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Careington Care 500 Series

  • Save 20% to 60% on most dental procedures including routine exams, cleanings, and major work such as dentures, root canals, and crowns
  • Added savings on Vision, Lasik, and Prescriptions included
  • Orthodontics included for both children and adults

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Program Summary

As a member of the Careington Care 500 Series plan, you may take advantage of savings offered by an industry leader in dental care. Careington International Corporation is one of the most recognized professional dental networks in the nation and boasts a provider network of more than 67,000 participating dentists. Prescription, Vision, and Lasik savings programs are included.

  • Cosmetic dentistry such as bonding and veneers also included
  • Orthodontics included for both children and adults
  • All specialties included– a 20% reduction on normal fees where available
  • Members may visit any participating dentist on the plan and change providers at any time *
  • No paperwork hassles
  • No age limit for dependents
  • No referral required to see a Specialist
  • A $ processing fee will be added during checkout.
  • THIS IS NOT INSURANCE - It is a discount plan that allows you to save money.

Dental Benefits

Additional Benefits


Activation Date

If you join today, you can start using your plan on

Family Description

Members under the family plan include all members of your immediate family currently living in your household.

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Additional Benefits

In addition to its dental discounts, the Careington Care 500 Series also offers the following discount plans.

Please allow 7-10 business days after the dental plan activation date for these added discounts to be activated.

As a Careington Care 500 Series member, you have access to discounts on most FDA-approved prescription drugs. On average, members will save 15% off brand name drugs and 40% off generic drugs*.

Accepted in more than 53,000 pharmacies nationwide including:
• Albertson's
• Costco
• Target
• Kmart
• Kroger
• Publix
• Rite Aid
• Safeway
• Walgreens
• Wal-Mart
• And more!
Sample prescription drug savings can be seen below.
Drug Name Average Quantity Average Retail Price Agelity Price
Lipitor TAB 10MG 30 $97.99 $82.58
Nexium CAP 40MG 30 $169.49 $145.10
Zyrtec TAB 10MG 30 $79.29 $69.99
Ambien TAB 10MG 30 $149.79 $125.94
Lexapro TAB 10MG 30 $94.39 $76.69
Yasmin 28 TAB 3-0.03MG 28 $52.49 $50.94
Singulair TAB 10MG 30 $119.39 $103.00
Zoloft TAB 100MG 30 $107.29 $86.03
Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen Tab 5-500 MG 40 $18.99 $8.22
Albuterol Inhal Aerosol 90 MCG/ACT 17 $26.79 $15.93
Amoxicillin (Trihydrate) Cap 500 MG 28 $16.99 $8.17
Oxycodone w/ Acetaminophen Tab 5-325 MG 40 $25.39 $8.89


How to Access Your Discounts

Simply present your discount card to the pharmacist at one of the nearly 53,000 participating pharmacies. The pharmacist will enter your member information (as provided on the card) into their system and the discount will be automatically calculated and applied to your transaction. Discounts available at participating pharmacies only. It really is that simple!

This prescription plan applies to your entire family as well. To ensure savings, your family members should also present the discount card when purchasing their prescription drugs.

If you are seeking additional savings along with the convenience of home delivery, the prescription mail-order service is just right for you!

The Pharmacy Web Tools are available online at the link provided in your Member's Area. These tools will enable you to:

  • Locate participating pharmacies anywhere in the country
  • Find retail pharmacy prescription drug pricing
  • Identify and find prices on equivalent alternative drugs that may have deeper discounts
  • Receive mail-order prescription drug pricing
  • Download and print mail-order forms

If you have questions, you may contact Agelity member services by calling the toll free number provided in your Member's Area.
*Discounts available at participating pharmacies only. THIS PLAN IS NOT INSURANCE.

