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Are Dental Savings Plans Worth It?

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Key points:  

  • Plan members report saving an average of 50%* on their dental care 
  • Dental savings plans offer unique advantages, they aren’t just an alternative to dental insurance 
  • Fast access to savings on dental care 
  • No annual limits results in significant savings 

Dental savings plans are an affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance, providing an average savings of 50%* on dental care costs. However, the advantages extend far beyond savings. These plans are designed to address various challenges, including existing oral health issues, limited access to affordable insurance, and the high costs of restorative treatments that often deter individuals from seeking necessary dental care. Below, we delve into the pros and cons of dental savings plans to help you understand why they could be a worthwhile investment.


  • Affordability: Dental savings plans offer significant discounts on dental procedures, making oral care more accessible for individuals without insurance or those seeking cost-effective options.
  • No waiting: Unlike many dental insurance plans, dental savings plans activate right away, allowing plan members to access discounted services immediately after- enrollment.
  • Wide network: Most dental savings plans provide access to a broad network of participating dentists, offering plan members flexibility in choosing a provider.
  • Save on existing conditions: Dental savings plans are free of restrictions, ensuring that individuals can receive discounted treatment for existing oral health issues.


  • Membership fee: Dental savings plans require an annual or monthly membership fee to access reduced rates on virtually any procedure. 
  • Discount variability: The extent of discounts offered by dental savings plans may vary depending on the procedure and the provider.
  • Must see in-network dentist: Unlike some traditional insurance plans, dental savings plans provide discounts at dentists who are in network.

Emergency dental care 

A broken tooth, a shattered crown, a dental abscess – these problems can come on fast and need to be treated ASAP to avoid potentially life-threatening illness, pain, and further damage to your teeth. But many people’s budgets can’t cover a sudden, emergency dental procedure. If you’re uninsured or your dental insurance is at or near its annual limit, a dental savings plan can help you reduce costs. Look for a plan with emergency activation, and you can start saving right away.  

Long-term dental health concerns 

You’ve been putting off seeing the dentist for years, due to fear of not being able to afford treatment. When you finally do make an appointment (probably because you simply can’t delay any longer), you have big dental health problems that will be expensive to correct. Insurance doesn’t usually work for issues you had before being insured. But dental savings plans can help – you can use your plan to get your mouth healthy again.  

Affordable cosmetic dentistry 

Dental insurance rarely covers teeth whitening, dental implants, overlays, and other cosmetic care. But a great smile can be critical to your quality of life and confidence. Many dental savings plans offer significant discounts on cosmetic treatments.  

No annual limits 

Dental insurance typically limits coverage to $1,000-$1,500 annually. That’s great if you have healthy teeth, and good luck. But just one emergency root canal and crown can wipe out your insurance coverage for an entire year, and then you have to pay out-of-pocket until your insurance resets. (You’ll also be paying your monthly dental insurance premium too).  

Dental savings that are easy to use 

You pay your reduced rate directly to the dentist, at the same time you get treatment. There are no claims to file, and no unexpected bills or paperwork to worry about.  

Low annual cost 

You shouldn’t have to pay a lot to save a lot at the dentist. The dental savings plans available on DentalPlans.com start at $79** annually for an individual. Compare those prices to the typical cost of a basic individual dental insurance policy – $384** per year for an individual, $600** for a family plan compared to $250** for a family dental savings plan. 

Discounted healthcare services 

Many dental savings plans also include – at no additional cost – savings on prescription medications, vision and hearing services and products, chiropractic care, and other healthcare and wellness necessities. 

Dental savings for seniors 

As we get older, our teeth often need to be babied to stay in good health. Medicare does not cover regular preventive or restorative care, and Medicare Advantage dental insurance typically has annual spending caps that may leave you paying out-of-pocket for your dental needs. A dental savings plan has no annual limits or restrictions, and can be used to fill the gaps in your Medicare Advantage plan (ask your dentist how to do this).  

Affordable dental for self-employed/small business owners 

Traditional dental insurance plans can be too pricey for folks who aren’t able to access a group plan. Dental savings plans are priced to make dental care available for everyone.  

Truly affordable dental care 

As noted above, dental savings plan members save an average of 50%* on the costs of dental care. Dental savings plans are the best way to lower the cost of expensive procedures, such as crowns, bridges, braces, implants, dentures and more. 

Whether you need emergency dental care now, or want to make sure you can access affordable dental care whenever you need it, now is the perfect time to learn more about your dental plan options. And the perfect place to start is DentalPlans.com, the largest dental plan marketplace, with over 25 plans from the most trusted brands in healthcare.  

Call us at 1-833-735-0399 with any questions or to receive a personalized plan recommendation. Want a quick look at how much you can save on your dental care? Use our calculator below.  

*Discount Health Program consumer and provider surveys indicate average savings of 50%. Savings may vary by provider, location, and plan.  
**Cost average obtained from DentalPlans.com procedure search tool.   

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