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We occasionally ask our valued Members to share their dental care savings stories as a part of our “Share Your Story” Promotion. In return, we randomly pick one “Share Your Story” participant to receive a free discount dental plan or cash equivalent. We value your feedback as these dental care savings stories are a true testament to the savings, service and selection offered by

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Steph - Pembroke Pines , FL - 02/22/2016

I woke up on a Monday morning feeling horrible - sore throat, achy muscles, stuffy nose and a pounding headache. I couldn't get out of bed to go to work, let alone get myself to a doctor's office. From the comfort of my bed, I was able to go on the Teladoc website and request a consult. Fifteen minutes later, I received a phone call from a doctor who diagnosed me with a bad sinus infection. She sent two prescriptions to my local pharmacy and told me they'd be ready within the hour. To my surprise, less than 30 minutes went by and my pharmacy called that my medicines were ready. This was the easiest, most convenience process for me. I spoke to a doctor, got diagnosed and was taking my medications all within the span of an hour! Thank you Teladoc!

Sanjay - Cooper City , FL - 11/29/2015

I called Teladoc and it took less than 10 minutes to get a call back. I would use this again because it’s available 24/7, 365 days and its quick to get resolution and medicines.

Lawanna M - Fort Lauderdale , FL - 10/27/2015

I had a pleasant rep who assisted me in logging in, completing medical history and adding dependents. I emailed early morning around 9:45, my daughter had a cold and a bad cough that had her up all night. It only took about 15 minutes for a call back. The doctor suggested natural remedies for her cold as well as an OTC medication and prescription medication that we have used in the past. I saved $50 in doctor visit fees from just one call!

Cassandra - Hollywood , FL - 09/26/2015

I used Tela Doc when I had an ear infection. I knew that was what I had because I get ear infections all the time. I went online and filled out some information and the doctor called me back at the time I requested and I had a prescription waiting for me within the hour.

Dennis M - Sunbury , PA - 08/06/2015

I traveled to Dayton OH in August and as soon as I hit the ground my allergies went CRAZY….coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, breathing was rough. By Thursday night at 10pm, I was under the covers in my hotel room, trying to ease the achy feeling. I had a full day of flying ahead of me on Friday, not expected to get home until about 5pm. Of course by that point my doctor would be closed for the weekend, so I would have to go to an urgent care or minute-clinic and pay the $35 - $75 walk-in fee. At 2am on Friday morning I said to myself (through all the coughing and sneezing) “That is it…” SO I called Teladoc. I got a call back in my hotel room in 10 min and another 10 min later I got the prescriptions that I needed. By 3:30 am I had been out to the local CVS, got my medicines and went back to sleep. Had I not called TelaDoc I would have been sick for the entire flight home, had to drag myself somewhere on the weekend to see somebody to give me something….and lost the whole weekend. I have used them 3 times. I have used edocAmerica as well to understand by annual lab results and what “good numbers” should be!

Alison M - North Bay Village , FL - 08/21/2015

I used Teladoc in the early morning, before any doctor’s offices are even open. It only took 5 minutes for a response. I was very satisfied and doctor offered both traditional methods and homeopathic remedies. I would this service again because it was extremely convenient and cost effective. I have already recommended the service to others and will continue to do so.

Lessette L - Tamarac , FL - 07/18/2015

The Teladoc service was great! The doctor was on the phone with me for less than 10 minutes, knew what to prescribe me, and now I'm on the road to recovery thanks to my new medicine and convenience of Teladoc.

Nicole G - East Providence , RI - 06/29/2015

I called Teladoc to determine if I should take my child to the doctor or hospital and if there were any red flags I should keep an eye out for. Basically, for peace of mind. I chose a video conference to show the doctor my child’s symptoms. I am at the doctor at least once a month with my family of four, mostly for one of the kids with an ailment like pinkeye or a sinus infection where a trip to the doctor just doesn’t make sense. Additional notes, make sure you download the teladoc app if you plan on using the video conferencing app. I didn’t realize that and was late to the appointment but the doctor held my position. I requested the appointment on the computer but conference was from the phone so had to download the app.

Lisa L - Queens , NY - 07/12/2015

I used Teledoc yesterday morning, and was absolutely thrilled with the convenience of using this service. I called in for the service and the girl registered me over the phone and within 20 minute I received a phone call from the Dr. He was completely professional and from the time of my phone call with doctor until the time I had the prescription in my hand was all in a 1 hour time period. I would definitely use Teledoc again and have already been telling ,my friends and family how fantastic it is.

Melissa C - Dania , FL - 07/09/2015

Completing the initial registration was simple and easy, which I expected it to be complicated. This service is quick, easy and the best part is I do not have to take time off of work waiting to see a doctor for 2 hours to have a 10 minute diagnosis. I wish I would have used it this weekend, which would have save me over an hour and a half of my time and emergency room fees. Plus, the provider gave me more information than the hospital my son and I visited.

Belky G - Miami , FL - 07/08/2015

I totally love the service edoc gave. They send you a link related to issues you might be having. If you are advised to seek a Doctor in person, they request that you advise them of the outcome of your problem…. I will absolutely use this service again.

Sandra F - Fort Lauderdale , FL - 07/08/2015

I woke up with a itchy soar throat and I immediately knew that this was going to be the start of a really bad cold. . I used Teladoc for the first time and it was awesome! registration was quick and simply the representative that assisted me with my registration was polite and very inviting to speak with. She quickly scheduled my consultation and within 15minutes my phone call was returned. The physician spent over 10 min asking questions prior to making any recommendations. After the consultation the physician called in a prescription for me. Within minutes I received an email notification that my med was ready to be picked up at the pharmacy. The process was seamless and most important it saved me time from visiting an urgent care facility and saved me $75.00 in my pocket. I will absolutely use this service again and recommend it to others.

Dezire T - Miami , FL - 07/02/2015

Teladoc is very convenient. If I didn't set the appointment I probably would've wasted my money going to urgent care or my doctor. The doctor provided me with suggestions to make lifestyle changes which truly not all doctors care to do and most doctors will just prescribe a prescription in which the Doctor I spoke with truly took his time to explain to me all my options. I felt like he genuinely cared about my well being and he was knowledgeable.

Willy R. - WINSTON SALEM , NC - 06/17/2014

I called and I was able to talk to Patricia. She was really nice. She explained everything to me and she helped me to find a plan that fits my budget and my need. Thank you Patricia!

Nancy M. - Charlotte , NC - 06/17/2014

Josh Humble from Milford,Ohio was terrific.

Delisa M. - Fort Myers , FL - 09/01/2009

After comparing all of the plans in my area, I decided to get the Solstice Plus Plan One discount dental plan. This plan has more than paid for itself. I have always received the BEST customer service whenever I call for assistance.

I referred some friends to and they are looking forward to visiting a local participating dentist without the apprehension of how much it will cost their entire family. In these tough economic times, it's easy to put your dental needs on the back burner, but with we don't have to. Thanks so much for offering us affordable options for dental care.

Lori S. - Morris , OK - 02/01/2009

My son is autistic, so whenever he has work done on his mouth he is put to sleep to have it completed. I saved over $1,500 at our last visit thanks to my Aetna Dental Access Plan. I initially purchased the discount dental plan a few years ago and have renewed twice. It more than pays for itself, usually after the first visit.

Cindy S. - Hebron , OH - 03/01/2009

Both my husband and I retired in 2007 without dental insurance. We weren't too concerned until we found out he needed two crowns almost immediately. Luckily, our dentist's office manager understood our problem and sent us to your site for help.

We signed up for DenteMax Discount Dental Plan and saved close to half the amount we would have originally had to pay. I can only thank you, but we took flowers in to her along with our appreciation. We will be staying with for a long time, and have referred many others for their dental needs.

Janet M. - Moody , AL - 04/01/2009

I have had many dental procedures over the past two years, but would never have been able to do it without Aetna Dental Access Discount Dental Plan. It enabled me to get some much needed dental work and I am very grateful to have had it.

Yvonne M. - Riverton , Utah - 04/01/2009

I signed my family up for the Aetna Dental Access on in November of 2007. It was the best thing I've ever done. Starting in January, my husband needed 3 crowns. Immediately, the plan saved us over $1,500.00. The savings allowed our family to go on our first vacation in 8 years! We were going to put our vacation on hold because of the dental work, but we were able to enjoy our family time as planned. I also had a crown done, saving myself another $200.00.

Then in July after a trip to the family dentist and orthodontist, we were told that my 8-year-old son needed 5 of his primary teeth extracted. The oral surgeon quoted us $1,468.00. We found out that he accepted the discount dental plan, and the bill was only $847.00! There again we saved another $621.00! For our family of 3, we saved a total of $2,600.00 in dental fees for the year. Not bad, considering the plan was so inexpensive!

I also referred my mother-in-law, and she saved over $150.00 for the year as well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone, as the cost savings are remarkable. The plan not only saved us on major dental work, but on cleanings, office visits, exams and x-rays as well. It was easy to sign up, and checking for dentists that accepted the plan only took minutes. The customer service is fantastic - there were nothing but knowledgeable and friendly people on the line to answer any questions we had. I won't hesitate to sign up again - wish I would have known about this remarkable program years ago!

Mary S. - Canton , OH - 02/01/2009

My husband and I have been so impressed with! Not only was I able to choose from many different discount dental plans in my area, but easily found one that offers incredible savings- Careington Care 500. My teeth were getting worse and worse. Finally I found and now we are able to afford the work we need done. I needed a root canal and periodontal cleaning, and these things are included and covered!

An added benefit is the vision plan offered with our discount dental plan. How wonderful to be able to pick some cute, up to date frames I really like and not have to settle for "something affordable". Because my husband and I both need the blended triple bi-focal glasses, it usually costs us a fortune. This time, using the vision plan, we both got glasses for less than one of us usually can. Our whole discount dental plan and added benefits is remarkable. We could not be happier with and tell others every chance we get.

Pam M. - Rolla , MO - 06/01/2009

I have used the UNI-CARE 200 Discount Dental Plan for 3 years now and it has saved me tons of money. A dental insurance plan through my husband's work would have cost $1,500 which would include cleanings for the first year, co-pays for each visit, and caps. For under $200 each year my whole family of 6 receives incredible dental care savings. I have recommended this plan to all my friends.

Scott - Manahawkin , NJ - 12/01/2003

Dear, My wife signed us up for the Avia Dental Plan and man was it the best saving we have ever had! Thanks. . . I just signed up my mother today. I will tell our office and staff today about your program as well as the dentist I used. They were outstanding as well as you all! Thanks for such a great value. Thanks again

John - Deer Park , NY - 11/01/2004

One day, yes, only one day and the Patriot Plan paid for itself in savings. There was no wait and I saved 300 dollars! Thanks a bunch!

Marie - Washington , DC - 03/01/2005

Through the Patriot Plan, I have found a wonderful dentist and saved a fortune on dental work. I am so happy with this dental package that my boyfriend is now going to join. Thank you.

Diane - Hickory , NC - 03/01/2005

We have been on the Solstice Plus Dental Plan for a little over two weeks and we have to tell you we love it. We have already had to use the plan and it was as simple as it was when we signed up. We saved the more on the first treatment then the plan cost for the entire family. I would recommend this plan to anyone. Thank you and thank you Paragon Plus

Volite - Nixa , MO - 03/01/2005

While in California for my mother's funeral, my husband was suffering with tooth pain for about a week. I couldn't stand seeing him in pain, so I called the 1-800 number to find out if there were any dentists in the area that accepted Dentemax discount dental plan. The customer service representative gladly looked it up and told me that there was one not far from where we were, only about 10 minutes away. He immediately connected me with the dentist office and I spoke to the receptionist who immediately took down our membership number, and scheduled an emergency appointment. My husband was seen in the next 30 minutes. The best part about it was that we didn't pay full price. Thank you You're a Lifesaver. My husband was very grateful not only for the services that he received, but the money that he saved. Very truly yours.

Fred - Maple Shade , NJ - 05/01/2005

I just wanted to thank you for leading me to this dental plan. My wife had visited her dentist and was told that she required a mouthful of work which was quoted at $8,000.00. I found and called the number. After speaking with a customer service rep who explained everything, I signed up for the Avia Dental Plan. My wife just had the work done for $3,800.00 - A huge savings of $4,200.00. I cannot thank you enough and look forward to years of quality service.

Daniel - Lynn Haven , FL - 02/01/2006

I just want to thank everyone who put together this plan. My wife and I both had a lot of dental work that needed to be done. We save thousands of dollars in just one year due to the Dentemax Dental Plan. Keep up the good work!

Tisa Marie - Waipahu , HI - 03/01/2006

After turning 40 years old last year, my childhood teeth repairs were deteriorating. I needed emergency work, so I purchased your plan and went to the dentist the next day. I went to a great dentist who fixed years worth of dental neglect. I am no longer in pain because of Aetna Dental Access.

Raymond - Plato , MO - 04/01/2006

I am able to receive insurance through my work, however I chose to purchase the UNI-CARE 200 plan. After careful review, I believe that the plan offers the best value for our family.

Keyon - Atlanta , GA - 05/01/2006

My mother performed an Internet search for an affordable dental plan. Through your site, we found the Avia Dental Plan. It was affordable and the service I received from the provider was excellent.

Nicole - Muncie , IN - 07/01/2006

I was quoted $4,300 for twelve tooth extractions and dentures. I purchased the Aetna Dental Access Plan and now only have to pay $1,800. I recommended this plan to my sister and she also saved a great deal of money. This plan definitely pays for itself.

Joe - Louisville , KY - 07/01/2006

Thank you for such a wonderful plan, Vital Savings by Aetna. With this plan, I was saved over $1,000! I just wanted to say thank you and I would recommend this plan to everybody that I know. You plans are great!

Annette - Ragland , AL - 09/01/2006

I have been a member of for almost 3 years. It has been wonderful having the Aetna Dental Access Plan. The savings really help me out. I saved $400 on my last visit to the dentist and was very impressed. Thank you so much for offering this great service.

Brenda - Orange Park , FL - 09/01/2006

After my husband needed $3,000 in dental work, I did a search for affordable dental care on the Internet. I found the Aetna Dental Access Plan and the bridge only cost $1,600. I am very pleased with the plan. It works well with our insurance covered procedures as well because it reduces the co-payments. This is one plan we will continue to renew each year. Thank you!

Matthew - Largo , FL - 09/01/2006

I would like to thank for providing me with a much needed discount dental plan. A week after I bought the Solstice Plus One Plan I got a complete exam for only ten dollars! After six years of not going to the dentist, I only had to pay $700 total. I thought the plan sounded too good to be true but it wasnt, and Im extremely happy. I also wanted to express my appreciation for the follow-up call after my purchase. That shows that customer care is a priority.

Kimberley - Windsor Locks , CT - 12/01/2006

I am very pleased with the discounts offered with the Aetna Dental Access Plan. I think it's a wonderful, affordable plan, and have referred a friend already. I am looking forward to signing up for 2007. Thank you.

Michelle - Pearl River , NY - 03/01/2007

We signed up for the Aetna Dental Access plan in February, and used it for the first time today. My son needed a tooth extracted, and it saved me half of what I would have had to pay without the discount plan. We have been without dental insurance for a couple of years, but now with the discount plan we will be able to afford to go to the dentist more often. I am so glad I found

Irina - Trenton , NJ - 06/01/2007

I have the CA90 Dental Plan, and I just love it. I received huge discounts when visiting the dentist. I purchased a family plan and I have saved on my childrens dental needs as well.

Nancy - Tavernier , FL - 06/01/2007

I just used the Solstice Plus Plan and I want to express how satisfied I am. I had not been to the dentist in 10 years because I could not afford dental insurance. This plan is beyond affordable. In one day I had 18 X-Rays, an exam and a cleaning. The entire visit was only $10! Thats unbelievable! I am going again next week to have more procedures and I can now afford it. This plan is just great!

Arnold - Boca Raton , FL - 08/01/2007

I am truly pleased that I signed up for the Aetna Dental Access Plan, along with the quality of care I received. I visited the dentist for a root canal and received professional, courteous service. This is a wonderful service for seniors!

Renee - New York , NY - 08/01/2007

I initially purchased the Aetna Dental Access Plan in 2004 to lower the cost of my husbands dental bills. The plan cut the cost of my husbands dental surgery in half! Due to these great savings, I renewed the plan and purchased another for our 22-year-old son. I have recommended this program to friends and family.

Gretchen - Overland Park , KS - 09/01/2007

I wish I knew about the Aetna Dental Access Plan sooner! I found a great new dentist and saved hundreds of dollars. I didnt have to worry about paperwork; I just showed my card and paid a discounted price. I am also pleased with the 3 additional months of service for free!

Melissa - Perryville , MD - 10/01/2007

I visited the dentist prior to purchasing the Aetna Dental Access Plan. My original estimate was over $13,000. My friend referred me to your site, and I never saw $100 go so far! My new estimate is under $7,000. I am amazed at the price difference. I would not have been able to receive my dental work if not for this plan. I am truly grateful!

Michael - Joliet , IL - 11/01/2007

I couldnt believe the immediate return of my $99 investment. I saw the commercial and immediately visited the web site. I have 4 dental specialists I visit, and each one accepted the Aetna Dental Access Plan. On my first visit, I saved $55. I saved over $6,500 in just 2 months of being a member! I still cant believe it was that simple. All I had to do was purchase the plan and print my card online. Thanks!

Mike - Winter Park , FL - 11/01/2007

I put off removing my wisdom teeth for years. I finally went to the dentist and received an estimate of $2,000. After joining the Aetna Dental Access Plan, the price was reduced to $1,000. I saved so much money and will spread the good word to my family and friends!

Xochitl - Miami , FL - 03/01/2008

I recently went to the dentist, had a checkup and x-rays and was referred to the endodontist - I saved over $400 by using Solstice Plus Plan One through It was fast, easy and I saved about four times the price of the plan in my first combined visit.

Beverly - Long Beach , WA - 03/01/2008

I am one of the many people in this country that does not have dental insurance. Being able to access a website like is wonderful. I immediately saved $318 the first time I used my Aetna Dental Access plan. I am on a limited income and really appreciate the savings, since I can't afford to go to the dentist otherwise. You provide a great service at a reasonable price. The plan has already paid for itself. Thank you!

Daniel - Meriden , CT - 05/01/2008

The Aetna Dental Access Plan is awesome! If you are considering buying a plan, dont wait any longer. I saved $1,000 in two weeks! Im very satisfied with my savings!!

Sandra - Tulsa , OK - 05/01/2008

I signed up for this plan almost a year ago. I have had extensive dental work including crowns, posts, x-rays, cleanings, periodontal work, and much more. To my delight, I have saved over $1,500 because I joined the Aetna Dental Access plan. I highly recommend this program to everyone. In this day and age, we ALL want to save money.

