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Why should you get your wisdom teeth out?
Updated: 2/28/2013 8:14:59 PM

Why should you get your wisdom teeth out?

There are many basics that most people know about dental health, such as the fact that they need to brush and floss on a daily basis, as well as visit the dentist twice a year and whenever they experience oral pain. Another thing about oral health that people usually know is that wisdom teeth usually should be removed, but many individuals may not understand why. This may explain why so many people try to carry on with their wisdom teeth and don't book an appointment to get them taken care of. However, this may be a mistake. 

According to Dental Health Magazine, often, wisdom teeth do not erupt from the gums, which can lead to pain while people chew and a general soreness that can last all day. However, the dental news source pointed out that even without pain, it's important to get these teeth removed, because neglecting to do so can cause some serious dental issues. 

What are wisdom teeth, and why should you care?
The Mayo Clinic explains that wisdom teeth are third molars in the back of the mouth that do not have enough room to grow. They are the last adult teeth to come in, and most people have four of them. It's not uncommon for people to not experience pain when these teeth come in, which may encourage them to not make a trip to the dentist and simply wait and see if their wisdom teeth cause any problems. However, while the decision regarding whether to have these teeth removed can be left up to the patient, everyone should visit the dentist if he or she suspects that their wisdom teeth are coming in. 

Dental Health Magazine explains that even if people don't feel pain associated with their wisdom teeth, they can still develop infections. This is particularly common in the case of wisdom teeth that have only erupted partially though the gums. This means that half of the tooth is covered by gum tissue, opening the door for a host of bacteria to enter and cause serious problems within the mouth. There may be no way for people to know that their wisdom teeth are causing all of these problems unless they make an appointment with their dentist to have them examined. 

It's all about prevention
In the end, people who choose to get their wisdom teeth removed may help prevent themselves from experiencing a host of dental health issues. For example, if wisdom teeth are allowed to fully come in, they need to be cleaned like the rest of the teeth in the mouth. However, since these teeth tend to be crowded by others and at a strange angle, it can be very hard to clean them. This may lead to tooth decay and gum disease that could have been avoided if people had simply gone to the dentist for the simple procedure of having their wisdom teeth removed. 

Furthermore, impacted wisdom teeth can cause problems such as jaw pain and headaches, which can seriously impact a person's day-to-day life. There is no reason for individuals to go through all of this pain and annoyance when they can simply have their wisdom teeth removed during a safe and common procedure. 

If cost stands in the way of people having these teeth removed, they should look into discount dental plans, which will help them find a dentist who will perform quality work at an affordable cost, so no one has to deal with wisdom teeth if they don't want to. 

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