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Share Your Dental Care Savings Story …

We occasionally ask our valued Members to share their dental care savings stories as a part of our “Share Your Story” Promotion. In return, we randomly pick one “Share Your Story” participant to receive a free discount dental plan or cash equivalent. We value your feedback as these dental care savings stories are a true testament to the savings, service and selection offered by DentalPlans.com.

Join a discount dental plan today and join the thousands of satisfied DentalPlans.com Members who are saving at the dentist!

Karen R. - Trotwood , OH - 02/01/2009

I found the Uni-Care 200 discount dental plan from DentalPlans.com over a year ago and I am glad I did. For a cleaning and exam I only have to pay $45, I would normally have to pay $90 if I didn't have the plan. Luckily I don't have many dental issues, but it is good to know that if I did I would pay a greatly reduced rate.

Thank you!

Cheryl O. - Andover , MA - 02/01/2009

I was blessed with my father’s easy going personality, his wittiness, and his less than perfect teeth. On a recent visit to the dentist I was advised that I would not need one crown but two, not to mention a small cavity that needed to be filled. I asked for the price of the crowns and they said it would be $1,364 each. Yikes, so much for our trip to Disney.

My husband has a great job but it does not provide us with dental insurance. I should have asked before my cleaning but mentioned I had seen a dental plan online and had seen my dentists name along with it. The receptionist informed me that they did accept this dental plan and that it was a discount plan not an insurance plan. So I inquired the price of the crown with the discount plan.

She informed me that if I signed up for the discount plan (Aetna Dental Access) I would pay for my services off a different fee schedule. Bottom line what does that mean?

My dentist has contracted with DentalPlans.com to offer discounted dental services. That same crown that would have cost me $1,364 would now only cost $691 with the discount dental plan. What?? How is that possible? Same service for almost 1/2 the price. What gives??

I went home and signed up for the discount plan that was less than $90/yr at DentalPlans.com. I can now get two crowns for the price of one. Not to mention the filling I need for the cavity would have cost me $159 but with the discount plan is only $76. It certainly pays to investigate and be an advocate for yourself. I live in Massachusetts. Please do yourself a favor and check and see if your state offers this plan or something similar. It even states that you can have dental insurance along with this dental discount plan. Not all dental insurance plans cover everything; there is usually a cap as to what they will pay. Good luck with your future dental woes and keep smiling. I know I am.

Catherine S. - Bluffton , SC - 02/01/2009

Due to our struggling economy my husband and I find ourselves both unemployed for the first time in twenty years. Of course, during a time like this is when everything goes wrong, including dental problems. Since we had been insured most of our lives with almost total coverage we had no idea how expensive dental work had come to be. I ended up needing a root canal paying out of pocket over two thousand dollars.

When my dentist office saw that I was paying it myself they told me about the dental discount plans offered by DentaPlans.com. I immediately called and joined the Aetna Dental Access plan and was surprised at the very reasonable fee. I was a bit skeptical but little did I know I would very quickly be given a chance to try it out!

My husband woke up in the middle of the night with a toothache so the next morning we went right to our dentist’s office. Of course he required a root canal. We had the work done and when we were ready to pay our dentist’s office manager said, “Oh, you bought the discount plan,” and immediately deducted almost half of the entire cost of the treatment! His root canal was not as complicated as mine so we ended up saving almost five hundred dollars for just that procedure.

Since then our two children have had cleanings and checkups- again for about half the normal cost. In the very short time we have been enrolled in DentalPlans.com we have saved enough to pay for our membership for about seven years! We are so pleased with this plan and tell all our friends about it.

In these difficult economic times it is so important to be able to save every dollar we can and of course teeth are so important to our general health and appearance, so we are grateful to have this plan available to us. Service has been great and it truly could not be easier. Thanks for the great dental plan!

Brian M. - Brandon , FL - 02/01/2009

Over two years ago my sister, who is on 100% disability, had to resort to corporate group dental insurance. It seemed like a good deal at the time until she was forced to see a specialist for anything but routine dentistry. Each visit required an initial consultation fee and the specialist price was sky high. Under our DentalPlans.com discount dental plan, we were able to find a great dentist who specialized in general and specialty dentistry. Not only was the yearly fee with DentalPlans.com lower, there were no maximums and the discounts for specialty work were much better. The Aetna Dental Access Plan saved the day for her- she needed over $5,000 of dental work and the very affordable dental plan from DentalPlans.com saved almost half!

As a self employed professional without company dental coverage, I was so impressed with the savings results of my sister that I became a member myself. It is so convenient to schedule both my sister’s appointments as well as my own with one dental office. There have been no disputes over any fees or what is covered by the dental plan with our dentist. It was also nice that DentalPlans.com rewarded me with three free months for recommending another person.

