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Does the ACA legally require every kid to be covered by dental insurance? Will you face financial penalties if you can’t afford or choose not to purchase a traditional policy? And what are your options when it comes to paying for your child’s dental care? Read on for the answers to the most frequently asked questions about ACA dental requirements.

Fulltime, part-time, seasonal, variable? The ACA has set up different definitions for classifying workers than the ones many employers previously used. Employers and part-time workers need to know about the new ACA coverage options and challenges before they make a financial misstep.

Healthy teeth are a big expense – or are they? While there often are significant costs associated with dental care, a few simple changes can result in big savings with no need to compromise on quality.

The ACA was supposed to revolutionize healthcare, but good dental health is still beyond the means of many. Do the demands of your budget exclude you from the care that you need? Here we evaluating the current cost and coverage choices on and off the healthcare Marketplace. You may be susprised to find that dental care isn’t beyond your reach.

Signing up for ACA Marketplace insurance or any other health-related plan online requires you to provide highly personal information that you’d prefer not to share with malicious hackers. It makes sense to wonder – or even worry – how and other sites protect that data. Or is your most private information at risk?

You may have heard or read that dental care is an essential benefit for kids, under the ACA. And if so, the logical assumption is that your kids are fully protected by your health insurance. Or that you have a reasonable deductible that will make dental care affordable. But did you actually read the terms of your policy? What you discover may be an unpleasant surprise.

Obviously a child can’t reach his or her fullest potential if they are in pain, or exhausted from health issues that drain their energy and enthusiasm. Sadly tooth decay, which is so preventable with the right care and proper hygiene, is causing many kids to struggle in school. Does the ACA help?

Couldn’t afford a dental care policy on the ACA marketplace? Please remember that the Internet is not your dentist. It did not receive training that enabled it to tell the difference between a temporary irritation and a developing infection. It cannot accurately diagnose your dental problems, or provide effective treatment. Thankfully, getting proper care doesn’t have to be expensive.

These dreaded procedures – and the process of paying for them - aren’t really as scary as you may think. When you understand what the dentist is doing, and why, the process makes more sense. And if you see your dentist as soon as problems occur, rather than waiting for a windfall so that you can pay the bill, the process will likely be less stressful on you and your budget.

You’ve finally gotten a plan that makes your dental care affordable. And you can’t wait to reclaim your health and smile. So what do you do first? Here’s a guide for you to use as you take those first steps towards a healthier and happier life.


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