Kevin - Clinton , MS - 08/01/2008

The Aetna Dental Access plan has been a lifesaver for me. I needed major work on my teeth and I easily found a participating dentist. I had my entire mouth fixed and have saved thousands of dollars. Thank you for offering this plan! It really helps out people like me who are on a fixed income.

Gabriel - Las Vegas , NV - 08/01/2008

I am very pleased with the Avia dental plan and I would like to thank They helped me obtain this amazing plan! It has saved me a lot of money and already paid for itself. I recommend this plan to people because it really does work.

My favorite part was that I did not have to fill out lots of paperwork. I just went online and bought the plan. It activated two days later, and I was able to go to the dentist. I saved thousands of dollars on a cleaning, two crowns and four fillings! Thanks again!

Roger - Bethlehem , PA - 08/01/2008

I recently needed a root canal. I enrolled in the Aetna Dental Access Plan specifically for that reason. Within a week of joining I went to the dentist, presented my card and saved $570 on the procedure!

Joan - Virginia Beach , VA - 09/01/2008

I am so happy that I found this plan. I did research and found that the Aetna Dental Access Plan was the best way to go. The plan is very straightforward, so I knew exactly what my costs were going to be. Fabulous!

James - Pittsburgh , PA - 09/01/2008

Buying a discount dental plan from Dental Plans .com is one of the best investments I ever made. I purchased the Uni-Care 200 Plan less than a month ago and I already saved a ton of money. I had not been to the dentist in years, but I wanted Invisalign braces. I had to get a lot of dental work done first, however. Without the Uni-Care 200 Plan, I would not be able to afford the dental work. I saved over $1,000.

Bev - Arlington , VA - 09/01/2008

I needed dental work, and my work did not provide adequate dental insurance. I searched online and found Dental Plans. com. I chose the Aetna Dental Access Plan and made a dentist appointment just days after joining. To date, I have saved $1,500 on my dental work. Dental Plans .com is well worth the money. The plan has already paid for itself, and then some.

Kathleen B. - West Grove , PA - 02/01/2009

My husband and I recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. So what does that have to do with dental insurance? Well, I mention that because for most of those years we had very good dental coverage through his company. He retired in 2002 and in 2004 my dental problems began.

I was still working but did not have dental coverage with my insurance. I discovered that I needed much more than routine check-ups and cleanings. Why is it than as you age and need coverage, that is when it is no longer available for so many?

In 2005 I discovered I needed a root canal, a bone graft and a crown, all for one tooth. The cost of all this was astronomical so I decided to research dental plans. I found that unless you had an employer sponsored plan, it was way too expensive for an individual to purchase the insurance. When I searched online I found I joined in early 2005 and immediately saved hundreds of dollars on the procedures I needed. During the next couple years, I ended up with two more bone grafts, another root canal and seven crowns. I had moved to a new area and was able to find a wonderful dentist, an endodontist and a periodontist – all participating in the plan we had chosen, Aetna Dental Access. Last year when I had my third graft, the Aetna Dental Access plan saved me $1,367.00 just on that procedure. Our total savings in 2008 because of was $1,879.00. We have purchased the family plan the last couple years and already in 2009, just for regular check-ups and maintenance, we have saved $212.00.

I have no reservations recommending to anyone. The providers that we have used with the plan are at the top of their fields, some with special awards and mentions in surveys and medical publications. The dollar amount saved speaks for itself and is a pleasure to deal with.

Thank you.

Katherine P. - Deer , AZ - 02/01/2009

It had almost been a year since I signed up for the Dentemax plan offered by and I still had not seen a dentist except for an emergency tooth extraction. With the understanding that my money might end up going to waste if I didn't find a participating dentist, I got on the phone and talked to someone at and they gave me a name of a dentist participating in the Dentemax plan.

I live about two hours from where I had set up an appointment and, typically running behind schedule, I raced down the highway, thinking about the quote I received for necessary x-rays which was $185. This did not seem like much of a discount! Not only that, they would not be able to do anything else for me this particular visit. I would have to schedule another visit for a teeth-cleaning. I was beginning to feel downright grumpy and by the time I arrived (on time) it was all I could do to stay civil. The young woman who led me back to the chair I was to sit in for the x-rays and examination was congenial.

The dentist came and looked at the x-rays, then examined my mouth. He gave me the information I needed, and then introduced me to the dental hygienist who would be cleaning my teeth the next time I visit. Everyone was really nice. I was feeling a bit guilty about being so grumpy.

I held my breath as I waited for the receptionist to figure out what I owed for this appointment. Paying almost $200 for x-rays and an exam seemed pretty high for supposedly getting a discount. Actually, the bill was only $41! What a relief!

As I was scheduling the next appointment I was feeling tons better. I am so glad that I purchased a dental plan from!

Kasey L. - Davenport , FL - 02/01/2009

I moved to Central Florida three years ago. I had gone to dentist after dentist and have had multiple insurance companies. Unfortunately I have very weak enamel and needed lots of dental work done. I had many sleepless nights and I was in excruciating pain at times. After the insurance that I paid for with my employer maxed out in February I knew I needed help from someone.

I started to do a search for individual dental plans online. I called a few companies and I was shocked at how expensive their plans were. I was really discouraged and then I found I could NOT believe the incredible price but most importantly I was so impressed with the customer service! It was such a nightmare to deal with my prior insurance companies, the employees with were so refreshing. I cannot believe how much money I have saved since using

I currently have the Solstice plan. With my other insurance company I paid $800 for a root canal. With I paid under $200! When I originally received my treatment plan the cost was over $8,000. After I joined and was part of Solstice Plus Plan One my total was just over $3,000.

I am in the process of saving for a wedding and helping to raise my fiancée’s two sons so saving at the dentist’s office is a huge blessing! I could not be happier with! I have already recommended to many co-workers and friends. I will never have a traditional dental insurance company again! I really appreciate everything that has done for me!

Karen R. - Trotwood , OH - 02/01/2009

I found the Uni-Care 200 discount dental plan from over a year ago and I am glad I did. For a cleaning and exam I only have to pay $45, I would normally have to pay $90 if I didn't have the plan. Luckily I don't have many dental issues, but it is good to know that if I did I would pay a greatly reduced rate.

Thank you!

Cheryl O. - Andover , MA - 02/01/2009

I was blessed with my father’s easy going personality, his wittiness, and his less than perfect teeth. On a recent visit to the dentist I was advised that I would not need one crown but two, not to mention a small cavity that needed to be filled. I asked for the price of the crowns and they said it would be $1,364 each. Yikes, so much for our trip to Disney.

My husband has a great job but it does not provide us with dental insurance. I should have asked before my cleaning but mentioned I had seen a dental plan online and had seen my dentists name along with it. The receptionist informed me that they did accept this dental plan and that it was a discount plan not an insurance plan. So I inquired the price of the crown with the discount plan.

She informed me that if I signed up for the discount plan (Aetna Dental Access) I would pay for my services off a different fee schedule. Bottom line what does that mean?

My dentist has contracted with to offer discounted dental services. That same crown that would have cost me $1,364 would now only cost $691 with the discount dental plan. What?? How is that possible? Same service for almost 1/2 the price. What gives??

I went home and signed up for the discount plan that was less than $90/yr at I can now get two crowns for the price of one. Not to mention the filling I need for the cavity would have cost me $159 but with the discount plan is only $76. It certainly pays to investigate and be an advocate for yourself. I live in Massachusetts. Please do yourself a favor and check and see if your state offers this plan or something similar. It even states that you can have dental insurance along with this dental discount plan. Not all dental insurance plans cover everything; there is usually a cap as to what they will pay. Good luck with your future dental woes and keep smiling. I know I am.

Catherine S. - Bluffton , SC - 02/01/2009

Due to our struggling economy my husband and I find ourselves both unemployed for the first time in twenty years. Of course, during a time like this is when everything goes wrong, including dental problems. Since we had been insured most of our lives with almost total coverage we had no idea how expensive dental work had come to be. I ended up needing a root canal paying out of pocket over two thousand dollars.

When my dentist office saw that I was paying it myself they told me about the dental discount plans offered by I immediately called and joined the Aetna Dental Access plan and was surprised at the very reasonable fee. I was a bit skeptical but little did I know I would very quickly be given a chance to try it out!

My husband woke up in the middle of the night with a toothache so the next morning we went right to our dentist’s office. Of course he required a root canal. We had the work done and when we were ready to pay our dentist’s office manager said, “Oh, you bought the discount plan,” and immediately deducted almost half of the entire cost of the treatment! His root canal was not as complicated as mine so we ended up saving almost five hundred dollars for just that procedure.

Since then our two children have had cleanings and checkups- again for about half the normal cost. In the very short time we have been enrolled in we have saved enough to pay for our membership for about seven years! We are so pleased with this plan and tell all our friends about it.

In these difficult economic times it is so important to be able to save every dollar we can and of course teeth are so important to our general health and appearance, so we are grateful to have this plan available to us. Service has been great and it truly could not be easier. Thanks for the great dental plan!

Brian M. - Brandon , FL - 02/01/2009

Over two years ago my sister, who is on 100% disability, had to resort to corporate group dental insurance. It seemed like a good deal at the time until she was forced to see a specialist for anything but routine dentistry. Each visit required an initial consultation fee and the specialist price was sky high. Under our discount dental plan, we were able to find a great dentist who specialized in general and specialty dentistry. Not only was the yearly fee with lower, there were no maximums and the discounts for specialty work were much better. The Aetna Dental Access Plan saved the day for her- she needed over $5,000 of dental work and the very affordable dental plan from saved almost half!

As a self employed professional without company dental coverage, I was so impressed with the savings results of my sister that I became a member myself. It is so convenient to schedule both my sister’s appointments as well as my own with one dental office. There have been no disputes over any fees or what is covered by the dental plan with our dentist. It was also nice that rewarded me with three free months for recommending another person.

A lady friend of mine works for an office that provided her with a group dental insurance policy. However, she experienced the same frustrations encountered by my sister from a corporate insurance plan which caused her to constantly be in dispute over what was covered and the amount to be reimbursed (not to mention the time on the phone trying to get things straight.) She is now a happy member of the Aetna Dental Access plan offered by and is so glad to be rid of all the aggravation of dental insurance.

Paula B. - Lubbock , TX - 02/01/2009

The Alliance HealthCard Gold plan from has helped me considerably. I am a single mother of three little boys with no outside help. I work a part-time job that does not provide benefits of any kind. I need a lot more dental work completed, but have to wait until I have the money saved. This dental plan was a God send due to my situation right now. Once again I thank you for providing this plan to individuals such as myself.

Diane R. - Birmingham , AL - 02/01/2009

I was sitting at my desk at work one morning last November when my lower denture plate broke apart in my mouth. I took it out, in horror, and realized that it was going to cost big bucks to fix. I had no lower teeth, so this definitely needed to be taken care of right away. I went to my dentist who told me that it would be $7500 to make a new lower and upper plate and that I would need both. I didn't sleep one minute that night. I got up the next the morning, went online, and Google’d "Medicare Dental Plans." came up. I called and enrolled in the Aetna Dental Access plan that day. I liked having a choice of many companies to cover me. It was easy to choose what would be best for me. I called the dentist I chose and he saw me the next day. He was very thorough in his evaluation of my needs. He agreed that I would need new plates for both my upper and lower dentures, and his cost for both was going to be $1600. I can't tell you enough how happy I was with the tremendous savings! He made my new dentures in a very timely manner, realizing that even on Medicare, I’m still working. I am so very happy with my dental plan and will be recommending this to everyone I know. Medicare doesn’t help us with dental plans- we have to search and find our own and yours was definitely the best!

Craig A. - Gold Canyon , AZ - 02/01/2009

My discount dental plan has been such a great investment. When I retired, I found myself without dental coverage. I looked at the dental insurance plan that I had previously had while employed and quickly determined that the cost was too exorbitant for me. I then talked with my dentist and she was the one that recommended that I look at the discount dental plans on The site made it so easy to compare different dental discount plans and also provided me with a list of local dentists that accept those plans. This alone saved me time and money in searching for just the right plan. The dental plan also provided me with an up-front fee schedule that allows me to know in advance what the low fee charges will be for each dental procedure.

I have now been a participant in the discount dental plan for the past three years and am extremely satisfied. The plan saves me hundreds of dollars each year in low-cost annual fees and keeps me smiling every time I walk into and out of the dentist's office. The plan encourages preventive dental care by offering low cost regular teeth cleaning and dental exams. When I recently chipped a tooth and needed a crown on that tooth, I saved over half of the cost by being a member of the American Dental Plan. The savings just keep adding up each year and that is why I will continue to participate in the discount dental plan.

Wendy H. - Reno , NV - 02/01/2009

My husband and my regular dentist turned us on to the Aetna Dental Access plan through when we didn't have dental insurance. The savings that my husband and I first received outweighed the cost of the dental plan itself. Our children's regular dentist did not participate in the plan. When we were told that one of our children needed over $1,000 in dental work done we went looking for a participating dentist. Not only did we find a great new dentist that we love, we also saved enough money by using our discount card that we had some preventative dental work done too!

Janet M. - Moody , AL - 02/01/2009

I have been so pleased with the Aetna Dental Access plan that I purchased from, it enabled me to get some much needed dental work that I otherwise would not have been able to afford. We do not have dental insurance coverage, so finding has been a life saver. Dental insurance is an ongoing expense and what I like about is that you pay once and that is it, no montly fee or papers to file, and you still receive decent discounts.

Arlene C. - Atlanta , GA - 02/01/2009

My husband and I love our Aetna Dental Access plan. When our dentist's office manager told us about it, we could not believe how reasonable the cost was and how much money we could save. We signed up immediately. Within a very short period, we found out how valuable the plan was. I had to have oral surgery which was very expensive, and the oral surgeon did not take Medicare. Our dental plan paid 25% which was a huge help to us. It has truly been a blessing. There are countless other instances of the Aetna Dental Access Plan's being extremely beneficial to my husband and me. We have saved on fillings, cleanings, exams, and even veneers for chipped teeth. I cannot count the numerous times we have saved money.

We practically have shouted from our rooftop to all our neighbors and friends about our dental plan. One can never know how wonderful it is until they personally experience it! We have been members for 2 years and have never regretted joining. With or without dental insurance, there is no other way to go. My husband and I often talk about how thrilled we are that we joined the plan. We wish we had known about it a long time ago. We think it is great for families with children, couples, or single people. There is something for everyone! We would like to go on record as saying that we could not be more pleased. Thank you for the opportunity to express our appreciation for the provided dental plans on, as well as other plans such as vision, hearing, prescription, and chiropractic. We are eternally grateful.

Annette B. - Lake St. Louis , MO - 02/01/2009

I had an old filling in my mouth from over 25 years ago and when I started feeling discomfort from this particular tooth, I knew it was time to go see a dentist. I went to a dentist who was very accommodating 2 years ago when I needed major dental work. He only charged me $20 for a consultation, but without so much as an X-ray, declared that I needed a porcelain inlay in the tooth, because it could not withstand a new filling. The procedure would be a mere $965! My boyfriend insisted that I get a second opinion and at least shop for perhaps a better price for the same procedure. We then looked at to discover which plan would cover that procedure and at what discount. I spoke to a very helpful representative over the phone and knew that I would eventually pick one of the discount dental plans offered, but first I wanted to see another dentist to get his recommendation. He took an X-ray and suggested that a filling would be just fine. His receptionist suggested a particular dental plan, Vital Savings by Aetna, and I contacted your company again. I got all of my questions answered clearly. We went online and I purchased the plan and printed my cards out 2 days later. The plan was $134.00 and with the discount, the filling was $63.00!!! Now I have coverage for 15 months, and a total savings of $768.00!!!! Thanks for having such a wonderful service!

Anne D. - Blairstown , NJ - 02/01/2009

Last year my husband started a new job. The new dental benefits would not cover our pediatric dentist who we loved. Through this new insurance we were limited to our choice of dentist. The only dentist his dental insurance covered in our area (30 miles away) was in a clinic. This new dentist was not looking out for my son’s best interest and did not agree on the same treatment my old caring dentist recommended. My son and I were quite upset. So, I looked online for a new affordable dental plan. Evaluating the price, coverage and easy access to dentists, our family joined the Aetna Dental Access dental plan on Our old wonderful caring pediatric dentist accepted this affordable discount dental plan. We returned to our initial, professional, caring, pediatric dentist. The outcome could not have been better. My son was happy to see his old dentist and I was thrilled with the service and the dental care discounts. Thank you!!!!!

Angela C. - Washington , DC - 02/01/2009

Last year I went out to lunch for my birthday with a coworker. We ordered our lunch and when it arrived I took one bite and all seven of my dental crowns began to crumble one after the other. It was unbelievable. I guess after 18 years it was inevitable. I was literally removing fronts and backs from my mouth as tears rolled down my face. Anna, my coworker and very dear friend, told the waitress what had happened and we took our food to go. It was terribly embarrassing, even more so when I returned to work with my hand covering my mouth and my lips caving in. Thank God for the, Avia Dental Program. The accountant at my dentist did a comparison of all of the available plans they accept and Avia was by far the best to choose. Your company comparatively gave me the best price for my dental work. It was that simple, I didn’t have to contact not one time about anything. Thanks!

Lisa C. - Mount Pleasant , MI - 11/01/2008

We lost our dental insurance in April 2008, so I needed to find an alternative method of payment. I have three children and did not want them to be neglected for lack of dental insurance. I looked on the Internet for dental plan options and came across We now have an Aetna Access dental discount card. Having three children to take for cleanings and fillings is quite costly. Thanks to I have saved hundreds already on their dental work. It has saved us half the amount each time we have taken our children to the dentist.

I would highly recommend this dental plan to anyone. Without this plan, I would have owed several hundreds of dollars to the dentist. I did have the option to buy a dental insurance plan but the cost is outrageous, especially when you only go to the dentist once every six months. With the discount dental plan options, you only have to pay a one time amount fee and you’re covered for the entire year. I am just very thankful I found your website.

Marie W. - Jacksonville , FL - 10/01/2008

While my husband was in active duty in the military, our dental insurance had no annual premium and no co-pays for basic services.

However, when my husband retired, that changed. The insurance premium was $1,200 per year to cover our family. This premium covered 100% of basic services, but only 60% of other services.

We simply could not justify the cost of the annual premium and considered not carrying any dental insurance at all and just paying out of pocket each time we went to the dentist.

This was not a good option for our family. As my husband and I get older, our dental care needs may require more than an annual check-up and cleaning every six months.

This dilemma is what prompted me to look up dental care discounts on the Internet. That is where I found your website. I learned the difference between dental insurance and dental plans, and realized that it did not matter which we had, as long as there was an agreement to provide services at a set price that was not cost-prohibitive.

I liked your website because you offered so many different plans, many of them from well-known, established companies. Since we were willing to switch from our current dental provider, I was able to pick whichever plan had the best fees and was accepted by dentists in our area.

