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Possible new cure for periodontal disease
Updated: 2/18/2008 3:49:58 PM

With an estimated 80 percent of American adults with some form of gum disease, everyone is at risk for the disease that cause teeth to fall out and even put someone at risk for a heart attack.

A possible new cure for the condition however could lend some support as well as awareness about the serious but overlooked condition.

The Maine Natural Health Company has developed OmegaMaine Omega-3 oil that it says can help decrease inflammation in the gums, which is the root cause of periodontal disease.

Dr. Jeff Leighton, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry executive of the health company said: "We formulate this high potency oil in Maine and locally our clients have reported excellent results in terms of reducing gum inflammation.

"Inflammation and bone resorption go hand in hand. When inflammation is reduced, progression of periodontal disease slows or stops," he explained.

Also known as gingivitis, periodontal disease develops in people who don't take proper care of their teeth, with risk factors including diabetes, smoking, pregnancy and chronic illness. People who brush or floss their teeth too roughly can also be at risk for injuring their teeth and gums.

Scientists also believe that the disease can have effects on the heart because the inflammatory substances that help hold bacteria away from the gums can include toxins produced by bacteria that can enter the bloodstream and hurt valuable tissues far from the mouth.


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