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For many, it’s the easiest way to save the most money on dental care. Let’s find you the best dental savings plan for the best value. Your healthiest smile awaits.

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We offer the largest selection of dental plans so you can easily find the best plan for you.

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The plans we offer are accepted by more than 70% of dental practices nationwide.

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We’ve helped more than a million people save money on their dental care since 1999.

Why choose a dental savings plan?

Dental savings plans are an easy-to-use alternative to dental insurance. A small annual membership unlocks access to savings on virtually any dental procedure. Teeth cleaning? Yep. Root canal? You got it. Discover more advantages below.

Save an average of 50%*

Savings vary by plan, procedure, and region, of course, but plan members report an average savings of 50%.

Includes most procedures

Most plans even include savings on dentures, braces, and cosmetic work.

Quick activation

All plans activate in 1-3 business days, and emergency, same-day activation is available on most plans.

No annual limits

Unlike insurance, there is no limit on how much you can save each year.

No restrictions

While dental insurance has pre-existing condition restrictions, dental savings do not.

Unlimited flexibility

Needs change? Your plan can too. Give us a call and we’ll make sure you always have the best plan for your upcoming care.

*Discount Health Program consumer and provider surveys indicate average savings of 50%. Savings may vary by provider, location, and plan. Savings range from 10-60% off.

Come on, we’ll show you how dental savings plans work.

Step 1
Choose a Plan

The first step to a healthy mouth is finding the perfect plan. Plans start as low as $7/month (billed annually)—and they provide savings on virtually all your dental care, from teeth cleanings and root canals to dental implants.

Visit a participating dentist

The plans we offer are accepted by 70% of all dentists in the U.S. So finding a dentist near you is simple. If you have a favorite dentist, they probably participate. No one has access to more dentists and specialists in more communities than we do.

Step 2
Step 3
Start using your plan

Just show your membership card at the time of service and watch the savings add up. Plan members report an average savings of 50% off*.

*Discount Health Program consumer and provider surveys indicate average savings of 50%. Savings may vary by provider, location, and plan. Savings range from 10-60% off.

Let’s see what you could save.

Our savings calculator is designed to show you what you can save with a dental savings plan. We’ll automatically include your preventive care and show you how quickly your plan can pay for itself. Get started below.

Who is this plan for?

Any procedures coming up?

How many family members should be included?

Select the procedures that you need.

Find a dental plan that’s right for you.

We connect our customers to the best plans for better dental health in minutes.

1 million customers and counting.

We have helped over a million happy customers plan for, and save on, their dental care. Here is what our customers are saying.

Winnifred B – Circle Pines, MN

Just like others, I was in search of a dental plan. My job did not offer dental coverage. I was concerned, so I searched for affordable dental plans and I came across It was intriguing because I could join this plan and pay a small membership fee for a year.

Around 6 years ago, I needed to get a crown. I was nervous because I could not afford the prices they were asking. When I checked my dental savings plan discount, I can honestly say the price transformed my smile. At the time, the asking price for a crown was between $1,100 and $1,500. I believe I paid $550 to $650.

I have been a plan member for over 8 years or more. I am 100 % satisfied with this plan. I don’t have to worry about how I am going to pay for my regular checkups.

Just last week I went for a cleaning, and I paid only $70. I give this plan 5 stars!”

Joane A – Oak Ridge, NJ

I joined this dental savings plan because I lost my employment. I previously had dental insurance with them. With this dental savings plan, we continue to get checkups twice a year to keep our smiles in check!

My husband and I are both retired and live on a limited income. Just going for checkups twice a year with x-rays, having our plan saves us quite a bit of money. Both of us usually have good checkups, but last year my husband had to have a tooth extracted and needed to go to an oral surgeon. It normally would have cost over $600 but luckily they accepted our dental savings plan and it turned out to be about half that cost. It’s truly a game changer!

Stuart L – Oceanside, NY

After my wife and I retired, leaving us with no dental coverage, we started paying quite a bit for routine procedures such as exams and cleanings, etc. A friend told me about, and since joining, we’ve saved hundreds of dollars on our dental (and vision) costs.

My wife is currently undergoing some extensive dental work including a bridge to replace a (failed) implant. Thankfully, our preferred dentist participates with our dental savings plan, and we are saving several hundred dollars as a result.

I’m in favor of anything that saves us a lot of money without compromising the quality of care we’re accustomed to. No one should have to sacrifice their health care in order to cover other essential expenses.

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