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Share Your Dental Care Savings Story …

We occasionally ask our valued Members to share their dental care savings stories as a part of our “Share Your Story” Promotion. In return, we randomly pick one “Share Your Story” participant to receive a free discount dental plan or cash equivalent. We value your feedback as these dental care savings stories are a true testament to the savings, service and selection offered by

Join a discount dental plan today and join the thousands of satisfied Members who are saving at the dentist!

Georgina C. - Spanish Fork , UT - 04/01/2008

I have had a great experience with my discount dental plan. My kids are covered with an insurance plan for dental work, but I had none, so I started looking into different plans. My dentist would call to remind me that I needed the root canals done, but we did not have all the money needed. That was when they recommended the Aetna Dental Access Plan.

I was over the moon when I found out about the plan since I needed 3 root canals and 5 crowns done, and I could stay with my dentist. I have to go to a dentist that can knock me out since my gums are very sensitive and will not deaden. So far I have had all the root canals done and 2 of the crowns. I have saved about $700 which has well paid for my plan.

Some dental plans have mostly new dentists who do not always know what they are doing, but my dentist, who accepted this plan, is wonderful and has been in business for about 20 years. They have all the latest technology and keep the office and exam rooms VERY CLEAN. The staff at this location is very friendly, so my thanks to Aetna for having an outstanding selection of dentists to choose from.

My wait in the waiting room is about 3 minuets and it is not too much longer than that in the dental chair. I would HIGHLY recommend this plan to anyone and have told some of my friends about it, even if they have some kind of insurance. We all know how much the insurance agencies charge and how little they cover in the end. I am very glad the web site was easy to understand. Thank you for offering such a great plan for us middleclass people with no dental insurance.

Kavonya J. - Atlanta , GA - 04/01/2008

I selected the Aetna Dental Access Individual Plan for $99.95. On my first visit, I had a Comprehensive Check-Up, Full X-Rays & an Adult Teeth Cleaning. Without the Dental Plan, my fee would have been $304.00. With the Dental Plan, my out-of-pocket expense was $175.00. I saved 58% on the first visit. My Dentist & her staff were excellent from the time I stepped into their office to the time I left.

The website was informative. I will and have definitely recommended to friends. My overall experience thus far is 10/10. I am completely satisfied with my choice in Dental Plans and my choice to join a ‘discount dental plan’ versus a ‘dental insurance plan’.

Morganne B. - Henderson , NV - 04/01/2008

I am so happy with your discount dental plan that I renewed my membership for another year! I have Aetna Dental Access, which allows me to see a great dentist. He has taken very good care of me despite my hate of seeing the dentist. It makes it easier when the stress of the expenses is reduced, such as with your program.

In the last year I have had quite a bit of dental work, including fillings and crowns. This is why your plan is so important. Every dollar saved counts! I have probably saved hundreds of dollars so far, with my prices about 60- 70% off their regular cost.

Overall, your plan makes it easy. Your website is clear and helpful. I can even print my membership cards myself if I lose one. I definitely have told both my family and my friends about your site and the plans you offer. I love my dentist, so I recommend him too!

Thanks so much.

Ronda F. - Joshua , TX - 04/01/2008

I purchased the Aetna Dental Access Plan in December 2007. It has been the best purchase I have ever made. My dentist took the discount plan which was great because we didn't have to switch. My daughter had to get braces in January. The plan saved me $1200. My thanks go out to

Sandra F. - Beaver Falls , PA - 04/01/2008

In February of 2007, I experienced an abscessed tooth and unexpectedly had to have an emergency root canal done. At that time, I was told that I had another tooth that would also need a root canal. I am a single mother with two daughters. At the time, I had no dental coverage at all. I had to pay $1,000.00 for the root canal itself and had to postpone the restoring of the tooth until I could obtain some dental insurance coverage. I also had to put the other tooth on hold and treat the pain with ibuprofen.

I was preparing to send my oldest daughter off to college and had (and still do not have) any extra money to use for myself. I began my on-line search for some dental insurance, only to discover that I could not afford it either. I came across and did some research with my dentist and endodontist before I made the decision to purchase such a dental discount program. The Aetna Dental Access program seemed to fit my needs and both physicians participated in the program.

This past month, I again began experiencing pain in my mouth. After two trips to my dentist, I was referred to the endodontist who informed me that I needed two root canals done. The first was on April 17, 2008 and the second was on April 24, 2008. Between the two procedures the cost would have been $1798.00. With my Aetna Dental Access discount I saved $670.00! My total cost was $1128.00. While I still do not have that kind of money, I was very thankful for the savings. My decision to purchase this plan has surely paid for itself!

In June of this year, my college-age daughter will lose her health insurance coverage. I have been fretting over the whole situation. While I was looking at my discount dental plan, I discovered that I can purchase a family plan for only $50.00 more than what I pay for myself. After giving it some thought, I realized (and I am thankful) that she has no on-going dental problems. This plan will work for me and my daughter until I am able to obtain a job that offers full health-care and dental coverage.

I am thankful that I discovered Thank you for the awesome savings!

Jay - Lexington , KY - 01/01/2007

The Careington POS Plan is wonderful! It covered both my dental work and vision needs. I immediately referred a friend of mine to the program. You have a great product that I will stand by.

