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We occasionally ask our valued Members to share their dental care savings stories as a part of our “Share Your Story” Promotion. In return, we randomly pick one “Share Your Story” participant to receive a free discount dental plan or cash equivalent. We value your feedback as these dental care savings stories are a true testament to the savings, service and selection offered by

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Kelly V. - Gansevoort , NY - 06/01/2008

We were having a difficult time finding dental care for our family. Our new health insurance plan did not cover dental. Having small kids, I knew how important it was to have some kind of dental coverage. After looking into many expensive plans, some as much as a health insurance plan, my current dentist recommended the Signature Wellness Plan.

I was so happy to have found something that would work for our family. We have been very happy with the service we have received. We didn't even have to switch to a new dentist. I have recommended the Signature Wellness Plan to many of our friends. It is very affordable, and with the cost of everything going up, it’s nice to have a plan that won't break the bank!

Salpie A. - Fountain Hills , AZ - 06/01/2008

I had to get my wisdom teeth taken out and every dentist I went to wanted $1500-$1800. I found the Eclipse plan on this website and went to the closest dentist to my house that was on their list. He surgically removed all four of my wisdom teeth for around $700. I was able to afford it and get all four of them taken out at one time; two days later I was almost fully recovered and able to go back to work.

Without the Eclipse plan, I would probably still be dealing with the pain of my wisdom teeth and not be able to get them out. Both of my parents were also able to get a lot of work on their teeth done for a lot less than normal dental pricing. Our dentist is the greatest dentist we have ever had. He is completely honest and does a great job.

Kim C. - Plymouth , MI - 06/01/2008

My experience with discount dental plans has been wonderful! I had an abscess tooth that I had been putting off for months that finally just couldn't wait any longer. The reason I had let it go was because I just couldn't afford the treatment. I contacted several dental schools and found that their prices, even though discounted, were still out of my budget. Most wanted the treatment to be paid in full which just wasn't an option for me. I was so frustrated and immediately understood why so many don't get dental work done -- they simply can't afford it!

I woke up one morning with my cheek so swollen that I could hardly see out of my eye! I knew I had to act fast because the infection was excruciating. After a 4 hour trip to urgent care, and $250 later, I still wasn't any better off. A friend at work told me about the discount dental plans website. Skeptical, I checked it out; it was my last resort.

Within minutes I had found a dentist at walking distance from my home, and for a great price! I immediately found the right plan for me and signed up, just like that! My dentist saw me first thing the next morning and performed the root canal. I walked out of the office relieved of the pain and I also had saved hundreds of dollars!

With discount dental plans, I won't ever have to be in that situation again. I can now get work done on my teeth and just pay a portion of it monthly, instead of breaking the bank. I highly recommend this to anyone. The staff was so helpful and friendly on the phone -- it was quick and easy. You shouldn't have to wait until you are in a situation like I was.

Go to their website today and check out the other savings they offer on vision treatment and more!!

Laura F. - Litchfield , MI - 06/01/2008

I have been in need of dental work for quite some time. It wasn't until I found one of your plans and purchased it that I felt I could afford to have work done. There is also a dentist less than one mile away that accepts the plan I chose. This plan saved me hundreds of dollars and I have just renewed. I have enjoyed great savings!

Don B. - Longview , TX - 06/01/2008

After looking around on the Internet, I decided to go with Dental and choose my plan. About three weeks later, I went to my dentist, who accepts the plan, and had some much needed dental work done.

The savings were twice the price of my plan, so I purchased another plan for my son-in-law, daughter and grandkids. The dental clinic that they go to accepts the plan. The savings were almost the same as the cost of the plan! The grandkids will be going back for regular treatments and we will have additional savings at that time.

I am very pleased with both plans and I have recommended it to folks at work and other family members.

Marilyn K. - Nashua , NH - 06/01/2008

I had just come from the dentist -- my old dentist. I had had a cavity filled and a few days later I had a pain on the other side of my mouth. I was told that I needed a root canal and a crown. The root canal was going to cost about $1400.00. If I needed a pin, it would be a few hundred dollars more. The crown was going to be an additional $1000.00. I was stunned. My health care plan makes allowances for routine checkups and pays about 6.00 for a cavity. Clearly it's not dental coverage.

I went online to see if there was any sort of discount dental plan that I could purchase. I came across I read all their information and was floored by the savings I could get. I could buy the plan for my entire family of four, have the root canal and crown, and still pay substantially less than the original quote for the root canal and crown. I thought, well, I would be crazy not to purchase the plan.

