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We occasionally ask our valued Members to share their dental care savings stories as a part of our “Share Your Story” Promotion. In return, we randomly pick one “Share Your Story” participant to receive a free discount dental plan or cash equivalent. We value your feedback as these dental care savings stories are a true testament to the savings, service and selection offered by

Join a discount dental plan today and join the thousands of satisfied Members who are saving at the dentist!

Vanessa B. - Miami , FL - 06/01/2008

Great experience. I found the plan online after doing some research. I really love it and am interested in renewing.

Pam L. - Pasadena , TX - 06/01/2008

I stumbled upon this website years ago. I had been going to a local dental office but was very dissatisfied with the dentists there and the way they did nothing to be proactive where our teeth were concerned.

After signing up for this plan, I decided it was time to look for a new dentist. I started looking over the dentists included in the plan and decided to give one of them a try. I could not have found a better dentist anywhere. He is thorough and very pro-active. He gives me all my options when discussing a problem and then (only if I ask), he will tell me what he would do in my situation. It matters not if it is an option which sends me to another dentist. I just *feel* secure with what he is telling me.

His office has the friendliest, most pleasant group of people I have ever had to deal with. I feel I can completely trust the health of my mouth, as well as my children's mouths, with this dental office. I so appreciate for the opportunity to find this organization. Thank You.

Jeffery L. - Round Lake , IL - 06/01/2008

After I found, I chose the Uni-Care 200 plan. It has saved my wife and me hundreds of dollars. My wife had let her dental care go because she was afraid to go to the dentist. She finally went to the dentist and found that she needed a lot of work on her teeth. The Uni-Care 200 plan saved my wife so much money that she thanked me for signing her up for the plan.

I personally use the plan for normal cleanings and maintenance. My wife has used the plan to get cavities refilled, tooth enamel repaired, fix a chipped tooth, root canal, get some teeth capped, and break a bridge to get a couple of teeth removed that were causing her great pain.

The dentist on the plan I use turned out to be the cousin of a family member of a good friend of mine. To me it is like going to see a trusted friend to get my dental work taken care of. My wife likes the dentist she goes to because she trusts him for advice on her dental care.

I have recommended to people I work with because we do not have dental coverage with our health insurance. Whenever I have had the occasion to call, I have been treated with friendly and courteous treatment.

To anyone looking to save money on their dental care I recommend they use to find a plan.

Ken P. - Chicago , IL - 06/01/2008

After my COBRA coverage expired, I went online to find an affordable discount dental plan. I really liked the website because it makes it easy to compare the cost and savings of so many different plans. I certainly recommend that anyone looking for dental care visits this website. I’m glad I chose Uni-Care 200. I think it’s a good value.

I just returned from my latest visit to my dentist. His staff was very helpful, concerned, competent and capable. After the cleaning and inspection, my dentist saw a small abscess on the x-ray. That explained the growing pain in my lower left jaw. Instead of being forced to make a return appointment to take care of it, the doctor found time to perform the root canal right then and there.

The dentist performed a painless root canal. Although it’s inherently uncomfortable to keep one’s mouth open for extended periods, he made the time go by fast while always asking if I was comfortable. He really knows what he’s doing, and he’s funny and approachable.

Costs for dental care have skyrocketed. Uni-Care 200 saved me $686 just on this visit alone. There are no forms to complete and no waiting for reimbursement. The discounts are applied on the spot. I recommend Uni-Care and to anyone looking for dental care.

Jane B. - Albany , NY - 06/01/2008

I had recently retired and was not concerned about dental insurance since I had had no problems for a number of years. When I found out I needed work done, my dentist recommended

It is easy to use, especially since you never have to submit any paperwork. You pay the dentist a reduced fee. In my case, I saved about 65% off the cost of a root canal, which paid for the program several times over. I also received cleanings at about 50% off the cost.

I have been with my dentist since before I joined and he gives very high quality care. I would encourage others to join, especially if they have high deductible insurance or are without insurance. There is a way to care for you teeth even if you have little or no insurance.

