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Share Your Dental Care Savings Story …

We occasionally ask our valued Members to share their dental care savings stories as a part of our “Share Your Story” Promotion. In return, we randomly pick one “Share Your Story” participant to receive a free discount dental plan or cash equivalent. We value your feedback as these dental care savings stories are a true testament to the savings, service and selection offered by

Join a discount dental plan today and join the thousands of satisfied Members who are saving at the dentist!

Lisa G. - Lake City , MN - 06/01/2008

Hi! I am very happy with my plan! Over the past year, I have saved at least three times what I paid for the plan by using it for regular services for myself and my family. That money was able to be deposited in a savings account for my child's college fund. If I do that until he graduates, I will have a great start to his college tuition! Thank you!

Harold H. - Ashland City , TN - 06/01/2008

There are a number of reasons that I chose the Dentemax plan in the first place and why it has come in so handy. First, it's accepted by a wide range of providers in the area and provides care for a wide variety of procedures, from simple to more complicated. When I signed up, I needed to visit a dentist right away, and the fact that I could receive my info via computer with no waiting and no delay made it an easy choice.

I found a local dentist who could see me quickly- I had a toothache and felt sure that it would have to come out since I had been putting off the attention it needed for some time. I also couldn't afford it without, which I happened to get an email about. Anyway, when I went to the office, I showed them my Membership Card, which they recognized immediately, and they got me right in to see the dentist.

They did a wonderful job. The tooth needed to come out, and the only corners cut were the price of the procedure. I saved over half the yearly fee on that one visit, and the plan covers my wife, my daughter and I.

With the dental insurance offered at my job, the discount would not have been any bigger, and I'd be paying a monthly premium well in excess of the one time yearly fee. Anyone, whether they have access to dental insurance or not (and especially if they don't), should compare the costs and what’s included.

It is a foolish waste of money to go to the dentist without They didn't hesitate or question a thing. They immediately priced my procedures at almost 40% less than the standard fees. I've recommended the plan to an executive secretary who signed up her family as well, and thanked me for letting her know about it.

Nancy S. - Rancho Santa Margarita , CA - 06/01/2008

I'm more than happy to tell my story of using I had no dental insurance through work so I signed up for the discount dental plan a few years ago for myself and my family. I was truly amazed at what great discounts I received!

With the plan, I paid less than $60 for a thorough dental cleaning, and even had a root canal and crown and paid 1/3 of the normal fee! My entire family could now afford to take care of their teeth. They offer discounts on everything, including x-rays.

This year, I received a dental insurance HMO plan through my employment. I went to a dentist that was listed on my HMO plan and my charge was $250 to get my teeth cleaned! To add insult to injury, he now wants another $2,000 for other work he says I need! If this is how dental insurance is these days, I am going back to!

I would highly recommend the discount dental plan and I do to all of my friends, family and co-workers. If you just have one dental procedure a year it will pay for itself, let alone just a few cleanings!

The dentist I went to is very cooperative and prefers these plans over insurance plans, as there are no forms to fill out. They have a set schedule of charges, so there is nothing to work out; they just look at a chart. In fact, my dentist has pretty much stopped accepting health insurance since this is a much better plan. There are a lot of dentists that accept the plans so you don't have to leave the area that you live or work in to find a dentist. I'm so glad I discovered Dental Plans!

Tom and Judy C. - Tomahawk , WI - 06/01/2008

Do you need a discount dental plan? Are you tired of paying full fees out of pocket? Well, so were we when we found What a relief. My wife and I needed a number of procedures done besides the routine 6 month cleanings. The procedures would cost us too much so we were putting it off.

Then we found and a plan that was fit for us. There were a number of dentists in the area that accepted this discount dental plan, so we joined. We were off and running, to the dentist that is. We had our cleanings, fillings, build-ups, and crowns.

No questions were asked, and the discounted rates were applied on the spot. Yes, we are happy that we found and you will be too. All you have to do is type it in, choose a plan that’s right for you, choose a dentist, and you will be off and running too. Thanks You made us smile again.

Katrina Z. - Downers Grove , IL - 06/01/2008

My friend is HIV positive. Because of the medicine he takes for his illness, his teeth have been ruined. My friend could not get any health insurance. The only medical help he could get was through the state of Nevada, and they were not sure if they could help him concerning his dental health.

He began to have a lot of pain. It was so painful that he would overload on pain meds to help him sleep at night. I knew I had to find something so I could help him. I turned to and they were wonderful.

