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Alliance HealthCard Savings Card

  • Enjoy savings of 15% to 50% on most dental services including general dentists, orthodontics and specialists
  • Dental savings powered by Cigna Dental Network Access
  • Also provides savings on prescriptions, vision, hearing, chiropractic and more!

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Program Summary

The Alliance HealthCard Savings Card is a new and exciting healthcare concept designed for individuals and families who are interested in significantly decreasing their health-care costs while increasing their quality of care. As a member of our program you have access to a network of professionals providing quality care and services at a reduced cost. These providers are independent practitioners with practices in your community, many of whom you may already be using for your current healthcare needs.This plan includes 8 exciting additional wellness and savings benefits.

  • Dental savings powered by Cigna Dental Network Access
  • Orthodontia (orthodontics) included
  • Quick plan activation
  • No health restrictions
  • No annual limits on program usage
  • No paperwork hassles
  • No referral required to see a Specialist
  • A $ processing fee will be added during checkout.
  • THIS IS NOT INSURANCE - It is a discount plan that allows you to save money.

Dental Benefits

Additional Benefits


Activation Date

If you join today, you can start using your plan on

Family Description

Members under the family plan include all members of your immediate family currently living in your household.

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Additional Benefits

Discount prescription drug programs are a valued alternative to traditional insurance plans or a supplement when your insurance plan does not offer a prescription drug card. Quality family health care is very important to your peace of mind. Your Alliance HealthCard Membership entitles everyone in your immediate family to valuable discounts of 20%-60% off the retail prices of many generic prescription drugs and 20%-40% off brand name prescription drugs. With Alliance HealthCard there are no exclusions for brand name drugs or generic drugs. There are no limits on quantities and there is never any paperwork to complete because the savings are immediately available. The program also includes access to our mail order pharmacy for the greatest savings on maintenance prescription drugs.

  • Average savings from 20% to 60% off retail prices of generic drugs
  • Network includes 58,000 national and regional chain and independent pharmacies
  • Mail order pharmacy services provide maximum savings and convenience on maintenance prescription drugs


Over 58,000 Places You Can Save!

Your discount prescription drug card is accepted at over 58,000 retail pharmacies including: Albertson’s, CVS, Eckerd’s, Duane Reade, K-Mart, Kroger, Longs Drugs, Medicine Shoppe, Osco, Publix, Rite Aid, Safeway, Target, Walgreens, Winn-Dixie, and over 25,000 independent retail pharmacies!

Sample Savings
Prescription Retail Price With Alliance HealthCard Savings
Celebrex 100mg $59 $50 15%
Lipitor 20mg $114 $100 12%
Nexium 20mg $140 $122 13%
Prozac 20mg $129 $83 36%
Singulair 10mg $101 $87 14%
Lamisil 1% $41 $33 19%
Paxil 10mg $92 $81 12%
Cialis 10mg $109 $98 6%
Zantac 150mg $14 $12 11%

This is NOT insurance, it is a discount program.

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A vision discount program is a great investment in your family’s well being. Your Alliance HealthCard membership entitles you to a vision service program delivered by a network of eye care professionals. Each one is dedicated to providing quality vision care and products to everyone in your immediate family. There are no limits to the number of visits throughout the year and you simply pay the total bill, less the applicable discount, at the time of service.

  • Select from over 65,000 independent optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians nationwide
  • LensCrafters, Pearle, JCPenny, Sears, and Target retail locations included
  • Significant savings of 35% off retail price of frames (with a complete pair).
  • The vision program also applies to LASIK and PRK laser vision procedures.

Sample Savings on Vision Care
Service Retail Price With Alliance HealthCard Savings
Exam & Glasses $300 $145 $155 (52%)

Vision Provider Search Tool:

ZIP Code:
Provider Name

Save 35% on hearing aids with your membership.

Have access to the more than 2,500 full service centers. Receive a FREE hearing aid evaluation and enjoy a three year supply of free batteries with purchase.

There is no charge for annual follow-up cleaning and check of hearing aids purchased through the Alliance HealthCard Membership.

Not available in IL.

  1. Largest Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Network in US
  2. Discounts of 25% off usual and customary fees
  3. No limit to number of visits
  4. Choose from over 19,000 chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists, nationwide
  5. Shop the online health and wellness store where you’ll receive a 15%-40% discount on most items


To locate providers, click here for Chiropractic & Alternative Medicine or click here for Massage Therapy Discount.

Get "corporate rates" with your membership.

Be assured of a guaranteed best-available “corporate” rate with an Alliance HealthCard Membership. There are more than 2,500 participating fitness facilities such as Curves, Gold’s Gym, Jazzercise, and many other locally and regional owned locations.

To locate providers, click here.

Save 15% off billed charges at time of service at more than 3,500 participating qualified and credentialed providers.

No limit to the number of visits. Therapists available in AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, LA, MA, MI, MS, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TN.

Get important medical information by phone with your membership.

It is important to have easy access to a trusted source of information and support made available through your Alliance HealthCard Membership. You will speak with a registered nurse who can answer your questions and provide you with health and medical information. All interactions are kept strictly confidential. You can get information about symptoms, medical terms, procedures, diseases, treatment options, and medications. The 24-Hour Nurse Line is standing by for your entire family to have:

  1. Telephone conversations with Registered Nurses, 365 days a year
  2. 24/7 Internet access to a library of specific health-related topics
  3. Recorded messages that can be downloaded

Member save 40% to 60% on most diabetic supplies.

Your program provides discounted prices on packages of diabetic supplies including monitor, lancets, test strips and carrying case.

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The discount medical, health and drug benefits (The Plan) are NOT insurance, a health insurance policy, a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act. The Plan provides discounts for certain medical services, pharmaceutical supplies, prescription drugs or medical equipment and supplies offered by providers who have agreed to participate in the Plan. The range of discounts for medical, pharmacy or ancillary services offered under The Plan will vary depending on the type of provider and products or services received. The Plan does not make and is prohibited from making members’ payments to providers for products or services received under The Plan. The Plan member is required and obligated to pay for all discounted prescription drugs, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, services and equipment received under The Plan, but will receive a discount on certain identified medical, pharmaceutical supplies, prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies from providers in The Plan. The Discount Medical Plan Organization is Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc., P.O. Box 630858, Irving, TX 75063. You may call (866) 578-1659 for more information or visit for a list of providers. The Plan will make available before purchase and upon request, a list of program providers and the providers’ city, state and specialty, located in the member’s service area. Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc. does not guarantee the quality of the services or products offered by individual providers. The fees for The Plan are specified in the membership agreement. You have the right to cancel your membership at anytime. If you cancel your membership within 30 days of the effective date, you will receive a full refund of all periodic charges. The processing fee is non-refundable except in AR, MD, RI and TN. To cancel you must, verbally or in writing, notify Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc. at the phone number or address above. We will stop collecting membership fees in a reasonable amount of time, but no later than 30 days after cancellation. Any complaints should be directed to Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc. at the address or phone number above. Upon receipt of the complaint, member will receive confirmation of receipt within 5 business days. After investigation of the complaint, Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc. will provide member with the results and a proposed resolution no later than 30 days after receipt of the complaint.

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