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Below are ways to get fast discounts on your emergency dental care needs, including dental insurance, healthcare credit cards, loans, dental payment plans and dental savings plans.

Emergency Dental Care Options

Can you afford emergency dental care?

A broken tooth, a shattered crown, a dental abscess – these problems can come on fast, and need to be treated ASAP to avoid potentially life-threatening illness, pain and further damage to your teeth. But many people’s budgets can’t cover a sudden, emergency dental procedure. So how do you get the care you need?

Healthcare credit card: You can get approved quickly if you have a good credit rating. But make sure to read the terms very carefully, ask questions and make your payments on time – interest rates skyrocket if you don’t abide by the rules.

Short Term Loan: Can be a good option if you qualify, but it often takes time to approve a loan so this may not be suitable for emergency care.

Dental Insurance: if you have dental insurance, you’re covered for emergency care (assuming you haven’t exceeded your annual spending limit and have no waiting period restrictions.)

Dental Savings Plan: Quick activation, no waiting periods, no spending limit and everyone qualifies (no background checks). A dental savings plan is often the best choice when you need immediate discounts on dental care.

Cheap Emergency Dental Care

The best way to save on dental often depends on what treatments you need.

Preventive Dental Care

Preventative Dental Care

You may not think of this as “emergency” dental care, but getting regular checkups and cleanings can help you avoid dental disasters. Dental insurance is designed to save you money on preventive care.

Basic Restorative Care

Basic Restorative Care

Fixing a small chip or a tiny cavity now can save you from needing a really expensive crown or root canal later. Get a dental savings plan so you don’t have to delay getting dental care.

Major Restorative Care

Major Restorative Care

Sometimes dental visits can’t be delayed. If you’re in pain, have symptoms of a dental infection (fever, swollen gums or face), get care immediately – head to the emergency room for antibiotics if that’s your only option. For issues like a lost or badly cracked tooth, get a dental savings plan. You’ll be able to save between 10-60% on care within 72 hours of purchasing the plan. And some dental savings plans can be activated immediately.

>Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic care doesn’t qualify as a real emergency, which is why dental insurance rarely covers it. But it can be critical to your health, quality of life and confidence. Many dental savings plans offer significant discounts on treatments like tooth whitening, smile makeovers and dental implants.

No Dental Insurance, Need Emergency Dentist!

Having dental insurance doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll save a lot on emergency dental care. Here’s why:

Dental Insurance Waiting Periods

You don’t immediately qualify for discounts on all procedures. A dental DPPO insurance plan can make you wait for months before your coverage is fully activated.

Dental Insurance Spending Caps

Dental insurance typically limits coverage to $1000-$1500 annually. Just one emergency root canal and crown can wipe out your insurance coverage for an entire year.

Dental Insurance Restrictions

A dental DHMO plan may restrict how quickly and how often you can see your dentist.

Dental Insurance Pre-Approvals

Your dental insurance provider may require a pre-approval prior to getting any expensive treatment. The provider can deny claims, which means you’ll be paying the dentist full price, out-of-your-pocket.

How Much Does Emergency Dental Insurance Cost?

DHMO Insurance Plan

Expect to pay about $200-$225 per year for an individual and $450 for a family plan. Your preventive care will be covered at 100%, but you’ll have a low copay for all other treatments. This type of insurance may limit access to restorative and cosmetic treatments.

DPPO Insurance Plan

This type of insurance runs about $280 for an individual and $850 for a family. Preventive care is typically covered at 100%, basic care at 80% and restorative care at 50%. This type of dental insurance has an annual spending cap of $1000-$1500, and waiting periods before coverage is effective for anything but basic care.

Dental Indemnity Insurance Plan

You’ll pay about $300+ for an individual and $900+ for a family. This type of dental insurance typically has the highest annual spending cap ($2000+) and you can see any dentist you choose. You pay the dentist directly, and are reimbursed a set fee.

Facts about Emergency Dental Care and Insurance

Can I go to the dentist without having dental insurance?

Absolutely. Dentists are usually very happy to work with uninsured patients.

Without dental insurance, will the dentist take payments?

That depends on the dentist, and – often -whether you are a regular patient. Dentists may be reluctant to offer payment plans to new patients. To reduce the cost of emergency dental care, its typically much easier to join a dental savings plan.

Is it expensive to see a dentist without dental insurance?

Dental insurance providers negotiate lower rates with the dentists who participate in their network. These lower rates are available even if you’ve exceeded your annual spending limit. So, unless your dentist offers a big discount to patients paying-out-of-pocket, you’ll pay more for all of your dental care without insurance or a dental savings plan.

I’m traveling and have a dental emergency and no dental insurance – what can I do?

If the emergency is an infection (dental abscess or swelling, pain, fever) head to the nearest urgent care or emergency room ASAP. If you can wait a bit, getting a dental savings plan is your best option. These plans activate quickly, and typically can be used to save 10-50% on dental care nationwide. So, you’ll save on dental when you’re travelling and at home.

Does dental insurance cover everything?

Dental insurance typically does not cover cosmetic procedures, and may restrict or limit access to restorative treatments as well as orthodontics for adults. Check the insurance plan’s details for specifics, and look for words such as “exclusions”, “waiting period”, “lifetime maximum”, “missing tooth clause” and “annual limit”.

Is dental insurance worth it?

That depends on your oral healthcare needs. Ask your dentist what dental insurance plans he or she recommends for your particular situation, and also ask about dental savings plans. Generally, if you need restorative care (or emergency care) you’ll pay less overall with a dental savings plan than you will with dental insurance. Dental insurance may be the best choice for people who just need regular, preventive care.

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