He is not rich and neither am I, but I knew that I would do anything for him. After all, he was my friend, and it hurt me to see him in so much pain. The total bill came to almost $8000.00- yes $8000.00. That is what his HIV medicine did to his teeth. If it wasn't for, the bill would have been close to $15,000.00. I can't tell you how thankful I am to you and your wonderful staff.

I appreciate all that you have done. My friend now has healthy teeth, and he goes for check ups every 6 months, which include a cleaning, and I still get a break.

Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much your plan means to me.

Lisa L. - Farmington , NY - 06/01/2008

We were a family of six who had no dental insurance and lots of teeth to take care of. To visit the dentist for a cleaning, we would have to save up around $700.00! Then, if work needed to be done, we were forced with the expense of that.

It wasn't until my husband needed a root canal and crown done that we were forced to switch dentists because they carried a plan that allowed us to charge $2,000 interest free, as long as we paid it back within the year. We used the plan for one year until we found out we needed to apply for the credit every year. Our dental office suggested we check out It sounded too good to be true!

For our entire family, it was only going to cost us under $200.00 for a year of discounted dental care! We were skeptical but decided to give it a try. We were hooked after the first visit to the dentist! We had our $700.00 put aside just in case the plan was too good to be true. After our cleanings were done, we looked at our bill. We had saved nearly 50%. We only owed around $350.00 for our visits! We were so excited! We saved so much money and we were able to buy a recliner with the leftover money we had saved!

I still do not understand how does it. I mean, we paid under $200 for our plan and saved around $300 in our first visit! I have got to say that if it were not for, our family would not be able to afford routine dental visits! Thank you for allowing my children to get the dental care they deserve at a reasonable price! is for everyone, even people who already have dental insurance. I don't understand why everyone out there is not doing this! It's one of the best decisions we have made for our family! Thank you!

Jean Q. - West Allis , WI - 06/01/2008

I joined in order to save some money on my dental care bills. This is exactly what happened. I have saved approximately 40% on many of the dental procedures I have had recently, but most importantly, there are no annual limits. I like the plan and feel it is a cost-saving program. Thank you for offering this to those of us who typically would not have access to dental insurance.

Sheri L. - Tallahassee , FL - 06/01/2008

My family consists of 2 young boys, ages 4 and 7, and my husband and I. For a long time we were uninsured and not covered by a discount dental plan. My husband is self-employed and I work part-time. I found that it was impossible to find dental insurance for our family that would cover a pediatric dentist. We just paid the bills at the pediatric dentist as they came and cringed at the absurd prices each time.

A crucial turning point for me was when my older son was seen by our pediatric dentist to find that he had a cavity that had decayed to the point of being painful; we were advised by our previous dentist that this tooth would fall out and that there was no need to fill it. It turned out that the tooth had to be capped and was a tooth that was not set to fall out for another 3 years.

One ugly silver cap and $600 later, I decided it was time to find some sort of discount dental plan. It also seemed that the pediatric dentist could charge whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and each time we would visit I would see others paying $25 for a service that I was being billed $300 or more for because we were uninsured. This pediatric dentist also had a knack of making me feel like a horrible mother for letting my child’s tooth decay, even though I was not able to afford his outrageous prices.

After leaving his office one day in tears, I discovered and found that for less than $200 a year our family could have dental care by a plan that made preventive dentistry, cleanings and fillings affordable. We found a wonderful family dentist and have since been able to limit our dentistry costs for the whole family to around $300 a year, plus the plan fee.

I have also referred to my sister-in-law and family, and they were surprised at how easy it was to sign up and how quickly they too began to see savings on their family’s dental expenses. Thank you for making dental services and discounts available to the average working family who always wants to do what is best for their family but previously could not afford to.

Jerrold R. - Willingboro , NJ - 06/01/2008

This is my third year with the discount dental plan. The first year I saved well over 2000 dollars using my plan. My dental work included an upper plate and some other major dental work. The second year my savings were not quite that much but pretty much the same. I would never want to be without a discount dental plan.

Tabitha R. - Rowlett , TX - 06/01/2008

My family and I do not have dental insurance. I was told by my general dentist that I needed periodontal surgery. I knew this was a very expensive procedure. I went to a consultation with a periodontist. I was given a quote of $5000.00 for the procedure. I had no choice but to schedule the procedure and figured I would worry about how I was going to pay for it once the appointment date got closer.

That same day, after the consultation, I went to my office and began doing research on discount dental plans. I found and signed up for $79.99. Later that day, I called the periodontal office and told them I had joined the plan. They immediately informed me that my procedure would only cost $4000.00. By spending $79.99, I saved ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!