I chose the Solstice Plus Plan One dental plan because it provided discounts on check-ups, x-rays, and cleanings.

There were quite a few dental providers in our area to choose from. I chose the one who was friendliest to me over the phone even though I had to wait for an available appointment. It is the best dental practice I have ever done business with.

Switching providers is really easy too! My husband had gone to a different dental provider that was near his place of employment. When he switched employers, that provider’s location was no longer convenient for him. All we had to do was find another provider that accepted the Starmark plan on the website and contact that provider for an appointment.

In retrospect, I have been very, very satisfied with the Solstice Plus Plan One, with our local dental provider, and ultimately with I took a risk by choosing the plan with the lowest fees, but they have been wonderful to deal with and my family has not had any problems receiving the dental care we need, when we need it.

We have literally saved thousands of dollars by using If we had chosen my husband’s retired military dental insurance plan, we would have paid $2,400 in premiums over the last two years. With, over the same two-year period, we have paid roughly $400 for the combined cost of our annual membership dues and fees for services rendered.

Marlene S. - Toms River , NJ - 10/01/2008

My husband and I have always had health insurance, but dental was never included. When I found a few years ago, I was thrilled. We joined right away and got the Patriot Plan since my dentist was listed as a plan provider. There are several different plans and so many dentists to choose from. If I ever have to switch dentists, I will have no problem finding a new one in my area with my current plan.

We have saved a lot of money since we joined. My husband and I both had to have a few root canals and crowns. Crowns are very expensive, but I pay about half price using my discount dental plan. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars on each crown and we also save quite a bit on x-rays, cleanings and fillings.

Thank you so much, I would recommend you to anyone who doesn't have dental benefits on their health plan.

Aimee T. - Hollywood , FL - 10/01/2008

I'm a 32-year-old mother of three, from Hollywood, FL, and it seems like moms are always the last to "being taken care of." I heard about from my dentist when I had to have a tooth pulled. After my Dentist viewed all of my x-rays, he referred me to I enrolled in the Careington Care Plan. Instead of paying $263, with the Careington Care Plan, I only paid less than $50 for the extraction. With the savings from this plan, I will definitely be visiting the dentist more often. Thank you Dental for healthier teeth, a brighter smile, and savings that everyone can enjoy!

Zona N. - Garnerville , NV - 10/01/2008

My wife and I lost all dental coverage when I turned 65. We were left paying full price at the dentist until my wife went online and found Luckily there was a dental office near us that accepted the Avia plan. Between the both of us, we have saved over $2,000 compared to the local dental office we had been using. Our new dentist has a nice, friendly office and he does wonderful work.

Linda W. - Hamburg , PA - 10/01/2008

Last year, I took two of my sons for a dental check-up and cleaning. The first one came out and the assistant told me he had great teeth and that the charge was $307. I said, “Wow, it’s a good thing he has GOOD teeth!” I then told her I would have to bring the other son in after I saved more money, since I have 6 kids. I immediately came home and searched on the Internet for a way to save money on my family’s dental care. I found the Aetna plan and paid $159.95 for the family plan. The next week, I brought my other son in and he had the same check-up and cleaning. However, this time the bill was $116 - WOW what a savings! I saved enough money on one child’s checkup and cleaning to pay for the whole family plan. Now that's savings!


Theresa V. - West Hazleton , PA - 10/01/2008

I am a 26 year old graduate student and clerk.

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis in September, 2007. Over the past year, the medications used to treat my illness decayed my teeth. I do not have dental insurance since I am a student and I only work part-time.

My molar broke unexpectedly in September, 2008. I ran to an emergency dentist and found out I needed three root canals! I didn't know where to turn to since I did not have insurance. I found your site online and ordered Aetna Dental Access. Since then, I have had the three root canals I needed and I’m in the process of getting my crowns fixed. Your plan has saved me around $2,000 so far! I just wanted to thank you for helping people like me get dental work done. You have saved my teeth - literally!

Joan S. - Virginia Beach , VA - 10/01/2008

My husband and I are retired and decided to purchase the Aetna Dental Access Plan in December, 2007. We have been extremely pleased with the price reductions on the porcelain crowns, periodontal maintenance and surgical extractions that we both needed. The money we have saved on these procedures has more than justified the cost of our discount dental plan. With the high cost of dental insurance and deductibles, I would recommend the Aetna Dental Access Plan to anyone - no deductibles and an unbelievably low yearly membership fee!

Ron R. - Plain City , UT - 10/01/2008

I recently renewed the Aetna Dental Access plan that I purchased through for my daughter. She is a 27-year old office manager whose employer doesn't offer dental insurance or discount plans. This plan has truly been a blessing to us because it helped her get her dental health back, and it gave me peace of mind that I'm doing my best as a loving father. When she was growing up, Jackie had always taken care of her teeth, brushing regularly and getting checkups every six months, but when she turned 23 my employer sponsored health insurance no longer covered her on the policy.

After moving out of our home, Jackie neglected her dental care due to lack of funds and no insurance. She told me that she was in a lot of pain and I started researching dental plans. Her dentist had told her that she needed over $3,500 worth of treatments, including root canals and crowns. The comparison charts on your website were easy to use and the Aetna Dental Access Plan even had her current dentist on the list. The plan has saved her a lot of money, and I am sure it has paid for itself ten fold. I would highly recommend to concerned parents everywhere and to anyone who would like to save money on dental procedures.

Ruth J. - Hot Springs , AR - 10/01/2008

Since my employer doesn't offer dental or vision insurance coverage, I started shopping online for the best deals. I visited various insurance sites, only to find out that they wouldn't cover the root canal I needed. In one instance, there was a 12-month waiting period for a root canal! The premiums were ridiculous, and often the contracts were hard to understand.

My dentist outlined a treatment plan that exceeded $5,000; none of the insurance plans I found would cover that much in a year and I would have to put most of my treatment off until 2009. If I met my deductible and paid the premiums and tried to wait until next year, then the insurance plan would pay their part. Even then, I had a hard time finding an insurance that would cover the veneer I needed for a broken tooth. They called it a "cosmetic" treatment, and it wasn't covered under most plans. I needed help reducing costs, and I needed it fast. I searched for discount dental plans instead and ran across a listing for, a site that sells many different plans. The site also lays them out for you to compare and shop logically.

I purchased a 12-month discount dental plan from Aetna called Vital Savings. It combines discounts for dental treatment and vision service. I didn't know there was such a thing.

I also got a free three months added on as a special. So far, I have spent $2,200 out of my own pocket and saved $1,800. I get the treatment I need when I need it, without waiting periods, deductibles, or confusing contracts. I can use the discount as often as I want, with no limit. This discount plan has made my seemingly impossible $5,000 treatment plan quite doable, without having to gamble on insurance or put it on a credit card. I plan to get the final treatment, the veneer, as a Christmas present to myself. After the first of the year, I will get an eye exam and a new pair of glasses with my discount. I couldn't be happier with my decision and I highly recommend this website.

Maria G. - Somersworth , NH - 10/01/2008

I haven't had dental insurance for several years and I have put off getting even minor procedures done because of the high cost of dental care. Even preventative care, like cleanings, were just too expensive to have done on a regular basis.

Two years ago, I broke a tooth eating popcorn. I used all sorts of over-the-counter remedies to relieve the pain and even tried to use a dental cement kit to fix it myself. It only got worse and as a result, I ended up with not only a broken tooth, but TMJ (from changing how I ate so as not to aggravate the broken tooth) and needing a root canal.

The pain in my jaw was excruciating and sent me to the emergency room, where I was told to see my dentist immediately. I promised I would, but explained to one of the nurses that I had no dental insurance. She suggested I go online, she had heard of dental discount plans that were inexpensive and would probably be just what I needed.

I immediately looked up discount dental plans online and found as well as several others. I read everything I could find and kept going back to The rates and programs were affordable and better yet, my dentist was a participating dentist in the Aetna plans. I didn't want to get my hopes up, so I waited until the morning and called my dentist's office. Much to my surprise, they accepted it.

I had been putting off getting this tooth fixed for two years because, without insurance, a root canal and crown would have cost me about $3,000. I was trying to wait until next year after getting my tax refund back so I could afford it.

Instead of the $3,000 I was expecting to pay, with the plan I chose, my cost was a little more than $1,600. I called my dentist's office and scheduled an appointment. The offending tooth is now halfway fixed, and the rest of my dental problems will be fixed very soon. I can't imagine having to wait another four months to even begin having this work done!

Thank you! Without you, I would still be waiting.

Phyllis B. - Pearland , TX - 10/01/2008

My sister claims she has the best dentist in the world. After listening to my sister go on and on about her dentist, I had my wife research him and find out all she could. She found out that he's very highly recommended and getting appointments with him are difficult because he has such a huge practice. She also found out that he honors the Aetna Dental Discount Plan. So my wife secretly took out the Aetna plan and booked an appointment for me to get my teeth cleaned.

I've now had two appointments with him and I am thrilled. I'm so glad I have the Aetna Dental Discount Plan because that and a caring dentist is the best team when it comes to my health!

Robin - Warwick , RI - 11/01/2008

This is a great plan for my family. We save a lot of money every year - average around $800.00. We pay $169.00 per year for the plan and it pays off.

I also sell the plans as an affiliate for this company.

Sharon W. - San Antonio , TX - 05/01/2008

My best friend happened to call the night before my dental appointment while I was in the middle of my major health plan brochure trying to find out how much it was going to cost me to have a crown replaced. I was already in a lot of pain.

As I was relating my dismay to my friend, she asked me if I ever heard about which she signed up for a year ago. She said she saved a lot on every visit to the dentist, and said the dentist she recommended to me accepted the plan she was on.

I immediately went online and signed up just in time to get approved for the discount dental plan under Vital Saving by Aetna. The very first visit I saved over $300, which more than paid for the cost of the annual plan.

I am thrilled with the dentist she recommended (just 3 miles from my house). He's the best dentist I've ever been to and has the most courteous staff. His office environment is quiet, peaceful, and he has a feather touch, so I almost feel nothing when he is treating me. I highly recommend to friends and even strangers while waiting in checkout lines. I couldn't be happier and my smile looks better than ever for more reasons than one.

Daniel P. - Mesa , AZ - 05/01/2008

I joined the Avia Dental Plan after my wife retired and we were without dental coverage. I could not believe the price for the plan and the savings I received. It was so easy to join and find a dentist close to our home. I have had several appointments and the care I have received is great. The cost of the treatments is just as quoted in my plan.

This is by far better than the plan I was on before. The cost is dramatically less. I would recommend this plan to anyone. You can’t afford not to have dental care at these prices.

Sue B. - Colorado Springs , CO - 05/01/2008

I have a 12-year-old daughter that was going to need braces. I was regretting getting a quote because of the horror stories I had heard about the costs nowadays for braces. Sure enough, the first two quotes I got were double the price I was expecting.

I called the customer service phone number, 888-632-5353, to see if they knew anyone in my area that honored discount dental plans for braces. There were two orthodontists in my city that gave discounts for braces. I called right away and was very happy to learn I was going to save over $2000.00 on my child's braces. It is definitely worth the yearly fees to be a member of

Christine G. - Land O Lakes , FL - 05/01/2008

We are very happy with the Aetna Dental Access plan. My husband had an abscessed tooth and I took him to the dentist. They x-rayed his tooth and told him he would have to go see an oral surgeon for emergency surgery. When we arrived at the oral surgeon, we had to wait for a little while, but when they called him in they took another x-ray outside of his mouth since he was in a lot of pain.

His face was very swollen, and the dentist told us with as much swelling as he had, he was not certain if the Novocain would work or not. He also told him he would have to cut along the gum line to get oxygen to the area as with all the swelling since it was not getting any oxygen.

We were very concerned because he was in so much pain. The dentist gave him the Novocain shot. The dentist left the room for a few minutes and came back in to check to see if the Novocain was taking effect. Thankfully it seemed to be working.

The dentist then told my husband he was going to try to pull the tooth; the tooth was completely broken off, so there was not much of the tooth showing. There was nothing for the dentist to grab on to. My husband said he thought it would be a very painful recovery since he was so bad before the surgery. He was expecting the worst.

Once the dentist started to work on his tooth, he said he was grabbing on to the arm of the chair. He said he felt a little pressure and the dentist stepped back. My husband told me he was getting ready for the next round. The dentist told him it was out.

My husband told me the dentist was very good and was the best dentist he had been to. He will go back when and if he needs more work on his teeth. As far as the cost goes, it was very reasonable and way less than I expected it to be. We are extremely satisfied with the dentists and oral surgeons that are on the plan.

Thank you.

Betsy B. - Buffalo Mills , PA - 05/01/2008

My experience with the discount dental plan has been a good one. I purchased this plan when I had a baby because the pregnancy was hard on my teeth and I needed some dental work.

I just called the 800 number that I got off the Internet. They had a plan called Aetna Dental Access. It was very easy to locate my dentist online. I would recommend this discount dental plan to anyone in my area.

My dentist was listed under this plan. All I did was call my dentist to verify that he was a participant. The office had a chart from Aetna that listed all of the discounts on services such as cleanings, exams, crowns, root canals, etc. They had to go by this chart whenever someone used this discount dental plan.

In the month of March, I had a root canal and crown done. They gave me a quote and stuck to it. I am pleased with the discounts this plan provides. When my dental office gave me the quote, it stayed the same until my procedure was done. The procedure took two dental visits.

The savings you would have with this discount dental plan are as follows:

* A crown without the plan - $700

* A crown with the plan - $450

To purchase dental insurance costs more money due to premiums, co-pays, 80/20, etc. I have already started to help others in my area to use this discount dental plan, especially if they need a lot of dental work.

Vickie B. - Boise , ID - 07/01/2008

I had trouble affording the dental care I needed. The dentists I had for over a decade have been very creative and flexible in finding affordable solutions for the problems I have had; a defective crown that caused two other teeth to decay and formed a cavity under the crown, and three teeth that broke. I couldn't afford to fix these properly and the care that past dentists were able to give me led to more problems and more costs.

Fortunately, with my discount dental plan, I can afford to get the dental care I really need, which includes two new crowns and one root canal. Without this plan, I would be forced to compromise on care again, or go without these necessary repairs. This would cause even more problems, and a lot of serious pain.

Thank you for providing me with this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to many years with my discount dental plan, and good dental health.

Kathleen C. - Fort Collins , CO - 06/01/2008

I am very happy with my UNI-CARE 200 plan, which we have belonged to for a number of years. My husband and I had an arrangement with our dentist to give us discounts, since we are both seniors and have to have a lot of dental work done. One day, the receptionist said that I should join your plan because I would get even more reductions on the price of my dental work.

We have been very pleased at the discounts we have received. When I recently had to have a bridge put in, the dentist had given me the price with his reduction, since he was worried that I lost the tooth because he did not replace the loose cap soon enough. Then, when I came to pay, your plan was an even better reduction. Frankly, I don't know how we would manage the high price of dentistry without your plan. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Ford S. - Richmond , VA - 06/01/2008

In January 2005, I was looking for a dental plan that would supplement the one offered by my employer, which covered only a portion of my semi-annual checkups. A co-worker had suggested a plan, but I felt the cost was too high. So, I visited I was skeptical of the plans listed on your website, but at a cost of about $100, I figured it was worth taking the chance on joining the Uni Care 200 plan.

Since joining, I have saved over $1,570 (after subtracting the cost of the plan). The plan has worked exactly as advertised. My dentist provides the discount without any paperwork from me. The dental staff commented on how much I am saving by using the plan. I cannot say that I would not have had the dental work performed, which was all necessary work (not cosmetic), if I had not had this plan, but it has helped me to pay as I go, and not have to use a payment plan or carry a balance on my credit card.

I have recommended to many friends and co-workers since joining because I see no downside to using the advertised plans. It is a low cost, easy to use, money-saving plan. Many businesses over-promise and under-deliver, but with my Uni Care 200 plan, you receive what you are promised. Because of that reason, and the money that I have saved, I would rate my discount dental plan as a 10. I also like the fact that I have not been inundated with calls and/or e-mails from or Uni Care 200.

I joined, received my Membership Card by e-mail and that is all I needed and all I received. No one has attempted to get me to buy a more expensive plan, or contacted me for any other reason than to remind me to renew my membership. More businesses should operate this way.

Elaine B. - Sun City West , AZ - 06/01/2008

We just wanted you to know how very happy we have been with your discount dental plan.

My husband took an early retirement and we needed a plan. We had moved to Arizona from Massachusetts. We go to the dentist every 6 months and my husband has also had to have a crown. Since we live on a fixed income, this plan has more than paid for itself. In fact, we have recommended this plan to several of our friends and one in fact did sign up last year. We are currently signed up in the Patriot Plan and plan on staying with Dental as long as our dentist continues to participate.

We just wanted you to know what a great plan it is and we don't know what we would do without it. I found when I was searching on the Internet about 3+ years ago. I knew that we would be moving to Arizona and realized that we would have to watch our pennies. Up to this point we have not been disappointed. The customer service is terrific and knowledgeable -- if you get someone who can't answer your question they immediately transfer you to someone who can help!

Thanks again for such a great plan and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.


Judith B. - Kent , WA - 06/01/2008

Two years ago, we had to drop our dental insurance due to high costs. My husband and I were retired and could not afford it. Last year, in 2007, we moved to WA. I was having some dental problems but had no insurance. I went online and found the website for

I studied each plan and decided to just try it for one year as the price was right and it appeared to be okay. I signed up with Patriot Plan Plus. I went to a dentist on the list. My husband came with me. The office staff was so friendly and treated me like an old friend. The dentist was very thorough with the exam, and had such a personal touch. She made me feel so comfortable, asked about my family, how I liked WA, and was just so caring.

She took x-rays, checked each tooth and then explained why one of my crowns fell out; there was decay which caused the crown not to fit properly. She explained how she would repair the tooth and send the crown out to have some porcelain added on to fit properly. She explained that I had some other work to be done and how she could do the necessary repairs that would be long lasting. She would help me keep the costs down and told me it would be minimal and affordable.

I was never treated with such care as I was with her. My husband agreed that this lady was no doubt one of the best, most thorough dentists we have had in a long while. I will be having my teeth cared for and the expense will not put me in debt. Thank You Dental! You have been a great help to me.

Ben A. - Middletown , NJ - 07/01/2008

I would like to tell you of my experience with I am a postal worker with what I thought was a good health plan, until I had to go to a dentist. For years, I always had the minimal dental work performed because my health plan mostly covered the children and practically nothing for me. They paid a very small portion towards any work such as fillings, cleanings or x-rays, and nothing for other major work like crowns. I needed to have a root canal and a tooth replaced, but I knew it would have to wait because of the cost.

Then, I heard about on the Internet. They explained how they were not an insurance plan but worked in conjunction with my dentist to reduce the out of pocket costs. I signed up and immediately was covered that day for everything.

