you've joined, you'll almost immediately receive the information needed to use your plan.

Why ?

Joining one of the Plans offered on makes a good thing even better. Along with all the health and savings advantages of your plan, you also get friendly, professional customer care from our experienced U.S-based team. And your satisfaction is ensured with our 30-day money-back guarantee.