Jennifer H. - Mt. Morris , NY - 06/01/2008

I have worked for the county I live in for about 10 years. I have health insurance through them and a retirement plan. Unfortunately I do NOT have any dental insurance through my employer. For some reason, they do not feel that there would be enough of us that would want to participate in such a plan. My husband drives a bus for a program locally and runs a small business from our home; therefore, he cannot carry dental benefits for our family either. With both of us working as professionals, it is important to keep our appearances looking professional as well as our smiles. We also have two children to care for.

Without dental insurance available we needed to look for something that would allow us to have our smiles taken care of. That led me to search online. I came across and began to review it. I looked through the many listings of the different plans offered and chose UNI-CARE 200, as this one would be the best suitable for our family’s needs. We paid the one low fee that covered our whole family. Within one year’s time, we SAVED over SIX HUNDRED dollars, including the initial fee for the plan. Although this is not insurance, it does allow families to better afford the costs of seeing a dentist regularly and maintaining good oral care.

My step-son began living with us last September and when seen by the dentist, he needed a lot of work done. We chose a dentist from the many listed under the plans acceptance and SAVED $100 on his dental check up, examination by a dentist, and a full mouth X-ray. When they detected 11 cavities on 9 of his teeth, I never thought we would be able to afford getting them all taken care of.

However with the UNI-CARE 200 plan we SAVED about $500. He now has a pain-free mouth and a bigger smile. My other son had a good check-up and that still led us to a $100 SAVINGS. The boys are due for their next cleaning and check-up, which will cost us a small fee, but at the same time having the plan will save us money! Either way the care is needed so why not save money at the same time? Now that is something to SMILE about!

The end result is that everyone needs to take care of their teeth. Adults need their teeth taken care of to greet people with a professional smile in the work force. Children need to have the self confidence to become whatever they want to in life. Having a nice smile is a good start for that.

Joining a plan from is an affordable way to achieve everyone’s best smile and maintaining good, proper oral hygiene. There are many plans and dentists to choose from so it is convenient for families. I would recommend a discount dental plan from It has helped our family more affordably take care of our oral health needs. We can all KEEP SMILING!

Jeffrey K. - Erie , PA - 06/01/2008

I purchased a discount dental plan last year shortly after it was recommended to me that I have a root canal procedure done on my cracked tooth. My wife’s health insurance was taking an increase along with the dental insurance in our plan.

We did the cost analysis and found that your discount dental plan would save us over 50% of the cost with the insurance. We dropped the dental in our health plan and went to your discount dental plan. The switch to our new dentist also saves us on gas since it is much closer than our long time office we used to go to. Everyone at the help desk was friendly, along with the new location where we get our routine dental done here in Erie, PA. Thanks again.

Donna G. - Plantation , FL - 06/01/2008

I have been a member of for several years. It was first recommended to me when I was laid off from my job and needed to seek individual dental care. Over the years, I have had many problems with my teeth, including 5 crowns, an extraction, a root canal, x-rays, and preventive gum treatments every 6 months. has saved me a considerable amount of money. The dentist that I go to is in Plantation, Fl. The dental office has dentists on staff to solve even the most intricate of problems. They accept the plan with no problems at all. I have never been denied; it's all done through discounts rather than percentages, which is very affordable.

I have recommended to many of my family members and friends who are all equally impressed with it. The staff at has always been extremely helpful to me, and I love the automatic renewal each year. There’s never a chance of having to renew, or forgetting to renew. I am a person who cannot be without Thank you!

Cheryl D. - Hobe Sound , FL - 06/01/2008

Originally, a friend of mine told me about this website. I researched on the Internet to find out which plan would be best for me and my family. I chose the Solstice Plus Plan.