I made an appointment with my dentist, who luckily participated in the plan. He gave me the schedule of work that I needed to have done, as well as his usual fees before I matched that with the reduced cost listed on your fee schedule chart and found that it was a lot less! Needless to say, the savings I realized from the first one or two visits, actually paid for my plan fee for the first year!

The staff at the dentist’s office really loves your plan because they always tell me that they let other patients know what I had saved. They keep your phone number handy for anyone that asks. I would recommend the plan to anyone who needs dental work, regardless of the health plan they already have.

After all, with the cost of everything going up, doesn’t it make you feel good when you get a break on the cost of something? It’s like having a family member in the business.

Thank you again for allowing me to smile and feel confident again when I talk to people.

Erin A. - Barnegat Light , NJ - 06/01/2008

I found myself facing an enormous amount of dental work. One dentist quoted me almost $50,000; he was a crook. I went online and started to research different options. I found your site and through further searching, I found a dentist in my area that was wonderful. Long story short, a bill that would have been in excess of $23,000 wound up being almost $11,000. My teeth are fixed, my dentist was great, and I am thrilled with your service.

David A. - Carson City , NV - 06/01/2008

I purchased my discount dental plan via the Internet one year ago on the recommendation of a person that had worked in a dental office. I had received two estimates for extensive dental work, including partials. The cost was outrageous. I would have been in debt for years.

Through my AVIA dental plan, the cost was less than half off the other estimates. The dentist was excellent, and all the personnel in the office were supportive throughout the process and numerous office visits. My dental work has boosted my self-esteem, and improved my self-confidence at work and home. I am no longer the only one that is not smiling in the family photos.

I would highly recommend AVIA to anyone who does not have dental insurance. My parents also recently signed up for the plan because their Medicare plan does not provide dental insurance. Thank you, for helping me.

Bonnie C. - St. Charles , MO - 06/01/2008

When I lost my job, I also lost my health insurance and dental insurance. I wasn't too worried about the health insurance because I knew that my husband could get health insurance through his work. I was really worried about the dental insurance, though. My husband needed a root canal and I had a problem with bleeding gums.

My husband did a quick search on the Internet and found that offered many different alternatives to dental insurance. We were especially happy to learn that our dentist had subscribed to one of the plans. The fact that we didn't have to change dentists meant a lot to us! made regular dental care affordable again!

Sandra T. - Payson , AZ - 07/01/2008

I am an employee of the United States Postal Service and the insurance carrier for my family. My health insurance company offers almost non-existent dental coverage, most of which is for emergency situations. The USPS has offered additional dental plans. Upon researching their coverage, I was told by a representative that it wouldn't really benefit me to purchase the additional coverage since the cost of the premiums would not add up to the amount of savings on dental care.

My husband began to search the Internet for dental care, and thank God he found We subscribed and found a dentist in our remote Arizona mountain location that accepted the plan. We like the dentist and staff much better than the original dentist we had. The savings have been phenomenal. I wear a bite guard and was in need of a new one. With, I paid nearly half the cost of my original bite guard. Our cleanings cost much less, as well as the filling I needed recently.

Our neighbor was widowed recently and within a couple months needed a crown. She had no dental insurance and was going to pay nearly $2,000.00 for the work. I spoke to her about our plan, and she canceled her appointment, went online and signed up for the plan giving us as a reference which gave us 3 additional months free on our plan for referring her. She got her crown for nearly half the cost.

I would recommend to anyone with or without dental insurance.

Joanne J. - Ahoskie , NC - 06/01/2008

My mom is in her 70s and my dad in his 80s. They both needed attention to their dental work. However, my mom, who had pretty good teeth all her life, decided she wanted her teeth cleaned. Well, when she went to the dentist, she found that she needed more.

Every time I would travel home to Maryland from North Carolina, she would hand me another bill or proposed cost for dental work. The last one totaled $3,000. Naturally, she was upset. They lived on fixed incomes, and even a full year of her individual social security payments wouldn’t cover this bill. My dad’s retirement income and their savings were being sorely taxed. Their medical plan did not cover dental.

I told my mom not to have the dental work done until I got back to her. She said it was already scheduled. I came back to North Carolina and hit the Internet, finding I searched to ensure that both my mom and dad’s dentists accepted the plan. I compared – considering the work that each needed – joined, and paid for a plan.

I forwarded the Membership information and card to my brother, who printed it off and took it to my mom. I told her to take it to her dentist. OK, you are not going to believe this, but it took more than 60 percent off the amount she had to pay. She actually saved more than the plan cost in one procedure. I could hear my mom smiling through the telephone. She was happy and so was I.

Troy B. - Ephrata , PA - 06/01/2008 gave my husband his life back. After visiting the dentist for a consultation, we found out that he needed to have most of his bottom teeth fixed or removed, and replaced with a partial denture. He also needed fillings on most of his top teeth.

We didn’t have dental insurance and it was too costly to pay for the dental treatment he desperately needed out of our own pocket. We didn’t know what we were going to do. Our dentist suggested we find a discount dental plan to help absorb some of the cost.

When we found, we thought it was too good to be true. The plan was so inexpensive and we could include the entire family for less then 50 cents a day. We were even given 3 additional months free when we first signed up. Also, the dentist we were currently seeing accepted the plan.

At first, we were a little skeptical because we thought there was no way a discount dental plan would ever pay for itself, but we gave it a shot anyway. Boy, were we wrong. Not only did it pay for itself, we also received a 50% discount off of his total bill.

Now, my husband has no pain, can eat whatever food he wants, and is not afraid to smile. We were also able to get all three kids sealants for their teeth and keep them up to date on their cleanings at a much lower cost than we had expected. We were so pleased with our results that we told everyone about the plan. No one believed us until they took a look at all the different plans that were offered and realized we were telling the truth. It is nice to finally find a great deal that really is as great as it seems. Thanks!

Kathy G. - West Milford , NJ - 06/01/2008

I have been a member for several years; I was a single parent with 3 children and no dental coverage. While searching the Internet for a low cost alternative, I found your website. I can tell you that the yearly membership more than pays for itself in the first dental visit. X-Rays, yearly cleanings and check ups are so much more affordable.

I have even found that with my youngest son, who was still covered under his father’s dental insurance, the cost was less with when he needed a crown. Also, my oldest daughter that has her own insurance through work, but still lives with me, takes advantage of the savings when it costs more with her insurance than the discount dental plan that I have for the entire family.

You can always find a dentist in your area, unlike some of the regular insurance plans. I found a wonderful dentist in my area and because I can now afford to go to the dentist, I go regularly for my cleanings, check-up and have been avoiding losing any more teeth than I have in the past because of neglect.

I have also taken advantage of the discount prescription plan for my oldest son who has no health insurance at all. The savings on his asthma medications are great with the

plan -- we save almost half of the original cost on his inhalers. I have recommended your website to all of my friends and family. I can't say enough about your plans; they have saved me thousands on dental bills.

AnnaMarie W. - Oceanside , NY - 06/01/2008

When I was a young girl, I was always taught that oral hygiene was very important. Going to the dentist was never an option. I have instilled in my own children that a beautiful smile is priceless! Unfortunately, we do not have dental insurance and I have always paid out of pocket.

As you know, dental work is very expensive, so this has been quite costly for my husband and me. One day, I did a search on Google and appeared and fortunately my dentist, whom I think is terrific, was on the plan, as were many other dentists in the area. The selection of dentists was very large, which would be very accommodating to anyone joining the plan.

We have only been members for the last six months and have received a substantial discount on all of our services. My children have the usual cleaning, x-rays, sealants and an occasional cavity. I, on the other hand, who had many cavities as a child, now need crowns to replace old and large fillings. Crown work is very expensive but is discounted tremendously through

I have recommended to many of my family and friends, some of which live in other parts of our country and do not have dental insurance. Since a single plan and a family plan are available, it is appealing to everyone. It is my opinion that if they do not become members they are being very foolish with their money.

I have always been someone who never minded going to the dentist, but now I enjoy it a "little bit" more because it's more affordable! My experience with has been very satisfying and I have every intention of renewing my plan in the future.

Theresa H. - Melrose Park , IL - 06/01/2008

I joined about a month ago. My boyfriend's mother has been a member for years and recommended that I take a look at the website. I was so surprised at the low cost of the plan, as well as my very low out of pocket payments for the services provided. I thought this was too good to be true, but I joined anyway.

When I called, I spoke to the friendliest and very informative customer service representative who made me feel so comfortable and confident in the plan. I had my Membership Card not in days, hours or minutes, but in seconds! The dentist I wanted to use is a participating provider and so close to home. I made an appointment and let them know that I had this plan. They were very aware of the plan and made me an appointment for the next day.

I had been having some discomfort on a tooth for some time and like so many, put off seeing the dentist, knowing that it would cost a fortune. I was welcomed to the dentist by a very friendly staff. I was a little concerned as I was on my lunch break and the waiting room was packed. I was assured that I would be in and out in one hour. Just minutes later, I was seen by the dentist, explained the problem and was taken for an x-ray. The dentist could find no problem and suggested a home remedy rather than an expensive procedure or any other type of treatment.

When the treatment was finished I went to the counter to pay for the service and could not believe my out of pocket cost for all of the services I received was only $39.00! I went back to work and said, “OK, I just saw the dentist and had an x-ray, how much do you think it was?” They guessed between $125.00 and $200.00. They were all astonished and asked how that could be. I printed out the information and circulated it in the office. I cannot begin to tell you how happy and satisfied I am with the entire process of signing up, the dentist visit and the unbelievable savings.

Terence B. - Elizabeth City , NC - 06/01/2008

Shortly after I retired from 21 years of military service, I was faced with a decision as to whether I would commit to a retiree's dental insurance or buy dental insurance from another source. While at a military dental clinic getting a root canal done, before they stopped taking military retirees, I discussed it with the military dentist. He pointed out several things to consider, but I left there realizing that the standard military retiree dental insurance was not something that would benefit our family and our budget.

Facing that reality, my wife started doing some research into other options. That's when she discovered and the Uni-Care 200 program. The staff was awesome and made signing up for the program easy and painless. Additionally, they have since been helpful and informative when we've needed guidance or had questions.

Since signing up for the program, we've used it extensively and can happily report a huge cost savings for our family. Apart from the normal cleanings and exams, we've had fillings, extractions, and even a crown done at a fraction of the cost when comparing to monthly insurance premiums, cost shares, etc.

Our service dentist under the program is great and even worked closely with our daughter's orthodontist for the work she needed separate and apart from the orthodontic treatment. Our experience has been so positive, that we have referred many military retiree families who did not want to pay costly insurance premiums to

All who signed up have been extremely pleased with the service and cost savings. I have, and will continue to recommend and their plans to everyone who will benefit from, and wants the security of, a discount dental plan without the costly commitment of dental insurance.

Thanks, from a very satisfied and continuing customer.

Karl K. - Bellmore , NY - 06/01/2008

I had always heard about discount dental plans and quite honestly was wary until I found yours. In one year alone I saved almost $ 1,000.00! In times like these, these extra savings helped us to pay important household bills like electric, oil and gas for our vehicles.

I can only say two words ....THANK YOU. Thank you for offering me an affordable way to have dental care and a plan that is not only extremely affordable, but it saves you money each and every time.

Now that is something to really smile about!

John D. - Harrisburg , PA - 06/01/2008

I am an actor in New York City, and as you can guess, it is a struggle to find work and I must live within a very tight budget. New York is an expensive place to live. Because I had no dental coverage, I became the type of guy who only went to the dentist when I knew something was wrong or I was in pain. I went reluctantly because I knew the cost would be a big blow to my budget.

I stumbled across online and decided to investigate. I knew I could not ignore my teeth any longer. I found a dentist that was conveniently located and accepted the plan, so I signed up. I made an appointment to see the dentist and on my first visit he discovered several problems that needed immediate attention. I could in no way afford to pay what my dentist was charging for the work that was needed, but with UNI-CARE 200, my cost was cut just about in half.

I had the work done and saved myself from needing an even more expensive and painful root-canal. He is a great dentist -- very gentle and has all the latest equipment. He used computer imaging to fashion a cap for a broken tooth that feels like the original. A perfect fit. Also, he is willing to work with me on a payment schedule, which is very helpful.

Another great feature of the UNI-CARE 200 plan is that I can include my partner on the plan. Both of us are now seeing the dentist on a regular basis and taking care of our teeth the way we should. I have not yet availed myself of the Chiropractic or eye-care features of the plan, but will do so in the near future. I would certainly recommend this plan to friends and family. It makes a big difference when living on a tight budget, and I feel that I am taking better care of my health.

Vanessa B. - Miami , FL - 06/01/2008

Great experience. I found the plan online after doing some research. I really love it and am interested in renewing.

Pam L. - Pasadena , TX - 06/01/2008

I stumbled upon this website years ago. I had been going to a local dental office but was very dissatisfied with the dentists there and the way they did nothing to be proactive where our teeth were concerned.

After signing up for this plan, I decided it was time to look for a new dentist. I started looking over the dentists included in the plan and decided to give one of them a try. I could not have found a better dentist anywhere. He is thorough and very pro-active. He gives me all my options when discussing a problem and then (only if I ask), he will tell me what he would do in my situation. It matters not if it is an option which sends me to another dentist. I just *feel* secure with what he is telling me.

His office has the friendliest, most pleasant group of people I have ever had to deal with. I feel I can completely trust the health of my mouth, as well as my children's mouths, with this dental office. I so appreciate for the opportunity to find this organization. Thank You.

Jeffery L. - Round Lake , IL - 06/01/2008

After I found, I chose the Uni-Care 200 plan. It has saved my wife and me hundreds of dollars. My wife had let her dental care go because she was afraid to go to the dentist. She finally went to the dentist and found that she needed a lot of work on her teeth. The Uni-Care 200 plan saved my wife so much money that she thanked me for signing her up for the plan.

I personally use the plan for normal cleanings and maintenance. My wife has used the plan to get cavities refilled, tooth enamel repaired, fix a chipped tooth, root canal, get some teeth capped, and break a bridge to get a couple of teeth removed that were causing her great pain.

The dentist on the plan I use turned out to be the cousin of a family member of a good friend of mine. To me it is like going to see a trusted friend to get my dental work taken care of. My wife likes the dentist she goes to because she trusts him for advice on her dental care.

I have recommended to people I work with because we do not have dental coverage with our health insurance. Whenever I have had the occasion to call, I have been treated with friendly and courteous treatment.

To anyone looking to save money on their dental care I recommend they use to find a plan.

Ken P. - Chicago , IL - 06/01/2008

After my COBRA coverage expired, I went online to find an affordable discount dental plan. I really liked the website because it makes it easy to compare the cost and savings of so many different plans. I certainly recommend that anyone looking for dental care visits this website. I’m glad I chose Uni-Care 200. I think it’s a good value.

I just returned from my latest visit to my dentist. His staff was very helpful, concerned, competent and capable. After the cleaning and inspection, my dentist saw a small abscess on the x-ray. That explained the growing pain in my lower left jaw. Instead of being forced to make a return appointment to take care of it, the doctor found time to perform the root canal right then and there.

The dentist performed a painless root canal. Although it’s inherently uncomfortable to keep one’s mouth open for extended periods, he made the time go by fast while always asking if I was comfortable. He really knows what he’s doing, and he’s funny and approachable.

Costs for dental care have skyrocketed. Uni-Care 200 saved me $686 just on this visit alone. There are no forms to complete and no waiting for reimbursement. The discounts are applied on the spot. I recommend Uni-Care and to anyone looking for dental care.

Jane B. - Albany , NY - 06/01/2008

I had recently retired and was not concerned about dental insurance since I had had no problems for a number of years. When I found out I needed work done, my dentist recommended

It is easy to use, especially since you never have to submit any paperwork. You pay the dentist a reduced fee. In my case, I saved about 65% off the cost of a root canal, which paid for the program several times over. I also received cleanings at about 50% off the cost.

I have been with my dentist since before I joined and he gives very high quality care. I would encourage others to join, especially if they have high deductible insurance or are without insurance. There is a way to care for you teeth even if you have little or no insurance.

Jennifer H. - Mt. Morris , NY - 06/01/2008

I have worked for the county I live in for about 10 years. I have health insurance through them and a retirement plan. Unfortunately I do NOT have any dental insurance through my employer. For some reason, they do not feel that there would be enough of us that would want to participate in such a plan. My husband drives a bus for a program locally and runs a small business from our home; therefore, he cannot carry dental benefits for our family either. With both of us working as professionals, it is important to keep our appearances looking professional as well as our smiles. We also have two children to care for.

Without dental insurance available we needed to look for something that would allow us to have our smiles taken care of. That led me to search online. I came across and began to review it. I looked through the many listings of the different plans offered and chose UNI-CARE 200, as this one would be the best suitable for our family’s needs. We paid the one low fee that covered our whole family. Within one year’s time, we SAVED over SIX HUNDRED dollars, including the initial fee for the plan. Although this is not insurance, it does allow families to better afford the costs of seeing a dentist regularly and maintaining good oral care.

My step-son began living with us last September and when seen by the dentist, he needed a lot of work done. We chose a dentist from the many listed under the plans acceptance and SAVED $100 on his dental check up, examination by a dentist, and a full mouth X-ray. When they detected 11 cavities on 9 of his teeth, I never thought we would be able to afford getting them all taken care of.

However with the UNI-CARE 200 plan we SAVED about $500. He now has a pain-free mouth and a bigger smile. My other son had a good check-up and that still led us to a $100 SAVINGS. The boys are due for their next cleaning and check-up, which will cost us a small fee, but at the same time having the plan will save us money! Either way the care is needed so why not save money at the same time? Now that is something to SMILE about!

The end result is that everyone needs to take care of their teeth. Adults need their teeth taken care of to greet people with a professional smile in the work force. Children need to have the self confidence to become whatever they want to in life. Having a nice smile is a good start for that.

Joining a plan from is an affordable way to achieve everyone’s best smile and maintaining good, proper oral hygiene. There are many plans and dentists to choose from so it is convenient for families. I would recommend a discount dental plan from It has helped our family more affordably take care of our oral health needs. We can all KEEP SMILING!

Jeffrey K. - Erie , PA - 06/01/2008

I purchased a discount dental plan last year shortly after it was recommended to me that I have a root canal procedure done on my cracked tooth. My wife’s health insurance was taking an increase along with the dental insurance in our plan.

We did the cost analysis and found that your discount dental plan would save us over 50% of the cost with the insurance. We dropped the dental in our health plan and went to your discount dental plan. The switch to our new dentist also saves us on gas since it is much closer than our long time office we used to go to. Everyone at the help desk was friendly, along with the new location where we get our routine dental done here in Erie, PA. Thanks again.

