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  • Medicare & Dental Care

    Simply put, since the limitations on dental are so severe, it’s best to assume there is no Medicare coverage for dental. Medicare typically does not cover emergency dental care, even if it is performed in a hospital, but it likely will cover the hospital costs and possibly the cost of antibiotics.

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  • What You Need To Know Now About the Affordable Care Act

    It’s obvious that the future of Obamacare is highly uncertain. If you purchase your healthcare insurance through the ACA Marketplaces, you may be wondering if your coverage will suddenly be canceled. Or you may be curious whether the financial penalties imposed on the uninsured will be in effect for much longer.

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  • How Is Obamacare Helping Seniors?

    Obamacare stresses the importance of preventative care so you may find that you have better access to yearly health checkups and screenings for early detection of diseases and other medical conditions, without charging you for the Part B co-insurance or deductible.

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  • Tips For Purchasing Obamacare Dental Insurance

    Since health insurance typically did not include dental coverage, those who drafted the ACA didn’t want to mandate its inclusion in the new ACA healthcare plans. That said, a few states do mandate that pediatric dental coverage be included in all plans.

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  • Does Obamacare Replace Medicare?

    While the ACA did alter Medicare, it does not replace Medicare. Seniors and others who have Medicare can keep their coverage, and still enjoy the protections provided by Obamacare.

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  • Obamacare and Dental Care for Kids

    If you want to purchase your health plan on the ACA Marketplace and you want family dental coverage, you’ll also need to purchase traditional dental insurance or a dental savings plan. Also consider purchasing coverage for your children with your ACA plan

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