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2015 Press Releases

Get Ready To Smile With :DentalPlans’ 12 Days Of Giveaways

Plantation, FL 33324  | December 14, 2015

To participate in the 12 Days of Giveaways event, visit the :DentalPlans Facebook Page, Dec. 11 to Dec. 22 at facebook.com/dentalplans. Enter daily to have a chance at winning that day’s gift.


:DentalPlans’ Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal Will Make You Smile

Plantation, FL 33324 | November 06, 2015

Are you looking for a gift that will make the recipient feel and look great all year long? Get them a present that uniquely combines luxury and practicality: a dental savings plan.


What You Need To Know Now About Obamacare Dental Insurance

Plantation, FL 33324  | October 27, 2015

The third annual Open Enrollment period, the Obama administration has made several changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) website (healthcare.gov) to make it easier for people to find health insurance that fits their needs.


Don’t Trick Your Teeth

Plantation, FL 33324  | October 23, 2015

Across the nation, about 9 out of 10 Americans have collectively spent $2.1 billion to purchase 90 million pounds of candy for Halloween, most of that candy will be consumed by kids.


Do Pennsylvanians Have the Healthiest Smiles?

Plantation, FL 33324 | October 20, 2015

Pennsylvania is among the most underserved states for dental care services. According to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA.gov), Pennsylvania only meets 40.26 percent of its residents’ needs when it comes to dental care services.


:DentalPlans Featured on WorldWide Business with Kathy Ireland

Plantation, FL 33324 | October 16, 2015

Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland® will feature :DentalPlans, a leading dental and health savings marketplace on Saturday, October 24 at 3 PM EST, on FOX Business as sponsored programming.


Do New Yorkers Have the Healtiest Smiles?

Plantation, FL 33324 | October 09, 2015

:DentalPlans’ partner networks offer access to providers in 98 percent of counties throughout the state, even in the most underserved areas; affording access to tens of thousands of residents across the state of New York.


Geared up for this year's sports season?

Plantation, FL 33324 | October 09, 2015

As school begins, so does the busy fall sports season. Fall is a great time for teams to challenge themselves, show their local spirit, and compete with each other.


What Do You Have In Your Mouth?

Plantation, FL 33324 | October 02, 2015

The average mouth is home to more than 6 billion microbes, nearly the number of Earth’s human population.


What Makes You Smile?

Plantation, FL 33324 | October 01, 2015

A new :DP SmileMeter™ survey* by :DentalPlans reveals what makes people smile. :DentalPlans, a leader in dental savings plans, is on a mission to make sure everyone has access to affordable dental care so that they can show the world their smile with confidence.


:DentalPlans to Be Featured on the Balancing Act Airing on Lifetime Television®

Plantation, FL 33324 | September 18, 2015

This edition of The Balancing Act will explore alternatives to dental insurance as well as the impact that dental care has on our overall health.


Do New Jersey Residents Have the Healthiest Smiles?

Plantation, FL 33324  | September 14, 2015

:DentalPlans, a leader in dental savings plans, an affordable alternative to dental insurance, is pleased to announce that its state-wide network of dentists in New Jersey continues to offer affordable options in urban, suburban and rural areas where dentists are needed most.


Does Dental Care Have An Age Limit?

Plantation, FL 33324  | September 10, 2015

Unfortunately for a lot of seniors in America, traditional Medicare does not cover dental services, and any type of dental coverage under Medicare would require supplemental coverage or a Medicare Advantage Plan.


Do You Own Your Smile?

Plantation, FL 33324  | August 14, 2015

Do people often tell you that you "own that smile"? Well now you can earn prizes for flashing those pearly whites! :DentalPlans, a leading provider of dental savings plans, wants you to #OwnTheSmile and win prizes just for sharing a smile.


How to Earn Your Tooth Fairy Wings

Plantation, FL 33324  | August 03, 2015

Whether it’s pushed, wiggled or pulled, losing that first baby tooth brings with it a visit from the tooth fairy, which is a big deal in any home; so many parents want to get it right.


:DentalPlans Launches :DP Ambassador™ Program

Plantation, FL 33324  | August 02, 2015

With the new :DP Ambassador Program, members are getting rewarded just for sharing dental care savings with family and friends.


Do Floridians Have the Healthiest Smiles?

Plantation, FL 33324  | July 31, 2015

:DentalPlans, a leader in dental savings plans, an affordable alternative to dental insurance, is pleased to announce that its state-wide network of dentists continues to offer affordable options in urban, suburban and rural areas where dentists are needed most.


How to Add Extra Benefit Perks for Happier Employees

Plantation, FL 33324  | July 24, 2015

An attractive benefits package can make the difference in finding, gaining and retaining good employees.


Got Dental Benefits?

Plantation, FL 33324  | June 24, 2015

A healthy smile: mouth, gums and teeth, are essential to our wellbeing and something we take for granted.


:DentalPlans Looks at Year Two Effect of Affordable Care Act on Access to Dental Services

Plantation, FL 33324 | June 22, 2015

In year two of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), :DentalPlans takes a look at how the ACA measured up to meeting the oral care needs of Americans.


Celebrate International Kissing Day July 6, 2015

Plantation, FL 33324 | June 15, 2015

:DentalPlans wants to remind all tooth brushers that July 6 is International Kissing Day. So make sure you are smooch-ready by taking care of your teeth and gums.