I purchased the plan several years ago. I have since saved so much money over the years with just simple cleanings, fluoride, sealants, crowns etc. We switched dentists and my children recently told me how glad they are that we did switch and they never want to go anywhere else. We love the friendly staff; they tell you everything that is going on in a straightforward manner. As it turned out on my original diagnosis, I didn't actually need a root canal or a pin. I did get the crown and have been fine ever since. The switch was painless in more ways than one.

I have recommended to several co-workers and friends and all of them have been satisfied, except for those that didn't switch! doesn't drill a hole in my wallet; in fact they filled the cavity with savings.

Lisa G. - Lake City , MN - 06/01/2008

Hi! I am very happy with my plan! Over the past year, I have saved at least three times what I paid for the plan by using it for regular services for myself and my family. That money was able to be deposited in a savings account for my child's college fund. If I do that until he graduates, I will have a great start to his college tuition! Thank you!

Harold H. - Ashland City , TN - 06/01/2008

There are a number of reasons that I chose the Dentemax plan in the first place and why it has come in so handy. First, it's accepted by a wide range of providers in the area and provides care for a wide variety of procedures, from simple to more complicated. When I signed up, I needed to visit a dentist right away, and the fact that I could receive my info via computer with no waiting and no delay made it an easy choice.

I found a local dentist who could see me quickly- I had a toothache and felt sure that it would have to come out since I had been putting off the attention it needed for some time. I also couldn't afford it without, which I happened to get an email about. Anyway, when I went to the office, I showed them my Membership Card, which they recognized immediately, and they got me right in to see the dentist.

They did a wonderful job. The tooth needed to come out, and the only corners cut were the price of the procedure. I saved over half the yearly fee on that one visit, and the plan covers my wife, my daughter and I.

With the dental insurance offered at my job, the discount would not have been any bigger, and I'd be paying a monthly premium well in excess of the one time yearly fee. Anyone, whether they have access to dental insurance or not (and especially if they don't), should compare the costs and what’s included.

It is a foolish waste of money to go to the dentist without They didn't hesitate or question a thing. They immediately priced my procedures at almost 40% less than the standard fees. I've recommended the plan to an executive secretary who signed up her family as well, and thanked me for letting her know about it.

Jim D. - Tucson , AZ - 06/01/2008

My new crowns are the proof! Smile! Your website was easy to navigate.

The comparison chart was excellent! We were sent our Membership Card via email. Our dentist’s office setup an appointment with ease. We were pleased that our dentist was a former “Flying Samaritan”, a volunteer dentist for underprivileged children. This shows that your dentists are not only professionals, but are also team players in the world.

The office, decorated in a summer green, was inviting on a sweltering Tucson day. Not only was the office green and cool, but it was also meticulously clean! And, of course, it was inspected from head to toe by my RN wife. The procedures were explained clearly and the anesthesia was very effective.

My dental evaluation was very complete! My treatment plan was to have a crown replacement and a new crown. Later, my wife called about which of her teeth needed more attention. The explanation given was concise and professional. This extra attention helped me to improve my dental health.

Lastly, we called one of your service reps. He was friendly and helpful. He went the extra mile and I called his supervisor with accolades.

Yes, we recommended this plan to several friends at the health club and in our community. is the way to go.

Nancy S. - Rancho Santa Margarita , CA - 06/01/2008

I'm more than happy to tell my story of using I had no dental insurance through work so I signed up for the discount dental plan a few years ago for myself and my family. I was truly amazed at what great discounts I received!

With the plan, I paid less than $60 for a thorough dental cleaning, and even had a root canal and crown and paid 1/3 of the normal fee! My entire family could now afford to take care of their teeth. They offer discounts on everything, including x-rays.

This year, I received a dental insurance HMO plan through my employment. I went to a dentist that was listed on my HMO plan and my charge was $250 to get my teeth cleaned! To add insult to injury, he now wants another $2,000 for other work he says I need! If this is how dental insurance is these days, I am going back to!

I would highly recommend the discount dental plan and I do to all of my friends, family and co-workers. If you just have one dental procedure a year it will pay for itself, let alone just a few cleanings!

