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Seven Reasons Why Seniors Need Telemedicine

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Telemedicine may seem complicated, but it’s actually simple. Use it once and you’ll see that it makes life easier for everyone, particularly seniors. You get convenient, inexpensive (or even free!) healthcare on-demand from licensed professionals, and can help control the spread of contagious diseases.

Here’s some details about the advantages of telemedicine for seniors.
• You have easy, around-the-clock, access to healthcare professionals who can diagnosis and treat common illnesses, help you manage chronic conditions, and provide trustworthy answers to your health and wellness questions.

You don’t need to travel to get basic healthcare. When you’re feeling sick the last thing you want to do is get cleaned up, dressed, and travel to a doctor’s office or clinic, right? It’s so much more comfortable to just stay home and chat with a doctor.

You can save money. Telemedicine is typically much less expensive than in-person visits. The usual cost for telemedicine services with insurance is $50-$55, and $75+ without insurance. But here’s a tip: if you join a telemedicine plan offered by DentalPlans.com, you get unlimited, free (yes, free!) virtual visits with physicians.

You can get a prescription for medication sent right to the drugstore of your choice, if needed. (And many drugstores will then deliver it right to your home). Super convenient!

You help control the spread of infectious diseases. Telemedicine grew fast in 2020 specifically because it was a safe way to get healthcare while social distancing. This holds true even when there isn’t a pandemic – and telemedicine is predicted to be a preferred choice for many people going forward.

You may find that you’re taking better care of yourself since it’s so easy to see a doctor with telemedicine. Rather than putting off a visit to check in about a symptom or annoying health problem, like a rash caused by an allergic reaction or sinus congestion that just won’t go away, you can call a doctor. When professional help is so easy to access, you’ll likely deal with simple concerns before they become bigger worries.

Telemedicine is simple to use, even for the ‘not so tech-savvy’. If you use a computer, tablet or smart phone already you have everything you need. If you’re not fond of technology, you can simply use whatever phone you have – no fancy equipment or skills required. Click here to find out more about virtual doctor visits.

Ready to try telemedicine? If you have private insurance or a Medicare Advantage plan, check to see what virtual healthcare services are included, and how much you might need to pay out of pocket. Medicare temporarily expanded its coverage of telemedicine services to respond to the pandemic, to help ensure that recipients could safely receive care without the risk of exposure to COVID-19. The situation is fluid right now, so check with Medicare or your Advantage plan provider for details.

You can also opt to purchase a telemedicine discount plan. These plans are not insurance, but provide members with discounts on telemed services. With the telemedicine plans offered by DentalPlans.com, you pay a low annual fee and get unlimited, free telemedicine consultations with U.S. licensed physicians, plus benefits including discounts on dental, vision, hearing care and other savings. No deductibles or additional fees – your membership fee entitles you to access all of these services, as often as you need them. It’s a great way to save money while staying healthy and safe!

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