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DentalPlans.com Helps Medicare Recipients Navigate Dental Choices

Understanding which plans cover dental and other affordable options during Open Enrollment

Plantation, FL (October 15, 2020)

Dental care is often an overlooked component of health care, even when it comes to Medicare. DentalPlans.com, a leading online marketplace for dental savings plans in the U.S., has developed the below guide to help Americans understand which Medicare plans cover dental care, which don’t, and how you can access affordable dental services when your Medicare plan does not include it.


Here’s What You Should Know:

First, it’s important to understand the important role that oral health plays in a person’s overall health. Poor dental hygiene has been linked to an increased risk of life-threatening heath issues, such heart disease and stroke. So be sure to keep dental top of mind as you choose your Medicare plan.


Plans without Dental:

Original Medicare does not cover regular dental care or dental treatments.

Medicare Supplement Insurance (also called Medigap) is what you can add to your Original Medicare plan to lower the out-of-pocket costs. This generally does not cover dental either.


Plans with Dental:

Medicare Advantage plans often do include a dental benefit (but not always) either as part of the plan itself or as an optional add-on (typically around $20 a month).

How much dental coverage you’ll have varies by plan – most plans include basic/preventative dental care, such as an exam, cleaning, and X-rays. While others may provide comprehensive dental care, such as extractions, periodontics, and restorative services. Medicare Advantage coverage works like standard dental insurance. There are often deductibles and annual caps on coverage. It’s important to check each plan’s documentation for full details on costs and coverage.


Adding Dental to Medicare:

If you are on Original Medicare, or your Advantage plan doesn’t offer sufficient dental coverage, you can still save on dental care. The following are two options for Medicare recipients to consider.

Insurance – dental insurance can be a great choice for those who need limited routine care such as annual checkups and cleanings, along with the occasional filling and other basic procedures. But since dental insurance has annual caps on coverage (typically $1,000-$1,500) it may not meet the needs of seniors who need restorative care – one root canal and crown can exceed your coverage cap for the year. Dental insurance may also impose waiting periods before coverage for restorative treatments is available, or restrict how often you can get certain types of care.

Dental Savings Plans – These plans are an affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance that work like a Costco membership – join once a year (no monthly payment) and then save 10-60% on most dental procedures all year long, from any of the 140,000 participating dentists and specialists nationwide. There are no annual caps, no waiting periods, and no deductibles to worry about. “Now more than ever, people need affordable access to quality care and dental savings plans do just that, especially for those who have a Medicare plan without dental,” says Jenn Stoll, Chief Commercial Officer at DentalPlans.com. “Don’t skip seeing a dentist regularly because you think it’s not affordable – it can be. You may just have to look beyond traditional dental insurance and Medicare plans.” DentalPlans.com can help Medicare recipients get the affordable, quality care they deserve to maintain their oral health. Find out more about how you can pair a dental savings plan with your Medicare plan by visiting DentalPlans.com.


About DentalPlans.com

DentalPlans.com, founded in 1999, is a leading online marketplace for dental and health savings plans in the U.S., helping more than a million people to affordably access quality healthcare services. Our mission is to empower consumers with the tools, information, and services that they need to live happier, healthier lives.

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