I chose a dentist from the list and am very happy with that group. I wanted a female dentist for a change. I have been to this dental group 4 times so far. The first time I went, I received an exam, x-rays and a plan for my teeth. Next, I got my first cleaning. It was very thorough. I then had to return for some periodontal treatment. I guess I waited a little too long in between cleanings. This was one more reason for me to sign up for this plan.

I am very pleased with the discount dental plan that I chose through The dental office staff is courteous and knowledgeable. I don't know how the girl behind the desk gets it all done! My compliments go out to her.

I would and have already recommended this plan to two of my friends. The amount of money I have already saved is incredible!

Just yesterday, the crown that I paid double for by a different dentist about 5 years ago came off. I called my new dental office, and even on one of their busiest days, they squeezed me in to re-cement it. My former dentist would never have done that. In addition, it would have been $85-$100 as opposed to the $35 that I paid. I am so grateful for having found I do and will always recommend them to everyone.

Patricia & Robert B. - Davenport , FL - 06/01/2008

We have enjoyed the savings of this plan for several years now. It gives me the confidence that when I see a dentist, I will receive a good discount and great dental work, because I know you only have wonderful dentists in your plan.

Last August, when I renewed, I knew I would be out of the country on business for several months; however, I still wanted to be a part of this plan. It will expire in August of this year and I still have not had to see a dentist, but I feel that it was money well spent. Assurance that this plan will be there for me is "priceless".

Joanne S. - Winter Springs , FL - 06/01/2008

I don't know what I would do without my discount dental plan. Because of it I have been able to get fillings replaced when they have fallen out, plus regular cleanings, which are so important. The dental staff where I go is most courteous and helpful whenever I call or go to the office.

One filling that fell out was right in the front of my mouth. It happened on my way home from work, just before 5pm. I quickly called to see if I could get in the first thing in the morning because I had a special event the next evening. The staff graciously accommodated me for my emergency.

I am so grateful to have my plan. It has saved me countless dollars and given me wonderful care. I would, and have recommended it to friends and relatives.

Sharon C. - Largo , FL - 06/01/2008

This is my story: I'm one of many single moms who cannot afford dental insurance for me or my family. Researching for some help, I came across this a discount dental plan that sounded too good to be true. Looking into it further, I knew I had finally found something great!

Solstice Plus Plan One is the one I chose for my family. It is affordable, the service is wonderful, and it was fast and easy to join! Before I even saw a dentist I was saving money!

The rep that I spoke to on the phone walked me through it, answered all my questions, and saved me money right from the get go. I was having problems at the time of applying for this plan and I couldn't print out my information or my Membership Card. She made sure that all that was taken care of before hanging up the phone. I received these items in the mail just as she promised. Not only was she prompt with her service, but at that time I also made a phone pal. We kept each others numbers and talk frequently; she is there for me one hundred percent! She will be there for you as well.

I have wasted no time in passing the word to another friend of mine and have given her number to her. This friend has called and was given the same treatment as I and said that call was one of the best investments she has made in a long time! She is now telling her friends! I will continue to recommend this plan to anyone who is looking for an efficient solution for dental care.

The savings are remarkable and it would seem wrong not to spread the good word to others! I made my first appointment for myself and my son and it paid for itself on our first visit -- over $400 in savings!! We both had x-rays, cleanings and an extraction for me. The savings were unbelievable! Thank you. I recommend it to every one!

The reason I chose this plan speaks for itself at this time. When needed, I will definitely renew. They give you plenty of choices of dentists to go to in your location. Overall, my experience with this plan has been nothing short of wonderful! I recommend it to everyone. Try it and you'll love it! You will be glad you did. I want to personally thank you for having put this plan together. By doing so, my son and I have a bright white smile with confidence! I can't thank you enough. Great plan!!!

Phyllis L. - Dix Hills , NY - 06/01/2008

Little did I know that on one sunny day, my world would become a bit sunnier. I received information at my place of business, a music college, offering the employees an opportunity to join a discount dental plan. Well, I immediately jumped at the opportunity since I am at an age where any type of involvement in my mouth with a dentist does add up to a lot of money which I do not happen to have. So, I went on line and matched up my dentist of thirty years with your plans.