The dentist I went to is very cooperative and prefers these plans over insurance plans, as there are no forms to fill out. They have a set schedule of charges, so there is nothing to work out; they just look at a chart. In fact, my dentist has pretty much stopped accepting health insurance since this is a much better plan. There are a lot of dentists that accept the plans so you don't have to leave the area that you live or work in to find a dentist. I'm so glad I discovered Dental Plans!

Tom and Judy C. - Tomahawk , WI - 06/01/2008

Do you need a discount dental plan? Are you tired of paying full fees out of pocket? Well, so were we when we found What a relief. My wife and I needed a number of procedures done besides the routine 6 month cleanings. The procedures would cost us too much so we were putting it off.

Then we found and a plan that was fit for us. There were a number of dentists in the area that accepted this discount dental plan, so we joined. We were off and running, to the dentist that is. We had our cleanings, fillings, build-ups, and crowns.

No questions were asked, and the discounted rates were applied on the spot. Yes, we are happy that we found and you will be too. All you have to do is type it in, choose a plan that’s right for you, choose a dentist, and you will be off and running too. Thanks You made us smile again.

Katrina Z. - Downers Grove , IL - 06/01/2008

My friend is HIV positive. Because of the medicine he takes for his illness, his teeth have been ruined. My friend could not get any health insurance. The only medical help he could get was through the state of Nevada, and they were not sure if they could help him concerning his dental health.

He began to have a lot of pain. It was so painful that he would overload on pain meds to help him sleep at night. I knew I had to find something so I could help him. I turned to and they were wonderful.

He is not rich and neither am I, but I knew that I would do anything for him. After all, he was my friend, and it hurt me to see him in so much pain. The total bill came to almost $8000.00- yes $8000.00. That is what his HIV medicine did to his teeth. If it wasn't for, the bill would have been close to $15,000.00. I can't tell you how thankful I am to you and your wonderful staff.

I appreciate all that you have done. My friend now has healthy teeth, and he goes for check ups every 6 months, which include a cleaning, and I still get a break.

Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much your plan means to me.

Lisa L. - Farmington , NY - 06/01/2008

We were a family of six who had no dental insurance and lots of teeth to take care of. To visit the dentist for a cleaning, we would have to save up around $700.00! Then, if work needed to be done, we were forced with the expense of that.

It wasn't until my husband needed a root canal and crown done that we were forced to switch dentists because they carried a plan that allowed us to charge $2,000 interest free, as long as we paid it back within the year. We used the plan for one year until we found out we needed to apply for the credit every year. Our dental office suggested we check out It sounded too good to be true!

For our entire family, it was only going to cost us under $200.00 for a year of discounted dental care! We were skeptical but decided to give it a try. We were hooked after the first visit to the dentist! We had our $700.00 put aside just in case the plan was too good to be true. After our cleanings were done, we looked at our bill. We had saved nearly 50%. We only owed around $350.00 for our visits! We were so excited! We saved so much money and we were able to buy a recliner with the leftover money we had saved!

I still do not understand how does it. I mean, we paid under $200 for our plan and saved around $300 in our first visit! I have got to say that if it were not for, our family would not be able to afford routine dental visits! Thank you for allowing my children to get the dental care they deserve at a reasonable price! is for everyone, even people who already have dental insurance. I don't understand why everyone out there is not doing this! It's one of the best decisions we have made for our family! Thank you!

Jean Q. - West Allis , WI - 06/01/2008

I joined in order to save some money on my dental care bills. This is exactly what happened. I have saved approximately 40% on many of the dental procedures I have had recently, but most importantly, there are no annual limits. I like the plan and feel it is a cost-saving program. Thank you for offering this to those of us who typically would not have access to dental insurance.

Sheri L. - Tallahassee , FL - 06/01/2008

My family consists of 2 young boys, ages 4 and 7, and my husband and I. For a long time we were uninsured and not covered by a discount dental plan. My husband is self-employed and I work part-time. I found that it was impossible to find dental insurance for our family that would cover a pediatric dentist. We just paid the bills at the pediatric dentist as they came and cringed at the absurd prices each time.

A crucial turning point for me was when my older son was seen by our pediatric dentist to find that he had a cavity that had decayed to the point of being painful; we were advised by our previous dentist that this tooth would fall out and that there was no need to fill it. It turned out that the tooth had to be capped and was a tooth that was not set to fall out for another 3 years.

One ugly silver cap and $600 later, I decided it was time to find some sort of discount dental plan. It also seemed that the pediatric dentist could charge whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and each time we would visit I would see others paying $25 for a service that I was being billed $300 or more for because we were uninsured. This pediatric dentist also had a knack of making me feel like a horrible mother for letting my child’s tooth decay, even though I was not able to afford his outrageous prices.

