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DentalPlans.com helps people access the quality healthcare that they need, at a price they can afford. Dental health is the key to your overall well-being. Don’t delay – start smiling (and saving) today, and enjoy a healthier life with DentalPlans.com.

What Are My Plan Options?

Dental savings plans offer an affordable alternative to traditional insurance. Members pay a single, annual fee and gain access to a network of dentists who have agreed to offer reduced fees to plan members. Since the rates are pre-determined, members always know what the cost of any treatment will be. Typical savings are 10-60% off the dentist’s customary fees.

Unlike insurance, there are no reimbursement claims to file, no annual caps, nor is there a waiting period for the more expensive services. You can even save on cosmetic (teeth whitening and implants) and orthodontic (braces) procedures that may not typically be covered by dental insurance, depending on the plan you choose.

Dental insurance pays a portion of the costs associated with dental services. Purchasers of dental insurance pay a monthly rate, called a premium, for their coverage. Many insurance plans have a yearly benefit cap, typically $1,000 to $1,500 per year. As soon as the insurer has paid that amount, you pay for any additional care and procedures that you may need. Both dental savings plans and dental insurance can help you to save money and stay healthy.

The DentalPlans.com info pack is an informative digital guidebook will help you get one step closer to where your dental health should be! With sections that cover our promise to you, dental insurance struggles, discount savings plans, introductions to dental procedures and common procedures. This guide will be a helpful resource in choosing the right dental plan for you and your family.

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