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Share Your Dental Care Savings Story …

We occasionally ask our valued Members to share their dental care savings stories as a part of our “Share Your Story” Promotion. In return, we randomly pick one “Share Your Story” participant to receive a free discount dental plan or cash equivalent. We value your feedback as these dental care savings stories are a true testament to the savings, service and selection offered by

Join a discount dental plan today and join the thousands of satisfied Members who are saving at the dentist!

Kimberley - Windsor Locks , CT - 12/01/2006

I am very pleased with the discounts offered with the Aetna Dental Access Plan. I think it's a wonderful, affordable plan, and have referred a friend already. I am looking forward to signing up for 2007. Thank you.

Donna - Cincinnati , OH - 01/01/2007

I needed a dental plan immediately, so I searched online. I purchased the Signature Wellness plan because it would be effective in two days. It is a top notch plan which has saved me more money than dental insurance; $4,500.00. My new dentist is wonderful and I plan to use him from now on. This discount dental plan is awesome and a blessing to me and my family.

Michelle - Pearl River , NY - 03/01/2007

We signed up for the Aetna Dental Access plan in February, and used it for the first time today. My son needed a tooth extracted, and it saved me half of what I would have had to pay without the discount plan. We have been without dental insurance for a couple of years, but now with the discount plan we will be able to afford to go to the dentist more often. I am so glad I found

Dave - Crompond , NY - 05/01/2007

I just signed up for the Signature Wellness Plan through and am very pleased. I really appreciate the 3 free months of membership. I also appreciate being able to print my membership card and fee schedule from the website. The whole process was easy and convenient.

Irina - Trenton , NJ - 06/01/2007

I have the CA90 Dental Plan, and I just love it. I received huge discounts when visiting the dentist. I purchased a family plan and I have saved on my childrens dental needs as well.

Nancy - Tavernier , FL - 06/01/2007

I just used the Solstice Plus Plan and I want to express how satisfied I am. I had not been to the dentist in 10 years because I could not afford dental insurance. This plan is beyond affordable. In one day I had 18 X-Rays, an exam and a cleaning. The entire visit was only $10! Thats unbelievable! I am going again next week to have more procedures and I can now afford it. This plan is just great!

Arnold - Boca Raton , FL - 08/01/2007

I am truly pleased that I signed up for the Aetna Dental Access Plan, along with the quality of care I received. I visited the dentist for a root canal and received professional, courteous service. This is a wonderful service for seniors!

Renee - New York , NY - 08/01/2007

I initially purchased the Aetna Dental Access Plan in 2004 to lower the cost of my husbands dental bills. The plan cut the cost of my husbands dental surgery in half! Due to these great savings, I renewed the plan and purchased another for our 22-year-old son. I have recommended this program to friends and family.

Gretchen - Overland Park , KS - 09/01/2007

I wish I knew about the Aetna Dental Access Plan sooner! I found a great new dentist and saved hundreds of dollars. I didnt have to worry about paperwork; I just showed my card and paid a discounted price. I am also pleased with the 3 additional months of service for free!

Melissa - Perryville , MD - 10/01/2007

I visited the dentist prior to purchasing the Aetna Dental Access Plan. My original estimate was over $13,000. My friend referred me to your site, and I never saw $100 go so far! My new estimate is under $7,000. I am amazed at the price difference. I would not have been able to receive my dental work if not for this plan. I am truly grateful!

Michael - Joliet , IL - 11/01/2007

I couldnt believe the immediate return of my $99 investment. I saw the commercial and immediately visited the web site. I have 4 dental specialists I visit, and each one accepted the Aetna Dental Access Plan. On my first visit, I saved $55. I saved over $6,500 in just 2 months of being a member! I still cant believe it was that simple. All I had to do was purchase the plan and print my card online. Thanks!

Mike - Winter Park , FL - 11/01/2007

I put off removing my wisdom teeth for years. I finally went to the dentist and received an estimate of $2,000. After joining the Aetna Dental Access Plan, the price was reduced to $1,000. I saved so much money and will spread the good word to my family and friends!

Xochitl - Miami , FL - 03/01/2008

I recently went to the dentist, had a checkup and x-rays and was referred to the endodontist - I saved over $400 by using Solstice Plus Plan One through It was fast, easy and I saved about four times the price of the plan in my first combined visit.

Beverly - Long Beach , WA - 03/01/2008

I am one of the many people in this country that does not have dental insurance. Being able to access a website like is wonderful. I immediately saved $318 the first time I used my Aetna Dental Access plan. I am on a limited income and really appreciate the savings, since I can't afford to go to the dentist otherwise. You provide a great service at a reasonable price. The plan has already paid for itself. Thank you!

Daniel - Meriden , CT - 05/01/2008

The Aetna Dental Access Plan is awesome! If you are considering buying a plan, dont wait any longer. I saved $1,000 in two weeks! Im very satisfied with my savings!!

Sandra - Tulsa , OK - 05/01/2008

I signed up for this plan almost a year ago. I have had extensive dental work including crowns, posts, x-rays, cleanings, periodontal work, and much more. To my delight, I have saved over $1,500 because I joined the Aetna Dental Access plan. I highly recommend this program to everyone. In this day and age, we ALL want to save money.

Dan - Saint Louis , MO - 05/01/2008

I was in need of having a bad wisdom tooth pulled out. I couldn't get insurance through my employer until January 2009, so I looked for an alternative. I found and researched it. I found, compared most of the plans and picked the Signature Wellness plan. I also found a dentist who was close to home - with almost no effort. Having my tooth pulled would have easily cost double without this discount dental plan.

I'm extremely pleased with and the new dentist that I found. You guys are incredible. Thanks!

Kevin - Clinton , MS - 08/01/2008

The Aetna Dental Access plan has been a lifesaver for me. I needed major work on my teeth and I easily found a participating dentist. I had my entire mouth fixed and have saved thousands of dollars. Thank you for offering this plan! It really helps out people like me who are on a fixed income.

Gabriel - Las Vegas , NV - 08/01/2008

I am very pleased with the Avia dental plan and I would like to thank They helped me obtain this amazing plan! It has saved me a lot of money and already paid for itself. I recommend this plan to people because it really does work.

My favorite part was that I did not have to fill out lots of paperwork. I just went online and bought the plan. It activated two days later, and I was able to go to the dentist. I saved thousands of dollars on a cleaning, two crowns and four fillings! Thanks again!

Roger - Bethlehem , PA - 08/01/2008

I recently needed a root canal. I enrolled in the Aetna Dental Access Plan specifically for that reason. Within a week of joining I went to the dentist, presented my card and saved $570 on the procedure!

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