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  • Protect your teeth while playing sports

    Helmets, knee pads, shin guards … anyone who plays sports or has an athletic kid is familiar with this protective gear. But unless your sport is football or hockey, you may have only seen mouth guards in the aisle of your local sports or drug store.

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  • Can Dental Treatment Cause Hearing Loss?

    Sudden hearing loss, which may also include symptoms such as ringing in your ear, a feeling that your ear or sinuses are blocked, and dizziness, can potentially be caused by inflammation following dental work.

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  • Jaw Pain Due to Injury

    An accident or a sudden blow to the face can cause severe jaw pain and injury. Learn how to recognize a potentially broken or dislocated jaw—and what to do about it.

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  • Broken Tooth Emergency

    Chipped and cracked teeth are among the most common traumatic dental injuries. But teeth that are treated appropriately—and in a timely manner—have the best chance for a full recovery.

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  • Have You Experienced A Traumatic Dental Injury?

    Dental injuries can result from auto accidents, sports mishaps, falls, and many other causes. People who suffer from a traumatic dental injury need prompt first aid and appropriate treatment.

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  • How Do I Stop Tooth Pain?

    Tooth pain may be severe or mild; it may happen only occasionally, or increase over time. But whatever the case, it requires your attention—tooth pain indicates a problem in your mouth.

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  • What To Do If I Have A Painful Gum Abscess?

    Most of the time, it will be painfully obvious if you have a gum abscess: This condition may develop suddenly, and can cause intense discomfort. It requires prompt professional treatment.

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  • Gum Injuries: Common Types & Treatment

    Your gums are soft and supple, but they can be injured by an accidental blow, irritated by a trapped foreign body, or inflamed by a bacterial infection. Learn what to do when gum injuries occur.

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