Consumer Confusion Biggest Barrier to Broad Telemedicine Adoption

Plantation, FL 33324  | June 04, 2015

In a new survey*, more than two-thirds (68%) of the 6,856 respondents said that they were unfamiliar with telemedicine. But after reading a brief definition of telemedicine the majority (59%) said that they wanted to try a telemedicine service.


:DentalPlans SmileIndex™ Survey Reveals Affordablility Key Issue

Plantation, FL 33324  | May 26, 2015

In the newly released :DentalPlans SmileIndex™, an annual survey* on oral care access and affordability, 62 percent of the nationwide respondents were found to have dental insurance.


How to Pay For Dental Care without Insurance

Plantation, FL 33324  | May 19, 2015

Eighty-three percent of American adults now have health coverage. Overall, roughly 108 million people in the U.S. do not have dental insurance, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.


:DentalPlans Recommends Eye Care for All Ages

Plantation, FL 33324 | May 14, 2015

Healthy Vision Month is upon us, so celebrate by scheduling an eye exam for you and your family. Frequent eye care with an optometrist is an important factor in maintaining our overall health.


:DentalPlans to Host 5th Annual Dental Plan Summit

Orlando, FL | May 04, 2015

As a leader in the dental savings plan category, :DentalPlans will host the 5th Annual Dental Plan Summit, the only event dedicated to optimizing the dental savings plan industry.


:DentalPlans Offers Its First TeleHealth Plan

Plantation, FL 33324 | April 29, 2015

:DentalPlans is expanding its network of programs by adding :DP HealthNow™, the company’s first telehealth medical plan.


:DentalPlans' SmartHealth™ Plan Offers Expansive Services Based on Member Needs

Plantation, FL 33324 | April 23, 2015

:DP SmartHealth is an inclusive bundle of essential healthcare and wellness savings programs, offered at one low price for the savvy, health conscious consumer.


:DentalPlans SmileIndex Survey Shows the Affordable Care Act Needs a Dental Checkup

Plantation, FL 33324  | April 13, 2015

Currently, an estimated 132 million American adults and children, or one-third of the population, still lack dental benefits coverage. According to the national :DentalPlans SmileIndex™ survey, only seven percent of those surveyed get their dental insurance as a result of the healthcare exchange law. While the Affordable Care Act has reduced the number of people without medical insurance, it has done little to broaden access to affordable dental care for most Americans.


:DentalPlans Appoints Chris Garcia-Halenar, Vice President of Operations

Plantation, FL 33324  | April 09, 2015

:DentalPlans, a leading provider of dental savings plans, has named Chris Garcia-Halenar vice president of operations. Garcia-Halenar is responsible for leading :DentalPlans’ AtYourService™ call center operations across consumer channels for the company.


Could your dental habits use a spring-cleaning?

Plantation, FL 33324  | April 06, 2015

Could your oral care routine use a little spring-cleaning? If you have some questions about what might be best when it comes to keeping your mouth healthy and smiling, you're not alone. According to the national :DentalPlans’ Annual SmileIndex™ Survey*, many misconceptions exist about what is and what is not healthy for our teeth and gums.


New Dental Consumer Study Shows How To Increase Patient Loyalty

Plantation, FL 33324  | March 23, 2015

According to the :DP SmileIndex™, an annual national survey from :DentalPlans, 52% of dental savings plan members are loyal to their dentists. Only 37% of the general population said the same.


:DentalPlans Launches Online Consumer Dental Information Center

Plantation, FL 33324  | March 09, 2015

Ever wonder what to do when a tooth gets knocked out? Or how to take care of your teething toddler? How about how to finance emergency dental care? :DentalPlans Dental Information Center plans to help you solve your oral health issues.


:DentalPlans: Give a Smile for Employee Appreciation Day

Plantation, FL 33324  | February 27, 2015

Good employees are hard to find, so bosses across the country today will be showing their employees just how much they value them with company parties, free lunch, acts of kindness, gifts, a team spirit day, even massages and a half-day with pay.


Should having a cold, virus or allergies on the day of your dental appt stop your dental visit?

Plantation, FL 33324  | February 20, 2015

If you are due for your 6-month dental checkup but have come down with the sniffles, how do you know whether or not it’s best to skip your dentist appointment?


:DentalPlans Releases Battle of the Sexes Survey for Valentine's Day

Plantation, FL 33324  | February 05, 2015

According to a new survey* by :DentalPlans, bad breath and other oral health issues are one of the top three dating "deal breakers.”


National Toothache Day?

Plantation, FL 33324  | February 03, 2015

:DentalPlans recommends that you see your dentist for dental emergencies as soon as possible. Until you can see a professional, you may wish to try these at home care tips.


The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child is a Lasting Smile

Plantation, FL 33324 | January 29, 2015

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Part of any parents’ job is to teach their children how to lead healthy lives. The best time to start teaching these life lessons to children is when they are young, before unhealthy habits form.


SMILESAVERS:  How to Save on Dental and Vision Care in 2015

Plantation, FL 33324 | January 09, 2015

Dental savings plans are not dental insurance. Participating dentists have agreed to accept a reduced fee from dental savings plan members as payment in-full for dental services performed.


:DentalPlans Offers a Look into 2015

Plantation, FL 33324  | January 05, 2015

Will Americans be smiling about our nation's dental health status by the end of 2015? :DentalPlans offers insight into 2015 possible trends within the dental industry.


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