The VSP program offers its members substantial discounts on corrective eyewear examinations and surgical procedures including LASIK (where available). Members receive 20% discounts* on eye exams, frames and lenses, and 15% discounts on contact lens services. Members have access to over 34,000 eye care professionals nationwide, many of them local providers. Most frames, lenses, specialty items such as tints, scratch resistant coatings and ultraviolet protection are available.

How to Access Your Discounts

Step 1: Locate a Provider
To locate a vision care provider that is convenient for you, use our Non-Dental Provider Search or simply call the toll free number provided in your Member's Area.

Step 2: Make an Appointment
Call your chosen provider to schedule an appointment. When making the appointment, be sure to tell the office that you are a VSP member.

Step 3: At the Provider’s Office
When you arrive, identify yourself as a VSP member and present your Care ington Care 500 Series card.

* Vision Care savings are based on discounted fees in relation to national average charges and/or a percentage off normal fees and may vary by geographic location.

Vision Provider Search

ZIP Code:
Provider Name

Careington International Corporation has a preferred pricing plan for LASIK eye surgery through QualSight, a network of over 710 locations nationwide. The arrangement with QualSight means you can have LASIK vision correction surgery at a significantly reduced rate, with savings of 40% to 50% off the overall national average price for LASIK surgery!

LASIK can provide freedom for the majority of individuals who wear glasses or contact lenses. In America, over 10.9 million LASIK procedures have been performed to correct near sightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The cost of Traditional LASIK is $935 per eye and for Custom LASIK is $1,340 per eye which is the total cost with no hidden extra fees.

You also receive:

  • A FREE consultation to discuss the procedures available, and conduct a preliminary screening to determine if you are a potential candidate
  • Experienced surgeons who have performed more than 1.1 million laser correction procedures
  • Pre-Operative exam and Post-Operative appointments with your chosen physician
  • Refundable deposit from QualSight (even if you decide not to have the surgery)
  • Physician-recommended procedure using leading-edge FDA approved technology
  • Nationwide access to board certified ophthalmologists using state-of-the-art, FDA approved LASIK vision correction technologies
  • Savings of thousands of dollars over several years by the elimination or reduction of glasses and contacts
  • Improved work performance. Wearing glasses or contacts presents an occupational hazard at work
  • Interest free financing plans up to 4 months or payments as low as $42 per month available to qualified candidates

Members can get more information by visiting the link provided in the Member's Area or calling the toll free number provided in the Member's Area.

How to Access Your Savings

Step 1: Call the toll free number provided in the Member's Area to speak with a QualSight Care Manager and your Care Manager will explain the entire program and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: A preliminary phone screening is conducted to ensure you are a potential candidate, answer questions and obtain approval for financing for qualified members.

Step 3: Select a preferred provider from the list of credentialed, board certified ophthalmologists in your area and schedule an appointment with the preferred provider.

The QualSight program is not an insured program. Careington International Corporation makes the QualSight program available to members to provide access to the QualSight preferred pricing for LASIK surgery.
*Hawaii pricing varies from this pricing and can be obtained by calling the toll free number provided in the Member's Area.

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THIS PLAN IS NOT INSURANCE and is not intended to replace health insurance. This plan does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00. This plan is not a Qualified Health Plan under the Affordable Care Act. THIS IS NOT A MEDICARE PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLAN.* The plan provides discounts at certain health care providers for medical services. The range of discounts will vary depending on the type of provider and service. The plan does not make payments directly to the providers of medical services. Plan members are obligated to pay for all health care services but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with the discount medical plan organization. You may access a list of participating health care providers at Upon request the plan will make available a written list of participating health care providers. You have the right to cancel within the first 30 days after receipt of membership materials and receive a full refund, less a nominal processing fee. Discount Medical Plan Organization and administrator: Careington International Corporation, 7400 Gaylord Parkway, Frisco, TX 75034; phone 800-441-0380.
This plan is not available in Montana and Vermont. This plan is not currently available in Washington.
*Medicare statement applies to MD residents when pharmacy discounts are part of plan.

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