A lady friend of mine works for an office that provided her with a group dental insurance policy. However, she experienced the same frustrations encountered by my sister from a corporate insurance plan which caused her to constantly be in dispute over what was covered and the amount to be reimbursed (not to mention the time on the phone trying to get things straight.) She is now a happy member of the Aetna Dental Access plan offered by DentalPlans.com and is so glad to be rid of all the aggravation of dental insurance.

Paula B. - Lubbock , TX - 02/01/2009

The Alliance HealthCard Gold plan from DentalPlans.com has helped me considerably. I am a single mother of three little boys with no outside help. I work a part-time job that does not provide benefits of any kind. I need a lot more dental work completed, but have to wait until I have the money saved. This dental plan was a God send due to my situation right now. Once again I thank you for providing this plan to individuals such as myself.

Diane R. - Birmingham , AL - 02/01/2009

I was sitting at my desk at work one morning last November when my lower denture plate broke apart in my mouth. I took it out, in horror, and realized that it was going to cost big bucks to fix. I had no lower teeth, so this definitely needed to be taken care of right away. I went to my dentist who told me that it would be $7500 to make a new lower and upper plate and that I would need both. I didn't sleep one minute that night. I got up the next the morning, went online, and Google’d "Medicare Dental Plans." DentalPlans.com came up. I called DentalPlans.com and enrolled in the Aetna Dental Access plan that day. I liked having a choice of many companies to cover me. It was easy to choose what would be best for me. I called the dentist I chose and he saw me the next day. He was very thorough in his evaluation of my needs. He agreed that I would need new plates for both my upper and lower dentures, and his cost for both was going to be $1600. I can't tell you enough how happy I was with the tremendous savings! He made my new dentures in a very timely manner, realizing that even on Medicare, I’m still working. I am so very happy with my dental plan and will be recommending this to everyone I know. Medicare doesn’t help us with dental plans- we have to search and find our own and yours was definitely the best!

Craig A. - Gold Canyon , AZ - 02/01/2009

My discount dental plan has been such a great investment. When I retired, I found myself without dental coverage. I looked at the dental insurance plan that I had previously had while employed and quickly determined that the cost was too exorbitant for me. I then talked with my dentist and she was the one that recommended that I look at the discount dental plans on DentalPlans.com. The site made it so easy to compare different dental discount plans and also provided me with a list of local dentists that accept those plans. This alone saved me time and money in searching for just the right plan. The dental plan also provided me with an up-front fee schedule that allows me to know in advance what the low fee charges will be for each dental procedure.

I have now been a participant in the discount dental plan for the past three years and am extremely satisfied. The plan saves me hundreds of dollars each year in low-cost annual fees and keeps me smiling every time I walk into and out of the dentist's office. The plan encourages preventive dental care by offering low cost regular teeth cleaning and dental exams. When I recently chipped a tooth and needed a crown on that tooth, I saved over half of the cost by being a member of the American Dental Plan. The savings just keep adding up each year and that is why I will continue to participate in the discount dental plan.

Wendy H. - Reno , NV - 02/01/2009

My husband and my regular dentist turned us on to the Aetna Dental Access plan through DentalPlans.com when we didn't have dental insurance. The savings that my husband and I first received outweighed the cost of the dental plan itself. Our children's regular dentist did not participate in the plan. When we were told that one of our children needed over $1,000 in dental work done we went looking for a participating dentist. Not only did we find a great new dentist that we love, we also saved enough money by using our discount card that we had some preventative dental work done too!

Janet M. - Moody , AL - 02/01/2009

I have been so pleased with the Aetna Dental Access plan that I purchased from DentalPlans.com, it enabled me to get some much needed dental work that I otherwise would not have been able to afford. We do not have dental insurance coverage, so finding DentalPlans.com has been a life saver. Dental insurance is an ongoing expense and what I like about DentalPlans.com is that you pay once and that is it, no montly fee or papers to file, and you still receive decent discounts.

Arlene C. - Atlanta , GA - 02/01/2009

My husband and I love our Aetna Dental Access plan. When our dentist's office manager told us about it, we could not believe how reasonable the cost was and how much money we could save. We signed up immediately. Within a very short period, we found out how valuable the plan was. I had to have oral surgery which was very expensive, and the oral surgeon did not take Medicare. Our dental plan paid 25% which was a huge help to us. It has truly been a blessing. There are countless other instances of the Aetna Dental Access Plan's being extremely beneficial to my husband and me. We have saved on fillings, cleanings, exams, and even veneers for chipped teeth. I cannot count the numerous times we have saved money.

