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Ozone to become a part of dental care?
Updated: 8/11/2009 5:00:13 PM

Ozone to become a part of dental care? Dental care technology has made many advances in the past 100 years and now one dentist aims to use ozone therapy as a form of treatment.

ORA Dental Studio based in Chicago, Illinois is employing ozone therapy using a CMU3 system, including an ozone generator and hose that delivers ozone to the patient, Dental Economics reveals.

The technique helps remove cavity-causing bacteria from teeth without having to drill, sand down the tooth or blast away decay with lasers.

According to Dr Goran Kralj, "ozone not only eradicates the acid-making bacteria [from the tooth], it also neutralizes their acidic waste," the news provider reports.

Patients treated under this procedure do not require anesthetic and reportedly feel no pain, thus improving dental care.

The American Dental Association explains that tooth decay is caused by plaque, or a film of bacteria that covers its surface and feed on sugars and starches. When fed, the bacteria secrete acid that attacks the tooth enamel.

To keep bacteria at bay, adults should brush and floss at least twice a day and stay away from sugary foods.

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