Donna G. - Plantation , FL - 06/01/2008

I have been a member of for several years. It was first recommended to me when I was laid off from my job and needed to seek individual dental care. Over the years, I have had many problems with my teeth, including 5 crowns, an extraction, a root canal, x-rays, and preventive gum treatments every 6 months. has saved me a considerable amount of money. The dentist that I go to is in Plantation, Fl. The dental office has dentists on staff to solve even the most intricate of problems. They accept the plan with no problems at all. I have never been denied; it's all done through discounts rather than percentages, which is very affordable.

I have recommended to many of my family members and friends who are all equally impressed with it. The staff at has always been extremely helpful to me, and I love the automatic renewal each year. There’s never a chance of having to renew, or forgetting to renew. I am a person who cannot be without Thank you!

Cheryl D. - Hobe Sound , FL - 06/01/2008

Originally, a friend of mine told me about this website. I researched on the Internet to find out which plan would be best for me and my family. I chose the Solstice Plus Plan.

I chose a dentist from the list and am very happy with that group. I wanted a female dentist for a change. I have been to this dental group 4 times so far. The first time I went, I received an exam, x-rays and a plan for my teeth. Next, I got my first cleaning. It was very thorough. I then had to return for some periodontal treatment. I guess I waited a little too long in between cleanings. This was one more reason for me to sign up for this plan.

I am very pleased with the discount dental plan that I chose through The dental office staff is courteous and knowledgeable. I don't know how the girl behind the desk gets it all done! My compliments go out to her.

I would and have already recommended this plan to two of my friends. The amount of money I have already saved is incredible!

Just yesterday, the crown that I paid double for by a different dentist about 5 years ago came off. I called my new dental office, and even on one of their busiest days, they squeezed me in to re-cement it. My former dentist would never have done that. In addition, it would have been $85-$100 as opposed to the $35 that I paid. I am so grateful for having found I do and will always recommend them to everyone.

Patricia & Robert B. - Davenport , FL - 06/01/2008

We have enjoyed the savings of this plan for several years now. It gives me the confidence that when I see a dentist, I will receive a good discount and great dental work, because I know you only have wonderful dentists in your plan.

Last August, when I renewed, I knew I would be out of the country on business for several months; however, I still wanted to be a part of this plan. It will expire in August of this year and I still have not had to see a dentist, but I feel that it was money well spent. Assurance that this plan will be there for me is "priceless".

Joanne S. - Winter Springs , FL - 06/01/2008

I don't know what I would do without my discount dental plan. Because of it I have been able to get fillings replaced when they have fallen out, plus regular cleanings, which are so important. The dental staff where I go is most courteous and helpful whenever I call or go to the office.

One filling that fell out was right in the front of my mouth. It happened on my way home from work, just before 5pm. I quickly called to see if I could get in the first thing in the morning because I had a special event the next evening. The staff graciously accommodated me for my emergency.

I am so grateful to have my plan. It has saved me countless dollars and given me wonderful care. I would, and have recommended it to friends and relatives.

Sharon C. - Largo , FL - 06/01/2008

This is my story: I'm one of many single moms who cannot afford dental insurance for me or my family. Researching for some help, I came across this a discount dental plan that sounded too good to be true. Looking into it further, I knew I had finally found something great!

Solstice Plus Plan One is the one I chose for my family. It is affordable, the service is wonderful, and it was fast and easy to join! Before I even saw a dentist I was saving money!

The rep that I spoke to on the phone walked me through it, answered all my questions, and saved me money right from the get go. I was having problems at the time of applying for this plan and I couldn't print out my information or my Membership Card. She made sure that all that was taken care of before hanging up the phone. I received these items in the mail just as she promised. Not only was she prompt with her service, but at that time I also made a phone pal. We kept each others numbers and talk frequently; she is there for me one hundred percent! She will be there for you as well.

I have wasted no time in passing the word to another friend of mine and have given her number to her. This friend has called and was given the same treatment as I and said that call was one of the best investments she has made in a long time! She is now telling her friends! I will continue to recommend this plan to anyone who is looking for an efficient solution for dental care.

The savings are remarkable and it would seem wrong not to spread the good word to others! I made my first appointment for myself and my son and it paid for itself on our first visit -- over $400 in savings!! We both had x-rays, cleanings and an extraction for me. The savings were unbelievable! Thank you. I recommend it to every one!

The reason I chose this plan speaks for itself at this time. When needed, I will definitely renew. They give you plenty of choices of dentists to go to in your location. Overall, my experience with this plan has been nothing short of wonderful! I recommend it to everyone. Try it and you'll love it! You will be glad you did. I want to personally thank you for having put this plan together. By doing so, my son and I have a bright white smile with confidence! I can't thank you enough. Great plan!!!

Phyllis L. - Dix Hills , NY - 06/01/2008

Little did I know that on one sunny day, my world would become a bit sunnier. I received information at my place of business, a music college, offering the employees an opportunity to join a discount dental plan. Well, I immediately jumped at the opportunity since I am at an age where any type of involvement in my mouth with a dentist does add up to a lot of money which I do not happen to have. So, I went on line and matched up my dentist of thirty years with your plans.

There was a multitude from which to choose from, each offering different advantages. I made my decision and I have been very pleased with my choice. Now, at least if I quiver and quake over going to the dentist, it’s not about the bill. And, if a tooth unexpectedly cracks, or there is a sudden sensitivity in my mouth, I can still panic about the dental work necessary, but not the bill.

What a feeling of relief! As it turned out, after I was on my plan for about a year and a half, I was faced with the necessity of a dental implant. I had heard that the procedure was not pleasant and it was very expensive. The pain of the expense was lessened by my plan and the pain of the procedure was minimized by a gentle and caring dentist who was a willing participant in the plan as well.

I really lucked out with both. I do, however, have one regret about and that is that I didn’t know about it as early as its inception. I feel lucky to have discovered it when I did and I share my good fortune with all those who will listen. And so today, as I go off to a visit with my long time friend, the dentist, I think perhaps the cost of the gasoline to get there might wind up being more than my dental bill due to my great built-in savings. Thank you.

Joni R. - Burbank , CA - 06/01/2008

In 2004 I began to have a lot of dental problems. The year before I had to have one of my front teeth pulled because it was so bad. You can imagine the embarrassment of having a tooth missing in front. It was horrible!

My old dentist made a bridge for me with one false tooth. At night, however, I would have to take it out. I was always hiding from my husband around bedtime because I never wanted him to see me like that.

Anyway, I started having a lot of gum problems and my dentist had retired. We looked for dental insurance, but all of the programs we found were just too expensive. They really didn't give great coverage.

One day, my husband (the genius), checked out We looked over the plans and found that the Patriot Plan was best for us. I was feeling hopeful now and I found a dentist on their list of dentists who accepted the plan. I made an appointment and that's when the miracle happened. My old dentist had sold his business to another dentist and guess who that dentist was? That's right, the dentist that I chose on the list. I could immediately relate to this dentist because he knew my old dentist and they were great friends. Not only did my new dentist put my fears to rest about all of my dental problems, but he also told me that he would give me a beautiful smile and there would be no bridges or false teeth. This man is an artist and worked relentlessly to give me back my smile.

I now have that smile with beautiful, healthy teeth and gums. I also have a dentist whom I adore, my vanity intact and we have saved over $11,000.00. It doesn't get any better than this! None of this would have ever been possible if it weren't for

Thank you so much for everything!

Herve J. - Montreal , NY - 04/01/2008

I had the great opportunity to take advantage of this extraordinary Patriot Plan. I discovered it through your web page, which was very neat and well arranged. It gives me access to the facilities which give me a far better smile and more confidence in my life. I met a doctor in uptown New York with a wonderful clinic where the staff was ready to help to fix my teeth.

After a complete first check up, we opened a file and started to work for twin crowns and an aesthetic prosthesis. These gave my face a better look at a very good price. I want to indicate that the dentist himself encouraged me and also found your plan very supportive and helpful to someone like me and other customers online. I really look forward to getting the complete work done in my mouth with crowns, cements, and eventually implants in the future.

I think your plan is a good substitute for insurance and it gives a great deal on medicines that you may need outside the clinic after a surgery, or even after an extraction. I want to renew my Patriot Plan. This one perfectly corresponded to what I was looking for as a new patient. I had the chance to find a clinic very close to where I'm staying who offers so many different services. I eat better, look better and feel better with my tight budget.

The prices that you propose are extremely beneficial and your dentists give great service. I found your web page,, by pure coincidence. Then I looked very carefully and realized that it was possible for me to fill out an application and follow the steps at a time when I was looking for the perfect answers to my questions. Once again, thank you

Kim C. - Plymouth , MI - 06/01/2008

My experience with discount dental plans has been wonderful! I had an abscess tooth that I had been putting off for months that finally just couldn't wait any longer. The reason I had let it go was because I just couldn't afford the treatment. I contacted several dental schools and found that their prices, even though discounted, were still out of my budget. Most wanted the treatment to be paid in full which just wasn't an option for me. I was so frustrated and immediately understood why so many don't get dental work done -- they simply can't afford it!

I woke up one morning with my cheek so swollen that I could hardly see out of my eye! I knew I had to act fast because the infection was excruciating. After a 4 hour trip to urgent care, and $250 later, I still wasn't any better off. A friend at work told me about the discount dental plans website. Skeptical, I checked it out; it was my last resort.

Within minutes I had found a dentist at walking distance from my home, and for a great price! I immediately found the right plan for me and signed up, just like that! My dentist saw me first thing the next morning and performed the root canal. I walked out of the office relieved of the pain and I also had saved hundreds of dollars!

With discount dental plans, I won't ever have to be in that situation again. I can now get work done on my teeth and just pay a portion of it monthly, instead of breaking the bank. I highly recommend this to anyone. The staff was so helpful and friendly on the phone -- it was quick and easy. You shouldn't have to wait until you are in a situation like I was.

Go to their website today and check out the other savings they offer on vision treatment and more!!

Laura F. - Litchfield , MI - 06/01/2008

I have been in need of dental work for quite some time. It wasn't until I found one of your plans and purchased it that I felt I could afford to have work done. There is also a dentist less than one mile away that accepts the plan I chose. This plan saved me hundreds of dollars and I have just renewed. I have enjoyed great savings!

Don B. - Longview , TX - 06/01/2008

After looking around on the Internet, I decided to go with Dental and choose my plan. About three weeks later, I went to my dentist, who accepts the plan, and had some much needed dental work done.

The savings were twice the price of my plan, so I purchased another plan for my son-in-law, daughter and grandkids. The dental clinic that they go to accepts the plan. The savings were almost the same as the cost of the plan! The grandkids will be going back for regular treatments and we will have additional savings at that time.

I am very pleased with both plans and I have recommended it to folks at work and other family members.

Marilyn K. - Nashua , NH - 06/01/2008

I had just come from the dentist -- my old dentist. I had had a cavity filled and a few days later I had a pain on the other side of my mouth. I was told that I needed a root canal and a crown. The root canal was going to cost about $1400.00. If I needed a pin, it would be a few hundred dollars more. The crown was going to be an additional $1000.00. I was stunned. My health care plan makes allowances for routine checkups and pays about 6.00 for a cavity. Clearly it's not dental coverage.

I went online to see if there was any sort of discount dental plan that I could purchase. I came across I read all their information and was floored by the savings I could get. I could buy the plan for my entire family of four, have the root canal and crown, and still pay substantially less than the original quote for the root canal and crown. I thought, well, I would be crazy not to purchase the plan.

I purchased the plan several years ago. I have since saved so much money over the years with just simple cleanings, fluoride, sealants, crowns etc. We switched dentists and my children recently told me how glad they are that we did switch and they never want to go anywhere else. We love the friendly staff; they tell you everything that is going on in a straightforward manner. As it turned out on my original diagnosis, I didn't actually need a root canal or a pin. I did get the crown and have been fine ever since. The switch was painless in more ways than one.

I have recommended to several co-workers and friends and all of them have been satisfied, except for those that didn't switch! doesn't drill a hole in my wallet; in fact they filled the cavity with savings.

Lisa G. - Lake City , MN - 06/01/2008

Hi! I am very happy with my plan! Over the past year, I have saved at least three times what I paid for the plan by using it for regular services for myself and my family. That money was able to be deposited in a savings account for my child's college fund. If I do that until he graduates, I will have a great start to his college tuition! Thank you!

Harold H. - Ashland City , TN - 06/01/2008

There are a number of reasons that I chose the Dentemax plan in the first place and why it has come in so handy. First, it's accepted by a wide range of providers in the area and provides care for a wide variety of procedures, from simple to more complicated. When I signed up, I needed to visit a dentist right away, and the fact that I could receive my info via computer with no waiting and no delay made it an easy choice.

I found a local dentist who could see me quickly- I had a toothache and felt sure that it would have to come out since I had been putting off the attention it needed for some time. I also couldn't afford it without, which I happened to get an email about. Anyway, when I went to the office, I showed them my Membership Card, which they recognized immediately, and they got me right in to see the dentist.

They did a wonderful job. The tooth needed to come out, and the only corners cut were the price of the procedure. I saved over half the yearly fee on that one visit, and the plan covers my wife, my daughter and I.

With the dental insurance offered at my job, the discount would not have been any bigger, and I'd be paying a monthly premium well in excess of the one time yearly fee. Anyone, whether they have access to dental insurance or not (and especially if they don't), should compare the costs and what’s included.

It is a foolish waste of money to go to the dentist without They didn't hesitate or question a thing. They immediately priced my procedures at almost 40% less than the standard fees. I've recommended the plan to an executive secretary who signed up her family as well, and thanked me for letting her know about it.

Nancy S. - Rancho Santa Margarita , CA - 06/01/2008

I'm more than happy to tell my story of using I had no dental insurance through work so I signed up for the discount dental plan a few years ago for myself and my family. I was truly amazed at what great discounts I received!

With the plan, I paid less than $60 for a thorough dental cleaning, and even had a root canal and crown and paid 1/3 of the normal fee! My entire family could now afford to take care of their teeth. They offer discounts on everything, including x-rays.

This year, I received a dental insurance HMO plan through my employment. I went to a dentist that was listed on my HMO plan and my charge was $250 to get my teeth cleaned! To add insult to injury, he now wants another $2,000 for other work he says I need! If this is how dental insurance is these days, I am going back to!

I would highly recommend the discount dental plan and I do to all of my friends, family and co-workers. If you just have one dental procedure a year it will pay for itself, let alone just a few cleanings!

The dentist I went to is very cooperative and prefers these plans over insurance plans, as there are no forms to fill out. They have a set schedule of charges, so there is nothing to work out; they just look at a chart. In fact, my dentist has pretty much stopped accepting health insurance since this is a much better plan. There are a lot of dentists that accept the plans so you don't have to leave the area that you live or work in to find a dentist. I'm so glad I discovered Dental Plans!

Tom and Judy C. - Tomahawk , WI - 06/01/2008

Do you need a discount dental plan? Are you tired of paying full fees out of pocket? Well, so were we when we found What a relief. My wife and I needed a number of procedures done besides the routine 6 month cleanings. The procedures would cost us too much so we were putting it off.

Then we found and a plan that was fit for us. There were a number of dentists in the area that accepted this discount dental plan, so we joined. We were off and running, to the dentist that is. We had our cleanings, fillings, build-ups, and crowns.

No questions were asked, and the discounted rates were applied on the spot. Yes, we are happy that we found and you will be too. All you have to do is type it in, choose a plan that’s right for you, choose a dentist, and you will be off and running too. Thanks You made us smile again.

Katrina Z. - Downers Grove , IL - 06/01/2008

My friend is HIV positive. Because of the medicine he takes for his illness, his teeth have been ruined. My friend could not get any health insurance. The only medical help he could get was through the state of Nevada, and they were not sure if they could help him concerning his dental health.

He began to have a lot of pain. It was so painful that he would overload on pain meds to help him sleep at night. I knew I had to find something so I could help him. I turned to and they were wonderful.

He is not rich and neither am I, but I knew that I would do anything for him. After all, he was my friend, and it hurt me to see him in so much pain. The total bill came to almost $8000.00- yes $8000.00. That is what his HIV medicine did to his teeth. If it wasn't for, the bill would have been close to $15,000.00. I can't tell you how thankful I am to you and your wonderful staff.

I appreciate all that you have done. My friend now has healthy teeth, and he goes for check ups every 6 months, which include a cleaning, and I still get a break.

Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much your plan means to me.

Lisa L. - Farmington , NY - 06/01/2008

We were a family of six who had no dental insurance and lots of teeth to take care of. To visit the dentist for a cleaning, we would have to save up around $700.00! Then, if work needed to be done, we were forced with the expense of that.

It wasn't until my husband needed a root canal and crown done that we were forced to switch dentists because they carried a plan that allowed us to charge $2,000 interest free, as long as we paid it back within the year. We used the plan for one year until we found out we needed to apply for the credit every year. Our dental office suggested we check out It sounded too good to be true!

For our entire family, it was only going to cost us under $200.00 for a year of discounted dental care! We were skeptical but decided to give it a try. We were hooked after the first visit to the dentist! We had our $700.00 put aside just in case the plan was too good to be true. After our cleanings were done, we looked at our bill. We had saved nearly 50%. We only owed around $350.00 for our visits! We were so excited! We saved so much money and we were able to buy a recliner with the leftover money we had saved!

I still do not understand how does it. I mean, we paid under $200 for our plan and saved around $300 in our first visit! I have got to say that if it were not for, our family would not be able to afford routine dental visits! Thank you for allowing my children to get the dental care they deserve at a reasonable price! is for everyone, even people who already have dental insurance. I don't understand why everyone out there is not doing this! It's one of the best decisions we have made for our family! Thank you!

Jean Q. - West Allis , WI - 06/01/2008

I joined in order to save some money on my dental care bills. This is exactly what happened. I have saved approximately 40% on many of the dental procedures I have had recently, but most importantly, there are no annual limits. I like the plan and feel it is a cost-saving program. Thank you for offering this to those of us who typically would not have access to dental insurance.

Sheri L. - Tallahassee , FL - 06/01/2008

My family consists of 2 young boys, ages 4 and 7, and my husband and I. For a long time we were uninsured and not covered by a discount dental plan. My husband is self-employed and I work part-time. I found that it was impossible to find dental insurance for our family that would cover a pediatric dentist. We just paid the bills at the pediatric dentist as they came and cringed at the absurd prices each time.

A crucial turning point for me was when my older son was seen by our pediatric dentist to find that he had a cavity that had decayed to the point of being painful; we were advised by our previous dentist that this tooth would fall out and that there was no need to fill it. It turned out that the tooth had to be capped and was a tooth that was not set to fall out for another 3 years.

One ugly silver cap and $600 later, I decided it was time to find some sort of discount dental plan. It also seemed that the pediatric dentist could charge whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and each time we would visit I would see others paying $25 for a service that I was being billed $300 or more for because we were uninsured. This pediatric dentist also had a knack of making me feel like a horrible mother for letting my child’s tooth decay, even though I was not able to afford his outrageous prices.

