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Share Your Dental Care Savings Story …

We occasionally ask our valued Members to share their dental care savings stories as a part of our “Share Your Story” Promotion. In return, we randomly pick one “Share Your Story” participant to receive a free discount dental plan or cash equivalent. We value your feedback as these dental care savings stories are a true testament to the savings, service and selection offered by DentalPlans.com.

Join a discount dental plan today and join the thousands of satisfied DentalPlans.com Members who are saving at the dentist!

Mary S. - Canton , OH - 02/01/2009

My husband and I have been so impressed with DentalPlans.com! Not only was I able to choose from many different discount dental plans in my area, but easily found one that offers incredible savings- Careington Care 500. My teeth were getting worse and worse. Finally I found DentalPlans.com and now we are able to afford the work we need done. I needed a root canal and periodontal cleaning, and these things are included and covered!

An added benefit is the vision plan offered with our discount dental plan. How wonderful to be able to pick some cute, up to date frames I really like and not have to settle for "something affordable". Because my husband and I both need the blended triple bi-focal glasses, it usually costs us a fortune. This time, using the vision plan, we both got glasses for less than one of us usually can. Our whole discount dental plan and added benefits is remarkable. We could not be happier with DentalPlans.com and tell others every chance we get.

Pam M. - Rolla , MO - 06/01/2009

I have used the UNI-CARE 200 Discount Dental Plan for 3 years now and it has saved me tons of money. A dental insurance plan through my husband's work would have cost $1,500 which would include cleanings for the first year, co-pays for each visit, and caps. For under $200 each year my whole family of 6 receives incredible dental care savings. I have recommended this plan to all my friends.

Scott - Manahawkin , NJ - 12/01/2003

Dear DentalPlans.com, My wife signed us up for the Avia Dental Plan and man was it the best saving we have ever had! Thanks. . . I just signed up my mother today. I will tell our office and staff today about your program as well as the dentist I used. They were outstanding as well as you all! Thanks for such a great value. Thanks again

John - Deer Park , NY - 11/01/2004

One day, yes, only one day and the Patriot Plan paid for itself in savings. There was no wait and I saved 300 dollars! Thanks a bunch!

Marie - Washington , DC - 03/01/2005

Through the Patriot Plan, I have found a wonderful dentist and saved a fortune on dental work. I am so happy with this dental package that my boyfriend is now going to join. Thank you.

Diane - Hickory , NC - 03/01/2005

We have been on the Solstice Plus Dental Plan for a little over two weeks and we have to tell you we love it. We have already had to use the plan and it was as simple as it was when we signed up. We saved the more on the first treatment then the plan cost for the entire family. I would recommend this plan to anyone. Thank you DentalPlans.com and thank you Paragon Plus

Volite - Nixa , MO - 03/01/2005

While in California for my mother's funeral, my husband was suffering with tooth pain for about a week. I couldn't stand seeing him in pain, so I called the 1-800 number to find out if there were any dentists in the area that accepted Dentemax discount dental plan. The customer service representative gladly looked it up and told me that there was one not far from where we were, only about 10 minutes away. He immediately connected me with the dentist office and I spoke to the receptionist who immediately took down our membership number, and scheduled an emergency appointment. My husband was seen in the next 30 minutes. The best part about it was that we didn't pay full price. Thank you DentalPlans.com. You're a Lifesaver. My husband was very grateful not only for the services that he received, but the money that he saved. Very truly yours.

Fred - Maple Shade , NJ - 05/01/2005

I just wanted to thank you for leading me to this dental plan. My wife had visited her dentist and was told that she required a mouthful of work which was quoted at $8,000.00. I found DentalPlans.com and called the number. After speaking with a customer service rep who explained everything, I signed up for the Avia Dental Plan. My wife just had the work done for $3,800.00 - A huge savings of $4,200.00. I cannot thank you enough and look forward to years of quality service.

Daniel - Lynn Haven , FL - 02/01/2006

I just want to thank everyone who put together this plan. My wife and I both had a lot of dental work that needed to be done. We save thousands of dollars in just one year due to the Dentemax Dental Plan. Keep up the good work!

Tisa Marie - Waipahu , HI - 03/01/2006

After turning 40 years old last year, my childhood teeth repairs were deteriorating. I needed emergency work, so I purchased your plan and went to the dentist the next day. I went to a great dentist who fixed years worth of dental neglect. I am no longer in pain because of Aetna Dental Access.

Raymond - Plato , MO - 04/01/2006

I am able to receive insurance through my work, however I chose to purchase the UNI-CARE 200 plan. After careful review, I believe that the plan offers the best value for our family.

Keyon - Atlanta , GA - 05/01/2006

My mother performed an Internet search for an affordable dental plan. Through your site, we found the Avia Dental Plan. It was affordable and the service I received from the provider was excellent.

Nicole - Muncie , IN - 07/01/2006

I was quoted $4,300 for twelve tooth extractions and dentures. I purchased the Aetna Dental Access Plan and now only have to pay $1,800. I recommended this plan to my sister and she also saved a great deal of money. This plan definitely pays for itself.

Joe - Louisville , KY - 07/01/2006

Thank you for such a wonderful plan, Vital Savings by Aetna. With this plan, I was saved over $1,000! I just wanted to say thank you and I would recommend this plan to everybody that I know. You plans are great!

Annette - Ragland , AL - 09/01/2006

I have been a member of DentalPlans.com for almost 3 years. It has been wonderful having the Aetna Dental Access Plan. The savings really help me out. I saved $400 on my last visit to the dentist and was very impressed. Thank you so much for offering this great service.

Brenda - Orange Park , FL - 09/01/2006

After my husband needed $3,000 in dental work, I did a search for affordable dental care on the Internet. I found the Aetna Dental Access Plan and the bridge only cost $1,600. I am very pleased with the plan. It works well with our insurance covered procedures as well because it reduces the co-payments. This is one plan we will continue to renew each year. Thank you!

Matthew - Largo , FL - 09/01/2006

I would like to thank DentalPlans.com for providing me with a much needed discount dental plan. A week after I bought the Solstice Plus One Plan I got a complete exam for only ten dollars! After six years of not going to the dentist, I only had to pay $700 total. I thought the plan sounded too good to be true but it wasnt, and Im extremely happy. I also wanted to express my appreciation for the follow-up call after my purchase. That shows that customer care is a priority.

Kimberley - Windsor Locks , CT - 12/01/2006

I am very pleased with the discounts offered with the Aetna Dental Access Plan. I think it's a wonderful, affordable plan, and have referred a friend already. I am looking forward to signing up for 2007. Thank you.

Michelle - Pearl River , NY - 03/01/2007

We signed up for the Aetna Dental Access plan in February, and used it for the first time today. My son needed a tooth extracted, and it saved me half of what I would have had to pay without the discount plan. We have been without dental insurance for a couple of years, but now with the discount plan we will be able to afford to go to the dentist more often. I am so glad I found Dentalplans.com.

Irina - Trenton , NJ - 06/01/2007

I have the CA90 Dental Plan, and I just love it. I received huge discounts when visiting the dentist. I purchased a family plan and I have saved on my childrens dental needs as well.

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