We practically have shouted from our rooftop to all our neighbors and friends about our dental plan. One can never know how wonderful it is until they personally experience it! We have been members for 2 years and have never regretted joining. With or without dental insurance, there is no other way to go. My husband and I often talk about how thrilled we are that we joined the plan. We wish we had known about it a long time ago. We think it is great for families with children, couples, or single people. There is something for everyone! We would like to go on record as saying that we could not be more pleased. Thank you for the opportunity to express our appreciation for the provided dental plans on DentalPlans.com, as well as other plans such as vision, hearing, prescription, and chiropractic. We are eternally grateful.

Annette B. - Lake St. Louis , MO - 02/01/2009

I had an old filling in my mouth from over 25 years ago and when I started feeling discomfort from this particular tooth, I knew it was time to go see a dentist. I went to a dentist who was very accommodating 2 years ago when I needed major dental work. He only charged me $20 for a consultation, but without so much as an X-ray, declared that I needed a porcelain inlay in the tooth, because it could not withstand a new filling. The procedure would be a mere $965! My boyfriend insisted that I get a second opinion and at least shop for perhaps a better price for the same procedure. We then looked at DentalPlans.com to discover which plan would cover that procedure and at what discount. I spoke to a very helpful representative over the phone and knew that I would eventually pick one of the discount dental plans offered, but first I wanted to see another dentist to get his recommendation. He took an X-ray and suggested that a filling would be just fine. His receptionist suggested a particular dental plan, Vital Savings by Aetna, and I contacted your company again. I got all of my questions answered clearly. We went online and I purchased the plan and printed my cards out 2 days later. The plan was $134.00 and with the discount, the filling was $63.00!!! Now I have coverage for 15 months, and a total savings of $768.00!!!! Thanks for having such a wonderful service!

Anne D. - Blairstown , NJ - 02/01/2009

Last year my husband started a new job. The new dental benefits would not cover our pediatric dentist who we loved. Through this new insurance we were limited to our choice of dentist. The only dentist his dental insurance covered in our area (30 miles away) was in a clinic. This new dentist was not looking out for my son’s best interest and did not agree on the same treatment my old caring dentist recommended. My son and I were quite upset. So, I looked online for a new affordable dental plan. Evaluating the price, coverage and easy access to dentists, our family joined the Aetna Dental Access dental plan on DentalPlans.com. Our old wonderful caring pediatric dentist accepted this affordable discount dental plan. We returned to our initial, professional, caring, pediatric dentist. The outcome could not have been better. My son was happy to see his old dentist and I was thrilled with the service and the dental care discounts. Thank you Dentalplans.com!!!!!

Angela C. - Washington , DC - 02/01/2009

Last year I went out to lunch for my birthday with a coworker. We ordered our lunch and when it arrived I took one bite and all seven of my dental crowns began to crumble one after the other. It was unbelievable. I guess after 18 years it was inevitable. I was literally removing fronts and backs from my mouth as tears rolled down my face. Anna, my coworker and very dear friend, told the waitress what had happened and we took our food to go. It was terribly embarrassing, even more so when I returned to work with my hand covering my mouth and my lips caving in. Thank God for the DentalPlans.com, Avia Dental Program. The accountant at my dentist did a comparison of all of the available plans they accept and Avia was by far the best to choose. Your company comparatively gave me the best price for my dental work. It was that simple, I didn’t have to contact DentalPlans.com- not one time about anything. Thanks!

Lisa C. - Mount Pleasant , MI - 11/01/2008

We lost our dental insurance in April 2008, so I needed to find an alternative method of payment. I have three children and did not want them to be neglected for lack of dental insurance. I looked on the Internet for dental plan options and came across DentalPlans.com. We now have an Aetna Access dental discount card. Having three children to take for cleanings and fillings is quite costly. Thanks to DentalPlans.com I have saved hundreds already on their dental work. It has saved us half the amount each time we have taken our children to the dentist.

I would highly recommend this dental plan to anyone. Without this plan, I would have owed several hundreds of dollars to the dentist. I did have the option to buy a dental insurance plan but the cost is outrageous, especially when you only go to the dentist once every six months. With the discount dental plan options, you only have to pay a one time amount fee and you’re covered for the entire year. I am just very thankful I found your website.

Marie W. - Jacksonville , FL - 10/01/2008

While my husband was in active duty in the military, our dental insurance had no annual premium and no co-pays for basic services.

However, when my husband retired, that changed. The insurance premium was $1,200 per year to cover our family. This premium covered 100% of basic services, but only 60% of other services.

We simply could not justify the cost of the annual premium and considered not carrying any dental insurance at all and just paying out of pocket each time we went to the dentist.