After leaving his office one day in tears, I discovered and found that for less than $200 a year our family could have dental care by a plan that made preventive dentistry, cleanings and fillings affordable. We found a wonderful family dentist and have since been able to limit our dentistry costs for the whole family to around $300 a year, plus the plan fee.

I have also referred to my sister-in-law and family, and they were surprised at how easy it was to sign up and how quickly they too began to see savings on their family’s dental expenses. Thank you for making dental services and discounts available to the average working family who always wants to do what is best for their family but previously could not afford to.

Jerrold R. - Willingboro , NJ - 06/01/2008

This is my third year with the discount dental plan. The first year I saved well over 2000 dollars using my plan. My dental work included an upper plate and some other major dental work. The second year my savings were not quite that much but pretty much the same. I would never want to be without a discount dental plan.

Tabitha R. - Rowlett , TX - 06/01/2008

My family and I do not have dental insurance. I was told by my general dentist that I needed periodontal surgery. I knew this was a very expensive procedure. I went to a consultation with a periodontist. I was given a quote of $5000.00 for the procedure. I had no choice but to schedule the procedure and figured I would worry about how I was going to pay for it once the appointment date got closer.

That same day, after the consultation, I went to my office and began doing research on discount dental plans. I found and signed up for $79.99. Later that day, I called the periodontal office and told them I had joined the plan. They immediately informed me that my procedure would only cost $4000.00. By spending $79.99, I saved ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!

Debra B. - Malden , MA - 06/01/2008

I chose by Internet. I did a search on Google and found your website. It was very simple and self-explanatory. You can make comparisons between the plans and see which dentist each plan has available.

I joined on Friday, and four days later, I went to the dentist. I was surprised with the amount that I saved which was over $200.00. I went only for a check-up. I had full mouth x-rays, a cleaning, and I paid $60.00. My husband had full mouth x-rays, a cleaning and filling, and he paid $90.00.

I strongly recommend to everyone. The office was modest, but the professional staff was good. I would rate the overall experience a 9.

Roger K. - Ramsey , NJ - 06/01/2008

I was facing expensive dental procedures for myself and my mom. I decided to join after a search on the Internet. I looked over the plans and could see the savings in the quoted prices.

About 5 years ago, I had a root canal with a local dentist in Wyckoff, NJ, and paid retail for the service. It cost me 900.00 dollars. Just a few weeks ago, under the Avia Dental plan through, my mom got a root canal done on a molar for 400.00 dollars. I had a porcelain cap put on a damaged tooth in my mouth for 625.00 dollars.

The savings are real and I appreciate it. Thank you,!

Noah C. - Hanover , PA - 06/01/2008

My previous dentist was a quack. I had a tooth destroyed from a root canal in which he broke an endodontic file. Now, I have and I am in very capable hands!!!! Thank You!

Vanessa K. - Walnut , CA - 06/01/2008

The reasons why I decided to start looking for a discount dental plan were: 1. my job does not offer dental coverage, 2. I love to eat sweets, and 3. my boyfriend wasn't working, but REALLY needed to see a dentist.

I signed up for an Avia Discount Dental Plan, and promptly made an appointment for myself. Thank goodness I did because it turns out that I needed treatment just as bad as my boyfriend did. I knew he needed a dentist because he complained of toothaches.

I, on the other hand had no pain; just a small spot on a front tooth to be filled. Anyway, after x-rays I was told I would need several root canals and fillings. It’s not like we didn't brush, because we brushed 1-2 times daily just like any one else. I am guilty of very infrequent flossing, though.

All I can say is that treatment would have never been possible at full cost with my income level and two troubled mouths in need of a dentist. I chose a great dentist and dental office. They are really the best, and so is Thank You!

Ronald I. - Fort Wayne , IN - 06/01/2008

Making money by surfing the Internet? Not really, but I can tell you how I was able to save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by surfing.

One day my wife plugged in “Dental Insurance” on a search engine. She wanted to do something about the way her teeth looked. We didn’t then, and still don’t have dental coverage in our insurance plan. She told me she had found this site she wanted me to check out - I looked at the site several times thinking “What kind of scam is this?” Finally, I decided to call and talk to someone. That was the call that changed my perception of, and totally changed our lives.

Both of us, coming from poor childhoods where neither family could afford braces for us as kids, had many dental issues, and it showed. My teeth looked like the “Billy-Bob” teeth you buy at Wal-Mart for kids to wear at Halloween, but mine were permanent. I learned to just keep my mouth shut so no one could see my teeth. She had a broken front tooth that was “half-jacked” repaired by someone when she was younger, but it wasn’t a good repair. We both wanted a change.

The customer service rep I had talked to told me how was not insurance, but a discount dental plan. The plan has No Deductibles, No Co-Pays, No Maximum Limit, and I can use it on Day One!!!!

Just to make a test run before I spent $179 for a family plan, I made an appointment at a local dentist office that accepted the plan. I took advantage of the free consultation that the dentist offered. I went in and got a treatment plan and an itemized estimate of what is would take to put me into some new “Pearly Whites”. I was astonished- $6300!!!!! I knew it would be expensive, but I didn’t realize how much.

I then took my itemized list of prices and compared it to the list of services that my plan covered. I knew I had done something wrong because I had calculated my savings to be $2000.

I called the dentist’s office and scheduled a time to come in and talk to their office manager. I took the price sheet with me and told them I was getting ready to join a plan. I wanted for them to recalculate my cost using the plan savings. Well, just as I thought, I WAS wrong on my calculations. I actually was able to save over 50% OFF! My new cost was $3050!!!! WOW. So of course, I immediately signed up for a plan and got the ball rolling.

My wife went in to do the same thing and she saved 50% as well. We both had extractions, cleanings, and partial dentures. She had whitening and a bridge as well. saved us over $6000 for the cost of $179- one heck of an investment.

We tell everyone we know about, and we are so much happier and better looking with our new teeth. Our family is astounded by the change. Just to do so, we took pictures of our teeth before and after so we can remember what a dramatic change made in our lives.

This was a new dentist to us, and they are great - they treat us like family. I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone.

Janet G. - Astoria , NY - 06/01/2008

One of my biggest concerns after being laid off from my job a few years ago was how I was going to be able to maintain good oral health in the future .My group insurance plan had run out. Soon after my lay-off, as luck would have it, I started to experience some oral problems that needed attention.

I went on the Internet to see if there was any plan out there that would be affordable to me. As luck would have it (this time GOOD luck!) I found I was amazed at the various choices of plans they offered, and I was delighted to see that my current dentist was part of the plan that I had chosen to join.

I have told several others about and have even signed up my nephew under my same plan now that he is residing in the same household. By the way, the staff that I spoke with on the phone was also very courteous and helpful with my renewal process. I will continue to share my findings with others. Thank you!

Adrienne I. - East Nassau , NY - 06/01/2008

I couldn’t be any happier since joining the Affordable Family Health Services Plan. I had a chipped front tooth. I’m on disability and so I could not afford the $900 to $1000 for the cap. I didn’t want it filed down because I would lose some ability to chew. So, I looked up the list of providers, called them one-by-one, and made a decision. I found a wonderful dental office. They have been very helpful and supportive. Even though I have needed extra time to process, they have been very patient and thorough in their explanations.

Harold B. - Upper Marlboro , MD - 06/01/2008

I had gotten a cavity filled for the first time a few years back at the tender age of 26, but I would find out a few years later that the dentist drilled too deeply when filling my cavity. This led to my first ever tooth infection, which I compare to an ear infection, except that it's in your mouth.

Unfortunately, I had been without steady employment when the cavity became infected.

It became evident rather quickly that I'd need a root canal, but it wasn't clear where I would get the money to pay for it. Needing to get the surgery done as soon as possible, it appeared as though the only way I’d be able to pay for the operation would be to pay for everything with my credit card.

Fortunately, a good friend of mine educated me on the advantages of, and was even kind enough to forward me prices that were readily available on the Internet.

Through, I could not only have a variety of dental services rendered at a reduced cost, but I could also pay in installments. Many of the discount dental plans even have a deferred interest option as well. I was immediately able to see that with I'd be able to pay for my root canal and all the other related fees without selling my first-born child or having my root canal performed in a back alley. Furthermore, I'd be able to do so with affordable installments, as opposed to trying to pay for everything at once.

After following the easy sign up instructions, I was able to create an account and pay for my discount dental plan online! What’s more, my plan was activated the very next day. With my plan activated, I was able to go into my dentist’s office the next day and begin the root canal procedure with the comfort of knowing that I’d be able to afford the operation, even with my budget. even got me a discount for my pain medication!

Debby H. - Vero Beach , FL - 06/01/2008

I went online and bought a plan with I went to the dentist the next day and saved over $100.00 that very same day. When I purchased the plan, I had no idea it took effect immediately. It was a tremendous surprise and with tremendous savings.

The dentist I went to was wonderful. I found out at this time that I had 4 cavities and immediately scheduled the work for the next week. The following week, I actually saved $300.00 because I had purchased a plan. I am delighted beyond words with my decision to join on the Internet with

Kim S. - Hamilton , OH - 06/01/2008

I went online on May 10th, 2008 looking for a good discount dental plan that would be accepted at my current dentist’s office. After checking and comparing all the plans that were on the Internet, I chose Vital Savings by Aetna because it looked like it would save me quite a bit of money.

I needed to see my dentist that following Monday because I had a tooth that had cracked off and was beginning to cause me some problems. This was the only plan that began on that Monday; the other plans would take longer to begin and had less to offer for the money.

I signed up myself and my husband. I went to my dentist on that Monday, and sure enough, I had to have a crown put on. This would have normally cost me upwards of $750.00, but with the discount dental plan, it only cost me a total of $495.00. To me, these were big savings and this was only for one crown of which it looks like I may have to get two more crowns this year. Just my savings alone will be somewhere around $755.00. I only paid a total of $169.00 for the whole plan.

I am really glad that I signed up with this company because it did save me quite a bit of money for such a small investment. I joined on the Internet and had them withdraw the money from my checking account. I had somehow put in the wrong account number and panicked. I called the number on Saturday and told the young lady what I had done. I had to leave a message, but she returned my call within 1/2 hour and helped me straighten everything out. She was so helpful and very kind to me. I was very impressed with the quick response. If anyone is thinking about enrolling with this company, I myself would rate them a 10 on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. Thank you!

Linda H. - Staten Island , NY - 06/01/2008

I have been sharing my dental story with everyone in the hopes that people will take advantage of your phenomenal discount dental plan that made it possible for me to have the dental work that I needed. I took out your discount dental plan for $129.00 for the year in April. My left upper molar hurt and I wanted to also remove my left lower wisdom tooth.

I went to a dentist out in Newton, N.J. He accepted the plan. Over 3 weeks, he took x-rays, filled 6 teeth, and removed my left upper molar and my left lower wisdom tooth. Because I had your discount dental plan, I saved half of the cost.

I don’t have the exact cost quotes, but as I can recall, the 2 extractions and 1 filling cost approx. $625.00. I paid $423.00. The five fillings and x-rays cost $780.00. I paid $380.00. These were substantial savings and I could not have been happier. I am extremely appreciative of this discount dental program and the fact that you make it available to all of us. I tell everyone I see, hoping that other people that don’t have dental insurance can take advantage of this. Many, many thanks.

Karen T. - Greensboro , NC - 06/01/2008

Before we found, my family had not been to a dentist in 4 years due to our lack of insurance benefits. We were so excited to learn that we could have a discount dental plan to help offset the cost of our dental work. Within a month of checking out, my husband and daughter were able to not only get their teeth cleaned, but I could afford a crown for my daughter, which without this plan would have been impossible. Thanks We couldn't have done it without you!!!

Silva S. - Glen Mills , PA - 06/01/2008

The look of horror on my face when the receptionist at my dentist's office told me what I owed for my three children's cleaning must have caused her to ask me if I had heard of Obviously I hadn't as I scribbled the unsightly amount that I owed on my check. After a quick Google search, I found the website and made a call.

The person on the other end was so helpful and provided all the information that I needed to sign up immediately. I thought this was too good to be true. The price was right and the reduced fees were even better. I paid for my plan with the savings from just one visit to the dentist.

My timing couldn't have been better. Since enrolling (this is my second year by the way) I have needed 5 crowns. The cost before would have been prohibitive. With, I was able to have all the dental work done that I needed. I have recommended to many friends and family members. I wish I had enrolled sooner.

Lorri Z. - Land O Lakes , FL - 06/01/2008

Let me share with you my story of why I am a member. First, they are the best and they have the best plans. The cost and service was the best anyone offered for this type of plan. I am on a limited budget since I am transitioning from the corporate world to being a work-from-home mom in order to be with my child and family. Had it not been for the good price, I would not have been able to continue to receive the best preventive care with my dentist that I have had for so long. Your plan was the key to keep my family and me healthy for dental care, with the very best dentist, all while staying within budget.

Secondly, I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a terrific discount dental plan. The last treatment we had with this plan was a bi-annual cleaning and x-ray. The staff was the same that we as a family have had for the past 14 years. I love them and your plan was the one our dentist said was the best too. The dentists in your plan are terrific, and even better it shows that your providers of service love you too because your plan is the best!

The plan we have with you has saved our family over $2,000 over two years. We love our plan and would recommend the one we are on to everyone we know. Overall, the entire experience with your company and the providers of service has been above our expectations. I would rate you all as a 10 out of 5, and 5 is the highest. You’re awesome! Thank you to you and your staff for being the best, not just among the best.

Andrew J. - New Britain , CT - 04/01/2008

I joined this dental plan to save a lot of money,
To spend on my home, and to take out my honey.
I have the Uni Care 200 discount dental plan savings,
So I can fix my teeth after all my sweet cravings.
When I need dental work, I'm glad I have the Uni Care.
That’s why I tell my friends, that the savings are there.
They even help you find a dentist that will accept
Easy monthly payments that will keep you out of debt.
The website is user friendly to help you choose a plan that's right
So you can save a lot of money and sleep better at night.
My plan has saved me money, so I don't feel like a jerk,
From ten to fifty percent on all my dental work.
I recommend my plan to friends and family too,
Because saving a lot of money is what we all would like to do.
I've had my cavities fixed and some crowns that cost a lot,
but I saved a lot of money and my teeth won't rot.
Dental has saved me money and my experience has been great.
When it comes to saving money it is never too late.

Patricia M. - Park Ridge , IL - 04/01/2008

I just wanted to share with others the great experiences I have had with I have been a member since 2006 and am now in the Uni-Care 200 plan. I was previously in the Patriot plan, but it was discontinued in my area and I was informed by customer service. The transition to this other plan was very smooth and it didn't interfere with my dental needs.

When my first renewal came up, a very nice guy from customer service called me at work because I couldn't be contacted at home or on the computer. He was worried that it would lapse and that it would cause me problems with my dental needs. I greatly appreciate someone going that extra step to make sure I encounter no problems. It is in very few areas anyone cares enough to do this, so thanks You can be sure I'll stay a customer.

Melissa J. - Auburn , NY - 04/01/2008

About a year ago I happened to find After doing a bit of research, I chose the UNI-CARE 200 plan. I found this plan to be the most comprehensive. It covered a wide range of services, including UNI-CARE Chiropractic, Coast-to-Coast Vision, National Ear Care Plan, and UNI-CARE Dental 200; all at a discount of 20% or more off of regular scheduled prices.

UNI-CARE 200 is accepted by numerous care providers in my local area, including the dental and eye care practitioners I was already seeing! I was overjoyed knowing that I wouldn't have to change my dentist's and optician's office. Living in a more rural area, I was so afraid I would have to leave the practitioners I knew and trusted, and travel several miles to an office in a larger city. Not with They offer so many plans that you are bound to find one with dentists in your area.

I have been on UNI-CARE 200 for just over a year and have had 3 dental check-ups and cleanings, including 2 x-rays, 3 eye exams. I also bought contact lenses and a pair of glasses. UNI-CARE 200 gave me a discount of 50% off every dental visit, 20% off every eye exam, and 10% off my contacts and glasses. I saved over $500! At my last dental visit, my dentist advised me that my lower wisdom teeth will need to be pulled. UNI-CARE is providing me with a discount of nearly $300 on that procedure alone.

I am so glad I found makes getting discounted dental care effortless. The website was extremely helpful. It was easy to navigate and offered a wide array of plans and information on each plan. I have recommended to several of my friends, family, co-workers, and even a few casual acquaintances.

With the cost of health and dental insurance on the rise, I think is a truly wonderful service. The cost of dental insurance through my employer is astronomical, and our health insurance doesn't cover eye care. If it weren't for, I wouldn't be able to afford even routine dental or vision care.

Thedore M. - New Port Richey , FL - 04/01/2008

I had thought that there would be an amount agreed to by my Solstice Discount membership, however I never imagined that the savings would amount to slightly over $6000. That’s right. This is not a misprint. To say that I was pleasantly surprised would be a gross misrepresentation.

A large number of teeth were removed on my upper jaw, a bridge and a cap were done on the lower jaw and a full upper denture was done. It was totally painless at that, believe it or not. Many local dentists would not even consider the risk of working around a lower lip hemangioma (birth mark). This dentist was located on the plan’s list of providers. I could never have asked for a better dentist. Thanks again.

Janet S. - La Mirada , CA - 04/01/2008

This is my third year with the Patriot Plan and I am still so very pleased that I made the change from my private dentist. I used to spend a lot of travel time and thousands per year on dental visits for my family. Now, I not only save loads of money each year, but I now also have a dentist that's right around the corner! Thank you Dental!

Glenda J. - San Antonio , TX - 04/01/2008

I had a severe toothache and was in need of a dentist ASAP, but everyone wanted $250 to $350 just to pull my tooth. So, I went online looking for a dentist who worked in my area and found a long list. The first one on the list was less than a mile from me. Beside his name was a little symbol, so I clicked on it. Low and behold it was a discount dental plan for $99 a year so I read it over, liked the coverage and bought it ASAP.

The main reason I bought it was that it said “buy today, start using tomorrow”. I bought it and made the appointment for the very next morning. The plan I chose was Dentemax and I'm glad I did. I have already told my boss about your plan and she is considering getting it as well.

The dentist was great. I never felt a thing and I’m a COWARD when it comes to going to the dentist. The procedure I got done was a tooth extraction (erupted even). With x-rays I only had to pay $124.00. I will definitely tell everyone I know about the plan and will help them find the one for them. That’s my story and I'm sticking to it!

Diane and Walt O. - Georgetown , TX - 04/01/2008

We picked the Dentemax discount dental plan, and we have been really pleased that we picked this plan. We have saved hundreds of dollars, probably well over $3000. We needed a lot of dental treatments; I needed partials and my wife needed crowns. This was all after having served 25 years in the United States Air Force. Obviously the dental treatment in the USAF could have been better but now we are so pleased we purchased Dentemax. It has worked out well for us. Our recommended dentist from Dentemax is the greatest and we are best friends, even after the extensive dental treatments we have had.