There was a multitude from which to choose from, each offering different advantages. I made my decision and I have been very pleased with my choice. Now, at least if I quiver and quake over going to the dentist, it’s not about the bill. And, if a tooth unexpectedly cracks, or there is a sudden sensitivity in my mouth, I can still panic about the dental work necessary, but not the bill.

What a feeling of relief! As it turned out, after I was on my plan for about a year and a half, I was faced with the necessity of a dental implant. I had heard that the procedure was not pleasant and it was very expensive. The pain of the expense was lessened by my plan and the pain of the procedure was minimized by a gentle and caring dentist who was a willing participant in the plan as well.

I really lucked out with both. I do, however, have one regret about and that is that I didn’t know about it as early as its inception. I feel lucky to have discovered it when I did and I share my good fortune with all those who will listen. And so today, as I go off to a visit with my long time friend, the dentist, I think perhaps the cost of the gasoline to get there might wind up being more than my dental bill due to my great built-in savings. Thank you.

Joni R. - Burbank , CA - 06/01/2008

In 2004 I began to have a lot of dental problems. The year before I had to have one of my front teeth pulled because it was so bad. You can imagine the embarrassment of having a tooth missing in front. It was horrible!

My old dentist made a bridge for me with one false tooth. At night, however, I would have to take it out. I was always hiding from my husband around bedtime because I never wanted him to see me like that.

Anyway, I started having a lot of gum problems and my dentist had retired. We looked for dental insurance, but all of the programs we found were just too expensive. They really didn't give great coverage.

One day, my husband (the genius), checked out We looked over the plans and found that the Patriot Plan was best for us. I was feeling hopeful now and I found a dentist on their list of dentists who accepted the plan. I made an appointment and that's when the miracle happened. My old dentist had sold his business to another dentist and guess who that dentist was? That's right, the dentist that I chose on the list. I could immediately relate to this dentist because he knew my old dentist and they were great friends. Not only did my new dentist put my fears to rest about all of my dental problems, but he also told me that he would give me a beautiful smile and there would be no bridges or false teeth. This man is an artist and worked relentlessly to give me back my smile.

I now have that smile with beautiful, healthy teeth and gums. I also have a dentist whom I adore, my vanity intact and we have saved over $11,000.00. It doesn't get any better than this! None of this would have ever been possible if it weren't for

Thank you so much for everything!

Herve J. - Montreal , NY - 04/01/2008

I had the great opportunity to take advantage of this extraordinary Patriot Plan. I discovered it through your web page, which was very neat and well arranged. It gives me access to the facilities which give me a far better smile and more confidence in my life. I met a doctor in uptown New York with a wonderful clinic where the staff was ready to help to fix my teeth.

After a complete first check up, we opened a file and started to work for twin crowns and an aesthetic prosthesis. These gave my face a better look at a very good price. I want to indicate that the dentist himself encouraged me and also found your plan very supportive and helpful to someone like me and other customers online. I really look forward to getting the complete work done in my mouth with crowns, cements, and eventually implants in the future.

I think your plan is a good substitute for insurance and it gives a great deal on medicines that you may need outside the clinic after a surgery, or even after an extraction. I want to renew my Patriot Plan. This one perfectly corresponded to what I was looking for as a new patient. I had the chance to find a clinic very close to where I'm staying who offers so many different services. I eat better, look better and feel better with my tight budget.

The prices that you propose are extremely beneficial and your dentists give great service. I found your web page,, by pure coincidence. Then I looked very carefully and realized that it was possible for me to fill out an application and follow the steps at a time when I was looking for the perfect answers to my questions. Once again, thank you

Kelly V. - Gansevoort , NY - 06/01/2008

We were having a difficult time finding dental care for our family. Our new health insurance plan did not cover dental. Having small kids, I knew how important it was to have some kind of dental coverage. After looking into many expensive plans, some as much as a health insurance plan, my current dentist recommended the Signature Wellness Plan.

