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  • Do you know what lives in your mouth?

    Your mouth’s ecosystem – they call it the “human oral microbiome.” A single mouth can be home to more than 6 billion bacteria, an impressive number when compared to 7.3 billion total human population of earth. Those billions of oral bacteria live in diverse communities, where they go about the business of life.

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  • Do I Really Need Toothpaste?

    Toothpaste tastes good but is it good for you? Mint is by far the most popular flavor for toothpaste in the U.S. but you can purchase toothpaste flavored like bacon, banana, basil, bubblegum, coffee, curry, eggplant, honey, lemon, peach, pumpkin pudding, yoghurt and many more tastes that you never expected to encounter on your toothbrush.

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  • Do I really need mouthwash?

    There are two basic kinds of mouthwashes, the kind that just temporarily freshens your breath (cosmetic) and the kind that addresses oral health problems (therapeutic). Find out which one you should use!

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  • Why chewing ice is bad for you!

    Dedicated ice chewers crave ice like a smoker needs a cigarette. They have favorite places to buy ice, websites devoted to documenting their frosty obsession, and the truly dedicated may even purchase snow-cone machines for home, but how much damage is it doing to your teeth?

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  • Stained Teeth

    It isn’t just smokers who suffer from stained teeth. Find out the various causes of tooth-staining and how you can restore your smile to its youthful brightness.

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  • Sensitive Teeth

    Do your teeth hurt when exposed to hot or cold foods and drinks? Learn more about the causes of tooth sensitivity, and what you can do about this common problem.

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  • Loose Teeth

    When a child has a loose tooth, it’s time to alert the tooth fairy; when an adult has one, it’s time to see the dentist. Find out what to do in either situation.

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  • Jaw Pain

    Chronic jaw pain or dysfunction is sometimes referred to as TMJ disorders, or TMD. Symptoms can range from the annoying to the debilitating. But there are other reasons for chronic jaw pain and that’s why you need to have a dental examination to resolve the problem.

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  • Gum Recession

    When gum tissue shrinks down so that a tooth’s roots become partially exposed, that’s called gum recession. It can be both a cosmetic issue and a health concern. Find out the causes and treatments.

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  • Swollen Gums

    Swollen gums usually signal that something is wrong and that you need to see a dentist. Find out what can cause this problem and how it can be treated.

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