Thank you Dentemax!

Laura S. - Bay City , MI - 04/01/2008

I'm a 33-year-old teacher who found herself employed outside the teaching profession and with no dental insurance. No problem, I have few cavities and had no previous dental problems.

About 6 months into my new job I had a toothache – a bad one. The pain became unbearable and I had to go to a dentist and pay full price for an exam and x-rays. It was expensive and the diagnosis was even more expensive. I needed a root canal immediately. The total asking price on a root canal without insurance is no less than $1,200.00.

I started researching discount dental plans. I read the site without much hope. The pain was bad, and I didn't have $1,200.00. I was really discouraged about this turn of events. The $1,200 bill was going hurt.

Then I found the Dentemax plan for $120 and found out I could use it immediately. I signed right up, thinking there might be some sort of hitch but desperate. I took my little printed out paper card to my dentist and it was accepted. Within 2 days, they had me scheduled. The procedure took an hour. It involved 4 sets of x-rays during the drilling, and came to... (get this!) $590!

Needless to say, the $120 cost of the plan was nothing in comparison. I am so pleased with the plan. It is easy to use, accepted by my dentist and it saved me $610. I have recommended it to everyone I know.

Ken C. - Katy , TX - 04/01/2008

I'd just like to take the time to say thanks for being there when I needed you. I signed on with Careington back in December of 2007, and I have to tell you it has already been worth the investment. At the time that I signed on, I had been a member of Blue Cross-Blue Shield for many, many years. It's amazing what companies don't tell you, or what we don't take the time to learn about what they offer.

I went into my dentist office in December and she indicated to me that I should think about a partial for an area which had been void for a long time. Partials are not cheap, and when I was told exactly how much Blue Cross Blue Shield would not cover, I was shocked. came through, however, and for about half the cost, I now have a partial. The dentist’s assistant suggested getting a supplemental to help and pointed me in your direction. So, I'm giving them all the credit.

As for your company, I would recommend you to anyone. I know that the dental office will continue to do so as well. Thanks for the help. There is no better supplemental out there that I know of.

Arlene A. - Saddle Brook , NJ - 04/01/2008

A few years ago, my husband was told by our then dentist that he needed a root canal. Well, what can one do? Then when he was told the cost, we were in shock. It cost as much as the roof replacement we had just had done to our house!

My husband mentioned that we were retired and did not have dental insurance, but the only concession that the dentist offered was a payment plan. Well, when a second root canal was needed, that was it. We told the dentist not to begin the work, and I looked online for some help.

Luckily, I stumbled upon, found their website very user-friendly and easy to navigate, and searched in our area. Voila - the Avia plan included a dental group right in our town! We figured it was worth a try. (Anything was better than practically needing a home-equity loan for your teeth!).

We discovered a very friendly, competent, and professional dental office, and saved money right away - more than half off the cost of the root canal alone. Since then, we have had all of our check-ups, cleanings, and dental crowns - all of our dental work - done at this office. There is no doubt that by now we have saved thousands of dollars.

We have recommended both this dental office, as well as, to many people, and we personally know of one family who has also signed up and is very happy. They are a younger family with children, and have found this office delightful and quite accommodating for children also. For anyone who is hesitating, just wait until you are told you need an expensive procedure! Then you will be like us, and make sure you sign up every year with

Darlene H. - Henderson , NV - 04/01/2008

My permanent bridge came loose and then fell out. I did not have a dental plan. I went to a dentist I found in the phone book, and he examined my mouth and gave me an estimate of $6,934.00. After I came to, I went online and contacted They signed me up with the Avia Dental Plan. I went to the dentist on their plan, which was 1 mile away from my home. He gave me a price of $2,686.00. I am smiling now and showing off my new bridge. I had savings totaling $4,248.00. Thanks ever so much. I am truly a happy camper.

Amy S. - Pittsburgh , PA - 04/01/2008

Who knew that spending $100 could save me $1600?

I work for a small non-profit. With fewer than five employees, we are not eligible for group health, dental, or vision programs. My fiancée is self-employed, so we pay out of pocket for his benefits. A combination of fear, tight finances, and good old procrastination left me without dental work for almost a decade.

Once it became apparent that I could wait no longer, I sat down at my computer to face the music. One quick search led to I was looking for a plan that could cover both of us even though we're not yet married. I called customer service and was immediately connected to a friendly, cheerful woman who asked me just a few quick questions. She recommended Avia, a plan that would cover both of us and offered hundreds of providers within a 15-minute drive.

On the day of my first appointment, they asked me about my coverage. No sooner did I say “Avia” than the woman behind the counter said, “That’s really good.” After consulting with my dentist, I learned that I needed over $3000 worth of dental work… but my Avia plan brought the total down below $1500 – which could all be financed at a very low interest rate.

Since then, I’ve recommended and Avia to dozens of people. I couldn’t be happier with my plan, benefits, service, and savings. It’s been a real lifesaver for our finances and our health—and it’s saved us $1600 in just two months. Thank you for offering this service!

Barb, Dave, Brooks and Chad M. - Palos Verdes Estates , CA - 04/01/2008

My family and I have always had dental insurance through my job as a teacher. Unfortunately, every dentist we went to on the plan always dropped the plan and we were left without a dentist. We actually put up with this for 20 years!!! Our last dentist we went to was on our ill fated insurance plan. He was the best dentist we ever had. My dental-phobic kids, ages 13 and 19, actually said none of his procedures hurt. Of course, 6 months after finding our dentist, he also quit using our insurance. Once again we were left in search of another dentist. What a disaster!

By now, there were fewer and fewer dentists left on our insurance plan. A dentist was recommended by a fellow teacher and he was horrible. His teeth cleaning hurt, his cavity filling technique left my son sore for days and he claimed to have found thousands of dollars worth of work that needed to be done on all of us. I knew this dentist wouldn't work and I really wanted to go back to our dentist, but how?

It was at this point that I decided to go online and type in dental plans and see what came up. Immediately I discovered your discount dental plans and chose Aetna's plan. We save about 50% on our dental procedures and are back with our dentist whom we love and recommend to our friends. I tell everyone I know about your dental plans... most of them think it is too good to be true, but I tell them this plan has allowed us the luxury of an incredible dentist without the full cost. Thanks!

Amira C. - Tampa , FL - 04/01/2008

I moved here from Australia. In Australia, our medical and dental is free. If I wanted to get braces, I could get them for free but would have to wait a couple of weeks, which was fine. When I moved to the United States two years ago, I knew I had a tooth that was bad, but didn’t think I needed to get it fixed. Since a year ago, I have been in pain on both sides of my mouth. I was on pain killers because I could not afford to get my teeth fixed. My parents did not move here with me, so I did not have any support from them.

My job offered medical but not dental. I cried so many times. I was 138 pounds, and I went down to 110 pounds because I could not eat the candy and all the foods I loved. I could not chew properly either. I went to the dentist in January of 2008 and he said I needed to get a tooth pulled, two root canals, and two crowns. When I told people at my work what the dentist told me they said I needed to get a loan because it was expensive. I tried to get a loan but did not get approved because I had no credit established yet. My boss offered to loan me the money because I had been miserable everyday for months. I did not want to accept.

In February, the pain got worse and worse. I went online and searched for help for dental insurance. The website appeared. I looked into it and it sounded GREAT. I told all the employees at work and they said that I should not believe what I am reading because it sounded too good to be true. Everyday I would look into this. I called customer service many times with so many questions and they were very nice and answered them. I finally asked what the catch was and the lady laughed.

I went with my gut feeling and bought the Aetna Dental Plan. I paid $99.99 for the year. The dentist I originally went to had recommended an oral surgeon for the root canal and another to get my tooth pulled. When I called them, they were going to charge me $250 for pulling my tooth, and for the root canal they were going to charge me $1100 each. When I called back and asked if they took the Aetna dental plan, they said yes.

I ended up getting my tooth pulled a month ago and was charged $120. For my root canals I was charged $1300 for both of them, not one. I saved so much money. I saved $1030. I feel very blessed and very lucky that I had found this website. I am going for my crowns in a couple of weeks and after this I am going to take good care of my teeth since I have this amazing plan.

The people I work with have been asking me questions about this plan and I have recommended it to so many people. My overall experience was 10 out of 10. I loved the oral surgeon I went to. The website is great and the customer service was fantastic. Thank you and this is my story.

Barry S. - Azle , TX - 04/01/2008

I originally signed up for a dental plan, but it did not have dentists in my home town that I liked that honored it. I called and they changed my plan to Aetna which was honored by almost everyone. I thought I might have a problem switching, but they were very accommodating and made it very easy.

I not only saved a good amount of money, but was able to use a dentist that I liked. The dentist charged me exactly what was on my online price list with no objections. I also used one of the other services that were included - vision. I went to a major eyeglass retailer and they ran my plan against my other discounts like AAA and AARP. My plan was about 10-15% less than the other discounted plans that I had available to me. All-in-all, my experience with has been excellent and I will definitely renew when the time comes.

Lynn G. - St. Charles , MO - 04/01/2008

We have saved over $2000.00 in the first 5 months since we purchased the Aetna Dental Access Plan. My wife needed 2 fillings, 1 root canal, and 3 crowns. The total cost at a dentist not accepting the plan would have been well over $4000.00. I'm going in May and I know I need at least 2 crowns. This plan has been a life saver for us. We are retired and have no dental coverage.

Frank L. - Long Beach , CA - 04/01/2008

I chose the Aetna plan because it included the labs and was actually a few dollars more than the UNI 100. It did not include the vision, but I already have that type of coverage with our health plan. If I didn’t, this may have been a good way to gain that type of coverage also.

I had dental cleanings for both me and my son. The amount I paid for two dental cleanings was $146. I would have paid $85 each or $170 without the plan, so there is some discount.

The dentist is a quality dentist. I do not see him much as we are in good shape, usually getting cleanings only, but he does have LCD TV’s in each room showing Hawaii videos.

I liked the comparison chart for the plans. It was easy to use, and the website is also very easy to use. I would have liked to see a more detailed fee schedule comparison for a dentist of choice, so that I could see what plans they accept and how the fee schedules compare all on one page so I could print it out and think about it. I did sign up over the phone for that personal touch. I also liked that you could search for a particular dentist.

If you are self employed or have no dental coverage, this fee schedule plan seems like a reasonable choice. The experience so far is good; the dental receptionist liked the plan a lot, which tells me it works for both the patient and the dentist.

Nellwyn B. - Midland , TX - 04/01/2008

When considering dental health care coverage, just made sense. Could we afford traditional coverage? Yes, but when compared with the benefits of the plans offered on, there was no comparison. For a full year of traditional dental insurance coverage, we would have to pay about $950 for our family, and that’s before we ever set foot in a dentist’s office. Through, we purchased the Aetna Dental Access plan for only $134.95 for 15 months of coverage!

The purchase price alone represented almost $850 in savings each year. The website is really easy to use. We were still fairly new to town, and had been using a dentist that wasn’t all that great. He wasn’t on any of the plans. Fortunately, had several area dentists to choose from. The dentist we found through the plan’s website is awesome! His office has cutting edge equipment. His staff is so friendly, and my seven year old isn’t even afraid to go to the dentist anymore!

What’s even better is that we don’t have any of the hassles that come with traditional insurance. There are no waiting periods and no limits on the discounts we can receive. Every single procedure we have had done has been significantly discounted. I haven’t had to file any paperwork. I just show my membership card, and we get the lowest possible price on dental care. The three members of our family have all had twice-yearly cleanings with exams and x-rays, and a few fillings. My husband had to have two wisdom teeth extracted, and we had protective sealants applied to my son’s molars. The plan saved us almost a thousand dollars on the procedures. With the great deals, great website, and the great dentists at, we will never go back to traditional dental insurance!

Jessica W. - Orlando , FL - 04/01/2008

I chose the Aetna Dental Access plan for myself and my family last summer. We had previously been without dental insurance and spent over $1500 in one year on my son's teeth alone. My husband and I had not been to the dentist in over 5 years, due to a lack of coverage. The dental plan available through his employer was expensive and offered few choices in the way of doctors.

We now all go to the dentist on a regular basis and save approximately 40% off the cost on each dental visit. We absolutely love our dentist and his staff. They are courteous, knowledgeable, and best of all, they don't over book! Just yesterday morning, my husband went in to see the dentist regarding a tooth that has been giving him problems. They determined that he needed a root canal and crown. If he would have waited any longer, he would have lost the tooth. My husband went back in to have the work done this morning. I figured that he would be in bed all day today, but in fact, he is doing great. He has told me at least a dozen times that he now feels better than he has in months!

He saved approximately $1,000.00 today using his Aetna Dental Access card from Altogether, we are beyond pleased with the service you provide. We will no doubt be renewing our plan this summer.

Tamara S. - Hopatcong , NJ - 04/01/2008

I am writing today to tell you just how much the Aetna Dental Access program has helped me afford dental care for my son. Being the mother of a 12 year old boy who has a history of crashing on his bike, falling off of fences, and managing to break his teeth at every turn, can be a major expense. I am a single, working mother and dental insurance is not offered through my employer. Therefore, all of my son’s dental work is out of pocket. Needless to say it's very expensive.

At the first visit to the dentist, I saved a whopping $127.00! I was shocked. I didn't realize that the plan would pay for itself the very first time I used it! I would recommend purchasing a discount dental plan from It has been proven to save you money. I will be renewing my plan when it is due to expire. How could I not?! Thank You!

Nita B. - Kula , HI - 04/01/2008


I was very pleased to find that a Dental Discount Plan even existed! I have six children, and some of them, like me, have real problems with their teeth. We cannot afford dental insurance, and, because of extraordinary circumstances, three of our children are not eligible for free dental care in the state we live in. Still, even the free dental care is not very desirable, especially since they only offer amalgam fillings, which we do not want. Also, the sign-up process for the free dental care in our state takes so long that it is several weeks before you even get an appointment!

With, I can make an appointment in as little as three days. Dental insurance through our employer not only costs too much, but has a maximum coverage of only $1000 per person per year. With the amount of dental care that I need per year, that would not cover all of our costs. That's just one thing that makes this discount dental program so great. There is no maximum discount!

I chose Aetna Dental Access as my plan because it has the greatest discount for the procedure that I need most, which is a filling. It also has a Pedodontist as a participating dentist, which is what I really need for my kids. This feature alone set above all the rest. It's great that there are so many dentists to choose from.

The website is very easy to use. I love the fact that I can compare the different plans' features and prices side by side when choosing one. Being able to see examples of fees for different procedures makes it so much easier to decide on a plan for me. It's also quick and easy to find a dentist on the website.

This is our second year with We have had fillings, cleanings and check-ups all at a discounted rate, which really helps our family. I have recommended my plan to friends, and anyone I talk to when the subject of low cost dental care comes up. This is such a great option for people without insurance, or for people whose insurance does not cover all the dental care that they need. The price is great and the plan is simple and fast to purchase and use.

Cheryl O. - Andover , MA - 04/01/2008

I was blessed with my father’s easy going personality, wittiness, and his less than perfect teeth. On a recent trip to the dentist I was advised that I would not need one crown, but two, and a small cavity that needed to be filled. I asked for the price of the crown and they said it would be $1364 each. Yikes, so much for our trip to Disney.

My husband has a great job but it does not provide us with dental insurance. I should have asked before my cleaning, but I mentioned I had seen a dental plan online and had seen my dentist’s name along with it. The receptionist informed me that they did accept this dental plan and it was a discount plan, not an insurance plan. I inquired the price of the crown with the discount plan. She informed me that if I signed up for the discount dental plan (Aetna Dental Access), I would pay for my services off of a different fee schedule.

Bottom line, what does that mean? My dentist has been contracted with this discount plan to offer discounted dental services. For that same crown that would cost me $1364 without any coverage, under the discount plan will only cost $691. What?? How is that possible? The same service for almost 1/2 the price? What gives? I went home and signed up for the discount dental plan that was less than $90/yr at I can now get my two crowns for the price of one. Not to mention, the filling I need for the cavity would have cost me $159, but with the discount plan it’s only $76.

It certainly pays to investigate and be an advocate for yourself. The dentist did not offer that they accepted this plan but it was worth my extra effort to save $$. I live in Massachusetts. Please do yourself a favor and check to see if your state offers this plan or something similar. It even states that you can have dental insurance along with this dental discount. Not all dental insurance plans cover everything; there is usually a cap as to what they will pay. Good luck with your future dental woes and keep smiling. I know I am.

Lloyd B. - Canton , GA - 04/01/2008

I had many cavities due to medication, so my dental bill is quite large. I had 3 teeth pulled and saved a lot of money in just one visit. The dentist was very attentive to my needs, as I am 86 years old. The dentist called me the evening of the extractions to see how I was doing. I thought that was very good since one of the nurses could have called, as in many offices they do that the next day. I'm so glad my granddaughter referred me to this plan. Thank you for this great dentist and your plan for service.

Robert N. - Lynn , MA - 04/01/2008

My experience with Aetna Dental Access was very much a surprise. Not only was the cost reasonable, but picking a dentist in our area was so simple. My husband and I have found a great dentist thanks to the ease of finding someone in the plan on the computer.

My husband has gone to see him to fix his dentures and for fillings. Thanks to our dentist, I was also able to get a referral and an exam for a condition that was caused by a cracked tooth. The problem was solved. Thanks to the discount dental plan, we can afford to have our teeth taken care of at a price we can afford.

Bella B. - Orangeburg , NY - 04/01/2008

I am a widow who just retired from my job in December. I worked at a hospital where I had good dental benefits. I was very worried about how I was going to pay my dental bills. I went on the computer to look for something that I could afford. After all, I lost all of my benefits when I retired.

That is where I found Dental Most of the other plans I couldn’t afford. I applied for the Aetna Dental Program. I have not regretted it yet. I found a wonderful dentist a block away from my home. He just capped two of my teeth after my check-up. I also had periodontal work on my gums. I just couldn't believe how much money I saved with the Aetna Plan. I am very happy with it and would recommend it to all my friends. I guess it was my lucky day when I went on the computer looking for a plan. Thank you so much!

Jo O. - Atlanta , GA - 04/01/2008

I am 89 and on a fixed income, so I was looking for a way around the high price of seeing a dentist. I am in good health, but teeth have a way of needing help when you get this old, even if you’ve taken good care of them. I had a loose tooth, and I knew it was about to go and I’d need to replace it with an addition to my bridge. I had just moved to Atlanta to live with my daughter, and the prospect of finding a new dentist was daunting. My son recommended that I look online for a dental plan. Ha! I did that the way I do all my computer stuff – I asked my daughter to do it for me!