I was so happy to have found something that would work for our family. We have been very happy with the service we have received. We didn't even have to switch to a new dentist. I have recommended the Signature Wellness Plan to many of our friends. It is very affordable, and with the cost of everything going up, it’s nice to have a plan that won't break the bank!

Kim C. - Plymouth , MI - 06/01/2008

My experience with discount dental plans has been wonderful! I had an abscess tooth that I had been putting off for months that finally just couldn't wait any longer. The reason I had let it go was because I just couldn't afford the treatment. I contacted several dental schools and found that their prices, even though discounted, were still out of my budget. Most wanted the treatment to be paid in full which just wasn't an option for me. I was so frustrated and immediately understood why so many don't get dental work done -- they simply can't afford it!

I woke up one morning with my cheek so swollen that I could hardly see out of my eye! I knew I had to act fast because the infection was excruciating. After a 4 hour trip to urgent care, and $250 later, I still wasn't any better off. A friend at work told me about the discount dental plans website. Skeptical, I checked it out; it was my last resort.

Within minutes I had found a dentist at walking distance from my home, and for a great price! I immediately found the right plan for me and signed up, just like that! My dentist saw me first thing the next morning and performed the root canal. I walked out of the office relieved of the pain and I also had saved hundreds of dollars!

With discount dental plans, I won't ever have to be in that situation again. I can now get work done on my teeth and just pay a portion of it monthly, instead of breaking the bank. I highly recommend this to anyone. The staff was so helpful and friendly on the phone -- it was quick and easy. You shouldn't have to wait until you are in a situation like I was.

Go to their website today and check out the other savings they offer on vision treatment and more!!

Laura F. - Litchfield , MI - 06/01/2008

I have been in need of dental work for quite some time. It wasn't until I found one of your plans and purchased it that I felt I could afford to have work done. There is also a dentist less than one mile away that accepts the plan I chose. This plan saved me hundreds of dollars and I have just renewed. I have enjoyed great savings!

Don B. - Longview , TX - 06/01/2008

After looking around on the Internet, I decided to go with Dental and choose my plan. About three weeks later, I went to my dentist, who accepts the plan, and had some much needed dental work done.

The savings were twice the price of my plan, so I purchased another plan for my son-in-law, daughter and grandkids. The dental clinic that they go to accepts the plan. The savings were almost the same as the cost of the plan! The grandkids will be going back for regular treatments and we will have additional savings at that time.

I am very pleased with both plans and I have recommended it to folks at work and other family members.

Marilyn K. - Nashua , NH - 06/01/2008

I had just come from the dentist -- my old dentist. I had had a cavity filled and a few days later I had a pain on the other side of my mouth. I was told that I needed a root canal and a crown. The root canal was going to cost about $1400.00. If I needed a pin, it would be a few hundred dollars more. The crown was going to be an additional $1000.00. I was stunned. My health care plan makes allowances for routine checkups and pays about 6.00 for a cavity. Clearly it's not dental coverage.

I went online to see if there was any sort of discount dental plan that I could purchase. I came across I read all their information and was floored by the savings I could get. I could buy the plan for my entire family of four, have the root canal and crown, and still pay substantially less than the original quote for the root canal and crown. I thought, well, I would be crazy not to purchase the plan.

I purchased the plan several years ago. I have since saved so much money over the years with just simple cleanings, fluoride, sealants, crowns etc. We switched dentists and my children recently told me how glad they are that we did switch and they never want to go anywhere else. We love the friendly staff; they tell you everything that is going on in a straightforward manner. As it turned out on my original diagnosis, I didn't actually need a root canal or a pin. I did get the crown and have been fine ever since. The switch was painless in more ways than one.

I have recommended to several co-workers and friends and all of them have been satisfied, except for those that didn't switch! doesn't drill a hole in my wallet; in fact they filled the cavity with savings.

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