Debra B. - Malden , MA - 06/01/2008

I chose by Internet. I did a search on Google and found your website. It was very simple and self-explanatory. You can make comparisons between the plans and see which dentist each plan has available.

I joined on Friday, and four days later, I went to the dentist. I was surprised with the amount that I saved which was over $200.00. I went only for a check-up. I had full mouth x-rays, a cleaning, and I paid $60.00. My husband had full mouth x-rays, a cleaning and filling, and he paid $90.00.

I strongly recommend to everyone. The office was modest, but the professional staff was good. I would rate the overall experience a 9.

Roger K. - Ramsey , NJ - 06/01/2008

I was facing expensive dental procedures for myself and my mom. I decided to join after a search on the Internet. I looked over the plans and could see the savings in the quoted prices.

About 5 years ago, I had a root canal with a local dentist in Wyckoff, NJ, and paid retail for the service. It cost me 900.00 dollars. Just a few weeks ago, under the Avia Dental plan through, my mom got a root canal done on a molar for 400.00 dollars. I had a porcelain cap put on a damaged tooth in my mouth for 625.00 dollars.

The savings are real and I appreciate it. Thank you,!

Noah C. - Hanover , PA - 06/01/2008

My previous dentist was a quack. I had a tooth destroyed from a root canal in which he broke an endodontic file. Now, I have and I am in very capable hands!!!! Thank You!

Vanessa K. - Walnut , CA - 06/01/2008

The reasons why I decided to start looking for a discount dental plan were: 1. my job does not offer dental coverage, 2. I love to eat sweets, and 3. my boyfriend wasn't working, but REALLY needed to see a dentist.

I signed up for an Avia Discount Dental Plan, and promptly made an appointment for myself. Thank goodness I did because it turns out that I needed treatment just as bad as my boyfriend did. I knew he needed a dentist because he complained of toothaches.

I, on the other hand had no pain; just a small spot on a front tooth to be filled. Anyway, after x-rays I was told I would need several root canals and fillings. It’s not like we didn't brush, because we brushed 1-2 times daily just like any one else. I am guilty of very infrequent flossing, though.

All I can say is that treatment would have never been possible at full cost with my income level and two troubled mouths in need of a dentist. I chose a great dentist and dental office. They are really the best, and so is Thank You!

Ronald I. - Fort Wayne , IN - 06/01/2008

Making money by surfing the Internet? Not really, but I can tell you how I was able to save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by surfing.

One day my wife plugged in “Dental Insurance” on a search engine. She wanted to do something about the way her teeth looked. We didn’t then, and still don’t have dental coverage in our insurance plan. She told me she had found this site she wanted me to check out - I looked at the site several times thinking “What kind of scam is this?” Finally, I decided to call and talk to someone. That was the call that changed my perception of, and totally changed our lives.

Both of us, coming from poor childhoods where neither family could afford braces for us as kids, had many dental issues, and it showed. My teeth looked like the “Billy-Bob” teeth you buy at Wal-Mart for kids to wear at Halloween, but mine were permanent. I learned to just keep my mouth shut so no one could see my teeth. She had a broken front tooth that was “half-jacked” repaired by someone when she was younger, but it wasn’t a good repair. We both wanted a change.

The customer service rep I had talked to told me how was not insurance, but a discount dental plan. The plan has No Deductibles, No Co-Pays, No Maximum Limit, and I can use it on Day One!!!!

Just to make a test run before I spent $179 for a family plan, I made an appointment at a local dentist office that accepted the plan. I took advantage of the free consultation that the dentist offered. I went in and got a treatment plan and an itemized estimate of what is would take to put me into some new “Pearly Whites”. I was astonished- $6300!!!!! I knew it would be expensive, but I didn’t realize how much.

I then took my itemized list of prices and compared it to the list of services that my plan covered. I knew I had done something wrong because I had calculated my savings to be $2000.

I called the dentist’s office and scheduled a time to come in and talk to their office manager. I took the price sheet with me and told them I was getting ready to join a plan. I wanted for them to recalculate my cost using the plan savings. Well, just as I thought, I WAS wrong on my calculations. I actually was able to save over 50% OFF! My new cost was $3050!!!! WOW. So of course, I immediately signed up for a plan and got the ball rolling.

My wife went in to do the same thing and she saved 50% as well. We both had extractions, cleanings, and partial dentures. She had whitening and a bridge as well. saved us over $6000 for the cost of $179- one heck of an investment.

We tell everyone we know about, and we are so much happier and better looking with our new teeth. Our family is astounded by the change. Just to do so, we took pictures of our teeth before and after so we can remember what a dramatic change made in our lives.