She said that one web site made it very easy. She found a lot of choices at, and after looking at all the choices and the locations of the dentists on the plans, we settled on Aetna Dental Access. The dentist we chose was just down the road, and his assistant immediately made an appointment for me. The dentist was a very pleasant man and I was very pleased with the work he did. My mouth feels “right” again, and he charged exactly what the plan said he would. Now I know that I’m set - I have a local dentist who will see me and take care of all my dental needs.

Denise B. - Sugar Grove , IL - 04/01/2008

Normally I would not take the time to write a review like this, but I am overly impressed with my Aetna Dental Access Plan. Not only was I very happy that I saved almost half on my bill, but it was very comforting that my dentist also spoke very highly of the plan. After switching jobs, my new job didn't offer dental insurance. I wasn't familiar with any discount dental plans, so I hesitated to sign up for anything in fear it would end up being a "rip off". Finally, I just decided to give one a chance. After all, it is under $100 to sign up.

I was lucky enough to see a web promo code, which saved me an additional $10 when I signed up. I am so thankful I finally did! I chose the plan based on the dentist I wanted to see. I had heard through the grapevine this particular dentist was great. Needless to say he was better than great, and I loved my hygienist as well! Thankfully, I didn't have any cavities :), so I was just in for x-rays and a cleaning. I did pass on the word to a girlfriend, who signed up for the same plan, and made an appointment with the same doctor. The website was super easy to navigate around and it’s pretty black and white. I am 100% confident that her experience will be as great as mine!

Jeff C. - Rogers , AR - 04/01/2008

As a Minister, I was looking for a family dental plan for myself, my wife and two teenagers. We joined Aetna Vital Savings in January of 2007. It has saved us 30% - 50% on general dentistry such as check-ups, cleanings, x-rays, and fillings. But, the biggest savings came definitely through the orthodontics discount!

My daughter had to have braces, and this plan costing under $200 per year, saved us $2,000 for her braces! And, the dentists and orthodontists on the plan are great! We have recommended your plan to many of our friends, and have just renewed for another year. Thank you! You have been a blessing to our family!

Denise B. - Tampa , FL - 04/01/2008

As a self-employed member of the workforce, I have explored many options for medical insurance. I was spending hundreds of dollars every month on minimal coverage for myself and my husband. After years of paying, my husband had to go for a minor procedure and we discovered that most of what we expected to be covered by our costly insurance coverage was not part of the plan we were paying so dearly for. I ended up paying out more for the one procedure than I had paid for the entire year of coverage!

Our options in insurance premiums were extremely expensive and the coverage I wanted was not even available. I believe that our health is directly influenced by what we eat and how we live and my choice has always been towards alternative approaches to health and well being. When I discovered the Aetna Vital Savings Plan on, I was overjoyed!

The program allowed me great discounts on the services I most wanted, and those that most appealed to my lifestyle choices. There was a long list of local practitioners who offered the services that I was most interested in – Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Massage and more! This was icing on the cake because I thought that I was only getting discounts at my dentist when I first started to shop for the right program through!

I found the most incredible massage therapist I have ever used through Aetna’s Vital Savings and save 33% off his regular rate. I also have great discounts on my favorite dentist too! There are so many great services available through the Aetna Vital Savings program that I no longer have a need for traditional health venues. Through the alternative health venues, my health has never been better, and through I am able to save thousands of dollars annually with discounts on the services I use and premiums on other insurance coverage I no longer desire.

Michael M. - Joliet , IL - 04/01/2008

In most cases, I wouldn’t take the time to write about a product or service. But, with, I feel like I owe them after all the money they saved me this past year!

I usually travel between 200 and 300 days a year for business. My time is very limited, so getting to the dentist is not at the top of my list. Late last year, I traveled to visit a relative in Maryland, and while I was there, I saw an advertisement on TV for It sounded too good to be true, but I use the internet for everything, so I logged on to the website to learn more.

I was able to easily look up my doctors (3 of them) and find out what plans they participate in. Fortunately, all three of my doctors participate in the Aetna Plan which was approximately $100 per year for me and my two children. The website was very helpful, but I called the customer service number at the website to confirm that my two children would be covered even though they live in North Carolina and I live in Chicago. No problems; everyone was covered. In fact, the agent was so helpful that she even walked me through all the things I should do to make the plan even more beneficial to me before I made my decision.

I called each of my dentists’ offices to confirm their enrollment and then find out how much I would save with the Aetna plan. I couldn’t believe my ears as each one rattled off 50%, 60% and even 65% percent figures. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this “no brainer” plan was for me. I signed up at the website, “easy as pie”, and in a few minutes, “shazam” … I had joined and printed off my plan card.

I had already spent about $5,000 at my dental offices the three months prior to joining the plan; an amount not easily parted with. But, I still had some major dental work ahead of me. Four bone grafts, 4 pulled teeth (including two wisdom teeth I needed removed) and a bridge to replace the missing teeth were just some of the things I needed to have done.

It wasn’t pleasant but it would have been more unpleasant if I had to shell out the additional $10,000 the plan saved me! Yes, I’m talking several thousand dollars at a time. The first bone graft I had cost me $3,000, but with the new plan in hand, the next one was only $1,400. To this day, I can’t believe it was so simple to save as much as I have. It was like cutting out a coupon in a newspaper.

Now, don’t think this plan is only for people that need major dental work. After I had my bone graft surgeries and my nice new shinny teeth, I had to keep them spruced up so I wouldn’t get into the same boat again. A simple cleaning at my doctor’s office is $192 if you don’t have insurance. With my Aetna Plan from, my cost was only $85. You do the math! Again, a “no brainer”, this plan has given me my smile back in more ways than one! The savings on my cleaning visit paid for the yearly Aetna plan fee with

Now, I recommend to all of my employees, friends and family. In fact, my consulting firm’s dental plan options are very limited and cost a whole lot more with very little savings. With, all of my employees and peers now have options when it comes to dental plans with the use of

So, before this sounds more like an infomercial instead of a review of, let me say this: it is one of the best options offered to me in a very long time. I recommend everyone to check it out for themselves. You won’t be sorry. Even my mother, the skeptic she is, couldn’t believe it was that simple.

Lisa I. - Macon , GA - 04/01/2008

I wish I had signed up sooner!

We were told in March that my husband needed one root canal and two crowns. That is one serious chunk of money. I had looked at your web site last year, considered purchasing a discount dental plan, but I never did. So, faced with these procedures, I went on-line and, using your extremely user-friendly website, chose Aetna Dental Access.

I joined too late for the plan to help pay for the root canal, but one crown later, it paid for itself. The procedure cost was $964.00. The discount was $327.00, leaving us a balance of $637.00 out-of-pocket. The Aetna plan I purchased was $150.00, so it paid for itself today. There was no problem purchasing the plan via the web. Our dentist, whom we like a lot, took the plan without any question. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the plan and with the wonderful savings. In today's economy, we need all the help we can get. Thank you.

Georgina C. - Spanish Fork , UT - 04/01/2008

I have had a great experience with my discount dental plan. My kids are covered with an insurance plan for dental work, but I had none, so I started looking into different plans. My dentist would call to remind me that I needed the root canals done, but we did not have all the money needed. That was when they recommended the Aetna Dental Access Plan.

I was over the moon when I found out about the plan since I needed 3 root canals and 5 crowns done, and I could stay with my dentist. I have to go to a dentist that can knock me out since my gums are very sensitive and will not deaden. So far I have had all the root canals done and 2 of the crowns. I have saved about $700 which has well paid for my plan.

Some dental plans have mostly new dentists who do not always know what they are doing, but my dentist, who accepted this plan, is wonderful and has been in business for about 20 years. They have all the latest technology and keep the office and exam rooms VERY CLEAN. The staff at this location is very friendly, so my thanks to Aetna for having an outstanding selection of dentists to choose from.

My wait in the waiting room is about 3 minuets and it is not too much longer than that in the dental chair. I would HIGHLY recommend this plan to anyone and have told some of my friends about it, even if they have some kind of insurance. We all know how much the insurance agencies charge and how little they cover in the end. I am very glad the web site was easy to understand. Thank you for offering such a great plan for us middleclass people with no dental insurance.

Kavonya J. - Atlanta , GA - 04/01/2008

I selected the Aetna Dental Access Individual Plan for $99.95. On my first visit, I had a Comprehensive Check-Up, Full X-Rays & an Adult Teeth Cleaning. Without the Dental Plan, my fee would have been $304.00. With the Dental Plan, my out-of-pocket expense was $175.00. I saved 58% on the first visit. My Dentist & her staff were excellent from the time I stepped into their office to the time I left.

The website was informative. I will and have definitely recommended to friends. My overall experience thus far is 10/10. I am completely satisfied with my choice in Dental Plans and my choice to join a ‘discount dental plan’ versus a ‘dental insurance plan’.

Morganne B. - Henderson , NV - 04/01/2008

I am so happy with your discount dental plan that I renewed my membership for another year! I have Aetna Dental Access, which allows me to see a great dentist. He has taken very good care of me despite my hate of seeing the dentist. It makes it easier when the stress of the expenses is reduced, such as with your program.

In the last year I have had quite a bit of dental work, including fillings and crowns. This is why your plan is so important. Every dollar saved counts! I have probably saved hundreds of dollars so far, with my prices about 60- 70% off their regular cost.

Overall, your plan makes it easy. Your website is clear and helpful. I can even print my membership cards myself if I lose one. I definitely have told both my family and my friends about your site and the plans you offer. I love my dentist, so I recommend him too!

Thanks so much.

Ronda F. - Joshua , TX - 04/01/2008

I purchased the Aetna Dental Access Plan in December 2007. It has been the best purchase I have ever made. My dentist took the discount plan which was great because we didn't have to switch. My daughter had to get braces in January. The plan saved me $1200. My thanks go out to

Sandra F. - Beaver Falls , PA - 04/01/2008

In February of 2007, I experienced an abscessed tooth and unexpectedly had to have an emergency root canal done. At that time, I was told that I had another tooth that would also need a root canal. I am a single mother with two daughters. At the time, I had no dental coverage at all. I had to pay $1,000.00 for the root canal itself and had to postpone the restoring of the tooth until I could obtain some dental insurance coverage. I also had to put the other tooth on hold and treat the pain with ibuprofen.

I was preparing to send my oldest daughter off to college and had (and still do not have) any extra money to use for myself. I began my on-line search for some dental insurance, only to discover that I could not afford it either. I came across and did some research with my dentist and endodontist before I made the decision to purchase such a dental discount program. The Aetna Dental Access program seemed to fit my needs and both physicians participated in the program.

This past month, I again began experiencing pain in my mouth. After two trips to my dentist, I was referred to the endodontist who informed me that I needed two root canals done. The first was on April 17, 2008 and the second was on April 24, 2008. Between the two procedures the cost would have been $1798.00. With my Aetna Dental Access discount I saved $670.00! My total cost was $1128.00. While I still do not have that kind of money, I was very thankful for the savings. My decision to purchase this plan has surely paid for itself!

In June of this year, my college-age daughter will lose her health insurance coverage. I have been fretting over the whole situation. While I was looking at my discount dental plan, I discovered that I can purchase a family plan for only $50.00 more than what I pay for myself. After giving it some thought, I realized (and I am thankful) that she has no on-going dental problems. This plan will work for me and my daughter until I am able to obtain a job that offers full health-care and dental coverage.

I am thankful that I discovered Thank you for the awesome savings!

Jay - Lexington , KY - 01/01/2007

The Careington POS Plan is wonderful! It covered both my dental work and vision needs. I immediately referred a friend of mine to the program. You have a great product that I will stand by.

Vanessa R. - Sacramento , CA - 07/01/2008

I needed a lot of work on my teeth. Since I had no insurance, I was going to pay for everything in cash. A friend of mine, however, found out about She told me that I should check it out. Around the same time, my husband was laid off and we had less money to take care of my teeth .The reason that I decided to go to the dentist was because I was having a very sharp pain.

We postponed this dental work as long as we could. I actually had to take a little tube of medicine to numb my teeth so I could be without pain for about half an hour at a time. I would get some dental floss and put the medicine to numb the area that was hurting. I went to the dentist and I was given a plan of action, so to speak .The work that I needed was a total of 7,000 dollars. Where was I ever going to get 7,000 dollars?

I listened to my friend and checked out the discount dental plans that you guys provide. I decided to get the Careington POS plan. I needed two root canals, eight cavities filled, and two porcelain crowns. I went to my dentist and I provided the Membership Card. Thanks to God and this plan, I have saved roughly around 3,000 dollars. I was very happy to be able to get my teeth healthy.

The dental staff was very friendly and the dentist was very gentle. The reason that I had postponed so long was because I had had dentists who did not care whether I felt pain or not! I have recommended this website to at least three other people.

Laura C. - Olney , MD - 07/01/2008

I am a 21-year-old full time college student. My parents’ insurance dropped me at 19-years-old from Dental and Prescription only because it was their policy to drop the patient regardless if they are a college student or not. I was extremely stressed about finding a good dental plan or insurance.

First, I searched on Google. I came across and saw that it offered so many different plans with options! Knowing that I am on a tight budget simply because I am a full-time student working part-time, was the perfect opportunity for me to gain access to a great dentist at a low cost! I first joined another plan and it was extremely inexpensive and easy to use at my dentist’s office, but once the plan expired, I joined the Careington POS Plan since it offered a higher discount for prescriptions than my previous plan.

I paid such a great bargain price for dental x-rays, cleanings, and a few cavity fillings! It was also very easy because there are no claims involved with since it is not insurance. It will save one from stressing out about insurance, dealing with claims, and miscellaneous issues related to dental insurance.

The staff at my dentist was very friendly and clear about the prices, and understanding about me using the plan. Not to mention, my dentist was actually rated one of the best dentists in America! Overall, I would definitely recommend to people who need inexpensive dental care along with extra discounts for vision, chiropractic, and prescriptions!

Lowell B. - Saint Charles , IL - 06/01/2008

Good morning. At the end of last year, I left my job to go into business for myself. I also left behind my company's dental plan. Seeing as my wife stays home to provide all the care for our two daughters, aged 4 and 1, we were looking for an affordable plan that would still provide us with the level of care we were accustomed to back when I worked in corporate America.

After spending a ton of time researching the numerous discount dental plans available to small business owners, I came to the conclusion that the Careington POS Annual Family Plan was right for me and my family. We chose this plan because we were still able to use our dentist that we had a great relationship with, and the discounts under this plan were fantastic.

Since we joined at the end of February, we have been to the dentist 4 times; 3 times for routine cleanings, and once for a cavity to be filled. Our Careington POS plan has already saved us $289. This is $129 more than we originally paid for the plan, and we still have over 10 months remaining on the plan!

The transition from my employer's dental plan to Careington POS was absolutely seamless -- our discounts were applied the very first visit we made after purchasing the plan. I would absolutely recommend, and in particular the Careington POS Family Plan. Thank you so much!

Charles M. - Newalla , OK - 04/01/2008

I enrolled in the Careington POS plan two years ago and have saved over $2500.00 so far from what the dentist usually charges. Every procedure, including a root canal, replacing a crown, and filling cavities, has been less than half the price quoted by other dentists. The dentist I use is very professional and provides me the same quality care as those not using the plan. The website is easy to use and I have recommended it to over 50 of my friends and family who don't have dental insurance through their work. It's almost like "this is to good to be true", but it isn’t. I highly recommend it to everyone I know!!

Don R. - Las Vegas , NV - 04/01/2008

In February 2008, I joined the Careington CarePOS plan. I had been searching for a dental insurance or a discount dental plan for a good while. I am 72 years of age, and have been uninsured since retiring at the end of 2003.

My last dental exam under my employment PPO plan was a disaster, to say the least. The dentist told me I needed several crowns, several fillings, and a few existing fillings were to be replaced because "they might loosen up." I was not shown any X-rays, or given any further information about the work to be done. My cost under my plan would be around $2500. Since I had always taken good care of my teeth, and I wasn't having any problems, my gut feeling was that maybe I was going to be helping pay for the dentist's new car, rather than getting the dental care I needed.

Upon joining the Careington POS Plan, I found a dentist about five minutes from my home. My first visit, of course, included X-rays and an oral exam. The dentist went over my X-rays in great detail, and to my surprise and delight, he said I didn't need anything done except a routine cleaning. He specifically discussed that I had healthy bones and teeth, and that several cosmetic procedures were available in the event I was interested. (I have a chipped upper front tooth and a small space between my lower front teeth. Both these conditions have existed most of my life, and at my age, I don't feel they are urgent problems.)

My bill for that day was $82, but would have been something over $200 without the discount dental plan. I returned about two weeks later to get a cleaning. The procedure was routine, which surprised me, given the elapsed time since my previous cleaning. Both the dentist and the dental hygienist commented that I had no plaque buildup and that I must be brushing and flossing regularly and correctly. My bill for the cleaning was $32 and would have been $82 without the Dent-All Plan discount.

These experiences have pretty much restored my faith in dental care professionals. I can honestly say that my latest dentist appears to be among the most professional, knowledgeable, and caring dentists I have known. All of the personnel in this office are very caring individuals and seem to have a genuine interest in their patients. In searching for a discount dental plan, I had looked at several other websites, and was particularly impressed by the website. The ease of navigating the site, choice of plans, available dentists, and other information were instrumental in my joining this plan.

I will certainly recommend the website and discount dental plan to my family members and acquaintances. On a scale of 1-10, my experience with the Careington POS Plan thus far has definitely been a 10!

Fred F. - Neptune , NJ - 04/01/2008

I have the Aon Dental Solutions Plan, formerly the Protective Dental Plan. I chose the plan because it suited my immediate needs, and the doctor that was recommended by someone was on my plan. I visited two other dentists before going to see the new dentist. I was told by two previous dentists that my tooth needed to be extracted. I refused to let them do it, and so I went to visit the new dentist. She immediately took x-rays of my entire mouth and determined that I did NOT need that tooth extracted. She was able to fix it immediately with no pain whatsoever. From there, she fixed two minor cavities and we made an appointment to come back for a cleaning, fluoride treatment and two more fillings.

I know how much I saved on that first visit. I was quoted $1,300.00 for an extraction. The new dentist charged me less than $363.00 for my first visit, which included fixing the tooth that was supposed to be extracted, full mouth x-rays, and two minor fillings. A follow up visit to have additional fillings filled and cleaning cost about $300.00. I would think, overall, that I did very well. My dentist was professional, caring, friendly, and above all, very competent. She was recommended to me by my niece and, in turn, I recommended my wife to her. Her experience was great also.

I would recommend this plan and this particular dentist to anyone. When I knew I wanted to choose a discount dental plan, your web site was very helpful and, after completing all the necessary information, we had a family plan the very next day. I feel the price of the plan is fair. If I were to give a rating to both the plan and this doctor, I would definitely say they both rate 10 out of 10.

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