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Multiple images of people Giveaway Helps Single Mom Receive $5,000 Worth of Free Dental Care

Dental Makeover Brings Smile Back to Single Mom

Freeport, IL (September 27, 2013)

Over the past five months, single mom Stephanie Stewart Feld of Freeport, IL, received $5,000 worth of free dental care from Feld was a winner of’s Ultimate Smile Makeover.

“Smiling raises your confidence, changes your attitude, and keeps you healthy,” said Jennifer Stoll, president of “We are so excited to have been a part of Stephanie’s smile makeover and to provide her and her son with a dental savings plan to continue their good oral hygiene into the future.”

Feld had her last appointment with a local dentist, Dr. Chad Reedy DDS of Freeport, on September 24. The five-month treatment plan included an evaluation, x-rays, resin on two teeth, tooth extractions, and temporary and permanent dentures. “Today, Stephanie gets to walk out of our office with a smile on her face,” states Dr. Chad Reedy DDS of Hartog & Reedy Dentistry. “We are very excited to have been a part of’s Ultimate Smile Makeover and wish Stephanie the best as she moves forward with her life.”

“I feel great and am so appreciative for, Dr. Reedy and his staff,” states Stephanie Stewart Feld, winner of’s Ultimate Smile Makeover. “I now have the smile I have always hoped for. More importantly, I am proud to show my son my true smile.”

Feld was one of 630 entries from 47 different states to partake in’s Ultimate Smile Makeover. Participants were invited to become a Facebook fan. From Jan. 21 through April 1, fans could post a short 400-word essay describing why they felt that they needed a dental makeover in 2013. At the end of each week during the 10-week contest, awarded one Dental Savings Plan for the story with the most votes by Facebook fans. At the end of the contest, the top 10 stories were submitted to the panel of judges, who chose the grand prize winner of the $5,000 smile makeover.

That winner was Stephanie Stewart Feld of Freeport, IL. A single mom at the age of 26, Feld loves to smile, but hides her smile from others to avoid their judgmental stares. Growing up, she did not have access to proper dental care. Once she turned 19, she started the process to try and fix her teeth, but life circumstances kept interrupting the care she needed due to cost. As an adult, Feld has taken care of her teeth, but needs to fix the damage that was done so long ago, which includes cracked and broken molars and a crack in a front tooth.

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