This was not a good option for our family. As my husband and I get older, our dental care needs may require more than an annual check-up and cleaning every six months.

This dilemma is what prompted me to look up dental care discounts on the Internet. That is where I found your website. I learned the difference between dental insurance and dental plans, and realized that it did not matter which we had, as long as there was an agreement to provide services at a set price that was not cost-prohibitive.

I liked your website because you offered so many different plans, many of them from well-known, established companies. Since we were willing to switch from our current dental provider, I was able to pick whichever plan had the best fees and was accepted by dentists in our area.

I chose the Solstice Plus Plan One dental plan because it provided discounts on check-ups, x-rays, and cleanings.

There were quite a few dental providers in our area to choose from. I chose the one who was friendliest to me over the phone even though I had to wait for an available appointment. It is the best dental practice I have ever done business with.

Switching providers is really easy too! My husband had gone to a different dental provider that was near his place of employment. When he switched employers, that provider’s location was no longer convenient for him. All we had to do was find another provider that accepted the Starmark plan on the DentalPlans.com website and contact that provider for an appointment.

In retrospect, I have been very, very satisfied with the Solstice Plus Plan One, with our local dental provider, and ultimately with DentalPlans.com. I took a risk by choosing the plan with the lowest fees, but they have been wonderful to deal with and my family has not had any problems receiving the dental care we need, when we need it.

We have literally saved thousands of dollars by using DentalPlans.com. If we had chosen my husband’s retired military dental insurance plan, we would have paid $2,400 in premiums over the last two years. With DentalPlans.com, over the same two-year period, we have paid roughly $400 for the combined cost of our annual membership dues and fees for services rendered.

Marlene S. - Toms River , NJ - 10/01/2008

My husband and I have always had health insurance, but dental was never included. When I found DentalPlans.com a few years ago, I was thrilled. We joined right away and got the Patriot Plan since my dentist was listed as a plan provider. There are several different plans and so many dentists to choose from. If I ever have to switch dentists, I will have no problem finding a new one in my area with my current plan.

We have saved a lot of money since we joined. My husband and I both had to have a few root canals and crowns. Crowns are very expensive, but I pay about half price using my discount dental plan. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars on each crown and we also save quite a bit on x-rays, cleanings and fillings.

Thank you so much, DentalPlans.com. I would recommend you to anyone who doesn't have dental benefits on their health plan.

Aimee T. - Hollywood , FL - 10/01/2008

I'm a 32-year-old mother of three, from Hollywood, FL, and it seems like moms are always the last to "being taken care of." I heard about DentalPlans.com from my dentist when I had to have a tooth pulled. After my Dentist viewed all of my x-rays, he referred me to DentalPlans.com. I enrolled in the Careington Care Plan. Instead of paying $263, with the Careington Care Plan, I only paid less than $50 for the extraction. With the savings from this plan, I will definitely be visiting the dentist more often. Thank you Dental Plans.com for healthier teeth, a brighter smile, and savings that everyone can enjoy!

Zona N. - Garnerville , NV - 10/01/2008

My wife and I lost all dental coverage when I turned 65. We were left paying full price at the dentist until my wife went online and found DentalPlans.com. Luckily there was a dental office near us that accepted the Avia plan. Between the both of us, we have saved over $2,000 compared to the local dental office we had been using. Our new dentist has a nice, friendly office and he does wonderful work.

Linda W. - Hamburg , PA - 10/01/2008

Last year, I took two of my sons for a dental check-up and cleaning. The first one came out and the assistant told me he had great teeth and that the charge was $307. I said, “Wow, it’s a good thing he has GOOD teeth!” I then told her I would have to bring the other son in after I saved more money, since I have 6 kids. I immediately came home and searched on the Internet for a way to save money on my family’s dental care. I found the Aetna plan and paid $159.95 for the family plan. The next week, I brought my other son in and he had the same check-up and cleaning. However, this time the bill was $116 - WOW what a savings! I saved enough money on one child’s checkup and cleaning to pay for the whole family plan. Now that's savings!

Thanks DentalPlans.com!

Theresa V. - West Hazleton , PA - 10/01/2008

I am a 26 year old graduate student and clerk.

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis in September, 2007. Over the past year, the medications used to treat my illness decayed my teeth. I do not have dental insurance since I am a student and I only work part-time.

My molar broke unexpectedly in September, 2008. I ran to an emergency dentist and found out I needed three root canals! I didn't know where to turn to since I did not have insurance. I found your site online and ordered Aetna Dental Access. Since then, I have had the three root canals I needed and I’m in the process of getting my crowns fixed. Your plan has saved me around $2,000 so far! I just wanted to thank you for helping people like me get dental work done. You have saved my teeth - literally!

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