This was a new dentist to us, and they are great - they treat us like family. I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone.

Janet G. - Astoria , NY - 06/01/2008

One of my biggest concerns after being laid off from my job a few years ago was how I was going to be able to maintain good oral health in the future .My group insurance plan had run out. Soon after my lay-off, as luck would have it, I started to experience some oral problems that needed attention.

I went on the Internet to see if there was any plan out there that would be affordable to me. As luck would have it (this time GOOD luck!) I found I was amazed at the various choices of plans they offered, and I was delighted to see that my current dentist was part of the plan that I had chosen to join.

I have told several others about and have even signed up my nephew under my same plan now that he is residing in the same household. By the way, the staff that I spoke with on the phone was also very courteous and helpful with my renewal process. I will continue to share my findings with others. Thank you!

Adrienne I. - East Nassau , NY - 06/01/2008

I couldn’t be any happier since joining the Affordable Family Health Services Plan. I had a chipped front tooth. I’m on disability and so I could not afford the $900 to $1000 for the cap. I didn’t want it filed down because I would lose some ability to chew. So, I looked up the list of providers, called them one-by-one, and made a decision. I found a wonderful dental office. They have been very helpful and supportive. Even though I have needed extra time to process, they have been very patient and thorough in their explanations.

Harold B. - Upper Marlboro , MD - 06/01/2008

I had gotten a cavity filled for the first time a few years back at the tender age of 26, but I would find out a few years later that the dentist drilled too deeply when filling my cavity. This led to my first ever tooth infection, which I compare to an ear infection, except that it's in your mouth.

Unfortunately, I had been without steady employment when the cavity became infected.

It became evident rather quickly that I'd need a root canal, but it wasn't clear where I would get the money to pay for it. Needing to get the surgery done as soon as possible, it appeared as though the only way I’d be able to pay for the operation would be to pay for everything with my credit card.

Fortunately, a good friend of mine educated me on the advantages of, and was even kind enough to forward me prices that were readily available on the Internet.

Through, I could not only have a variety of dental services rendered at a reduced cost, but I could also pay in installments. Many of the discount dental plans even have a deferred interest option as well. I was immediately able to see that with I'd be able to pay for my root canal and all the other related fees without selling my first-born child or having my root canal performed in a back alley. Furthermore, I'd be able to do so with affordable installments, as opposed to trying to pay for everything at once.

After following the easy sign up instructions, I was able to create an account and pay for my discount dental plan online! What’s more, my plan was activated the very next day. With my plan activated, I was able to go into my dentist’s office the next day and begin the root canal procedure with the comfort of knowing that I’d be able to afford the operation, even with my budget. even got me a discount for my pain medication!

Debby H. - Vero Beach , FL - 06/01/2008

I went online and bought a plan with I went to the dentist the next day and saved over $100.00 that very same day. When I purchased the plan, I had no idea it took effect immediately. It was a tremendous surprise and with tremendous savings.

The dentist I went to was wonderful. I found out at this time that I had 4 cavities and immediately scheduled the work for the next week. The following week, I actually saved $300.00 because I had purchased a plan. I am delighted beyond words with my decision to join on the Internet with

Kim S. - Hamilton , OH - 06/01/2008

I went online on May 10th, 2008 looking for a good discount dental plan that would be accepted at my current dentist’s office. After checking and comparing all the plans that were on the Internet, I chose Vital Savings by Aetna because it looked like it would save me quite a bit of money.

I needed to see my dentist that following Monday because I had a tooth that had cracked off and was beginning to cause me some problems. This was the only plan that began on that Monday; the other plans would take longer to begin and had less to offer for the money.

I signed up myself and my husband. I went to my dentist on that Monday, and sure enough, I had to have a crown put on. This would have normally cost me upwards of $750.00, but with the discount dental plan, it only cost me a total of $495.00. To me, these were big savings and this was only for one crown of which it looks like I may have to get two more crowns this year. Just my savings alone will be somewhere around $755.00. I only paid a total of $169.00 for the whole plan.

I am really glad that I signed up with this company because it did save me quite a bit of money for such a small investment. I joined on the Internet and had them withdraw the money from my checking account. I had somehow put in the wrong account number and panicked. I called the number on Saturday and told the young lady what I had done. I had to leave a message, but she returned my call within 1/2 hour and helped me straighten everything out. She was so helpful and very kind to me. I was very impressed with the quick response. If anyone is thinking about enrolling with this company, I myself would rate them a 10 on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. Thank you!

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