After leaving his office one day in tears, I discovered and found that for less than $200 a year our family could have dental care by a plan that made preventive dentistry, cleanings and fillings affordable. We found a wonderful family dentist and have since been able to limit our dentistry costs for the whole family to around $300 a year, plus the plan fee.

I have also referred to my sister-in-law and family, and they were surprised at how easy it was to sign up and how quickly they too began to see savings on their family’s dental expenses. Thank you for making dental services and discounts available to the average working family who always wants to do what is best for their family but previously could not afford to.

Jerrold R. - Willingboro , NJ - 06/01/2008

This is my third year with the discount dental plan. The first year I saved well over 2000 dollars using my plan. My dental work included an upper plate and some other major dental work. The second year my savings were not quite that much but pretty much the same. I would never want to be without a discount dental plan.

Tabitha R. - Rowlett , TX - 06/01/2008

My family and I do not have dental insurance. I was told by my general dentist that I needed periodontal surgery. I knew this was a very expensive procedure. I went to a consultation with a periodontist. I was given a quote of $5000.00 for the procedure. I had no choice but to schedule the procedure and figured I would worry about how I was going to pay for it once the appointment date got closer.

That same day, after the consultation, I went to my office and began doing research on discount dental plans. I found and signed up for $79.99. Later that day, I called the periodontal office and told them I had joined the plan. They immediately informed me that my procedure would only cost $4000.00. By spending $79.99, I saved ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!

Lowell B. - Saint Charles , IL - 06/01/2008

Good morning. At the end of last year, I left my job to go into business for myself. I also left behind my company's dental plan. Seeing as my wife stays home to provide all the care for our two daughters, aged 4 and 1, we were looking for an affordable plan that would still provide us with the level of care we were accustomed to back when I worked in corporate America.

After spending a ton of time researching the numerous discount dental plans available to small business owners, I came to the conclusion that the Careington Annual Family Plan was right for me and my family. We chose this plan because we were still able to use our dentist that we had a great relationship with, and the discounts under this plan were fantastic.

Since we joined at the end of February, we have been to the dentist 4 times; 3 times for routine cleanings, and once for a cavity to be filled. Our Careington plan has already saved us $289. This is $129 more than we originally paid for the plan, and we still have over 10 months remaining on the plan!

The transition from my employer's dental plan to Careington was absolutely seamless -- our discounts were applied the very first visit we made after purchasing the plan. I would absolutely recommend, and in particular the Careington Family Plan. Thank you so much!

Dorothy F. - Annapolis , MD - 06/01/2008

I am an 81-year-old female who has had dental visits every three months for 40+ years because of periodontal disease. We won't talk about visits for extractions, partials, etc. When my husband was working, we had dental insurance and I had the expensive work done then.

After retirement, the company insurance was no more. As the years progressed, my partials were not fitting and more work was needed on my permanent teeth. Costs had become astronomical. So, being a web surfer, I found Bless the day!

The exciting thing about it was that I could find in which plans my dentist, oral surgeon, and periodontist were part of, and that for annual charges (very nominal) I was able to match plans with providers and not have to look for providers that matched plans.

On top of that, there was NO paper work to be submitted. Their offices have an annual charge recognition list furnished by each plan which they honor. In most of my visits, I saved easily around 40% of what the charge would have been. And, of course, my husband is in the plan also; we have a family plan.

As a consequence, I have had new partials that don't fall out or rattle around, necessary teeth removed, periodic cleanings, etc., that have helped my overall health and appearance without making us paupers!!! I can even send a "before" and "after" shot of my mouth that illustrates what I've been able to have as a result of!!!

Shirley N. - Omaha , NE - 06/01/2008

My husband and I have been members for 3 years, and we are so happy that we found your plan. We are both retired and we do not have dental insurance. Your plan began immediately after we joined, which was such a good thing for us.

I had to have some bridge work done soon after, which was expensive. Your plan helped me so much with this bill, and it helped more ever since then. My husband and I also had to have some partials which made your plan a Godsend.

I have gotten other people, including my family, involved with this plan as well. Everyone is delighted with the results. I would recommend it to anyone! Everyone who has chosen your plan has been so pleased! We have the Careington Select Plan and are so happy that we found you on the Internet!! Thanks again for being there for all of us.

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