Vanessa R. - Sacramento , CA - 07/01/2008

I needed a lot of work on my teeth. Since I had no insurance, I was going to pay for everything in cash. A friend of mine, however, found out about She told me that I should check it out. Around the same time, my husband was laid off and we had less money to take care of my teeth .The reason that I decided to go to the dentist was because I was having a very sharp pain.

We postponed this dental work as long as we could. I actually had to take a little tube of medicine to numb my teeth so I could be without pain for about half an hour at a time. I would get some dental floss and put the medicine to numb the area that was hurting. I went to the dentist and I was given a plan of action, so to speak .The work that I needed was a total of 7,000 dollars. Where was I ever going to get 7,000 dollars?

I listened to my friend and checked out the discount dental plans that you guys provide. I decided to get the Careington POS plan. I needed two root canals, eight cavities filled, and two porcelain crowns. I went to my dentist and I provided the Membership Card. Thanks to God and this plan, I have saved roughly around 3,000 dollars. I was very happy to be able to get my teeth healthy.

The dental staff was very friendly and the dentist was very gentle. The reason that I had postponed so long was because I had had dentists who did not care whether I felt pain or not! I have recommended this website to at least three other people.

Laura C. - Olney , MD - 07/01/2008

I am a 21-year-old full time college student. My parents’ insurance dropped me at 19-years-old from Dental and Prescription only because it was their policy to drop the patient regardless if they are a college student or not. I was extremely stressed about finding a good dental plan or insurance.

First, I searched on Google. I came across and saw that it offered so many different plans with options! Knowing that I am on a tight budget simply because I am a full-time student working part-time, was the perfect opportunity for me to gain access to a great dentist at a low cost! I first joined another plan and it was extremely inexpensive and easy to use at my dentist’s office, but once the plan expired, I joined the Careington POS Plan since it offered a higher discount for prescriptions than my previous plan.

I paid such a great bargain price for dental x-rays, cleanings, and a few cavity fillings! It was also very easy because there are no claims involved with since it is not insurance. It will save one from stressing out about insurance, dealing with claims, and miscellaneous issues related to dental insurance.

The staff at my dentist was very friendly and clear about the prices, and understanding about me using the plan. Not to mention, my dentist was actually rated one of the best dentists in America! Overall, I would definitely recommend to people who need inexpensive dental care along with extra discounts for vision, chiropractic, and prescriptions!

Lowell B. - Saint Charles , IL - 06/01/2008

Good morning. At the end of last year, I left my job to go into business for myself. I also left behind my company's dental plan. Seeing as my wife stays home to provide all the care for our two daughters, aged 4 and 1, we were looking for an affordable plan that would still provide us with the level of care we were accustomed to back when I worked in corporate America.

After spending a ton of time researching the numerous discount dental plans available to small business owners, I came to the conclusion that the Careington POS Annual Family Plan was right for me and my family. We chose this plan because we were still able to use our dentist that we had a great relationship with, and the discounts under this plan were fantastic.

Since we joined at the end of February, we have been to the dentist 4 times; 3 times for routine cleanings, and once for a cavity to be filled. Our Careington POS plan has already saved us $289. This is $129 more than we originally paid for the plan, and we still have over 10 months remaining on the plan!

The transition from my employer's dental plan to Careington POS was absolutely seamless -- our discounts were applied the very first visit we made after purchasing the plan. I would absolutely recommend, and in particular the Careington POS Family Plan. Thank you so much!

Charles M. - Newalla , OK - 04/01/2008

I enrolled in the Careington POS plan two years ago and have saved over $2500.00 so far from what the dentist usually charges. Every procedure, including a root canal, replacing a crown, and filling cavities, has been less than half the price quoted by other dentists. The dentist I use is very professional and provides me the same quality care as those not using the plan. The website is easy to use and I have recommended it to over 50 of my friends and family who don't have dental insurance through their work. It's almost like "this is to good to be true", but it isn’t. I highly recommend it to everyone I know!!

Don R. - Las Vegas , NV - 04/01/2008

In February 2008, I joined the Careington CarePOS plan. I had been searching for a dental insurance or a discount dental plan for a good while. I am 72 years of age, and have been uninsured since retiring at the end of 2003.

My last dental exam under my employment PPO plan was a disaster, to say the least. The dentist told me I needed several crowns, several fillings, and a few existing fillings were to be replaced because "they might loosen up." I was not shown any X-rays, or given any further information about the work to be done. My cost under my plan would be around $2500. Since I had always taken good care of my teeth, and I wasn't having any problems, my gut feeling was that maybe I was going to be helping pay for the dentist's new car, rather than getting the dental care I needed.

Upon joining the Careington POS Plan, I found a dentist about five minutes from my home. My first visit, of course, included X-rays and an oral exam. The dentist went over my X-rays in great detail, and to my surprise and delight, he said I didn't need anything done except a routine cleaning. He specifically discussed that I had healthy bones and teeth, and that several cosmetic procedures were available in the event I was interested. (I have a chipped upper front tooth and a small space between my lower front teeth. Both these conditions have existed most of my life, and at my age, I don't feel they are urgent problems.)

My bill for that day was $82, but would have been something over $200 without the discount dental plan. I returned about two weeks later to get a cleaning. The procedure was routine, which surprised me, given the elapsed time since my previous cleaning. Both the dentist and the dental hygienist commented that I had no plaque buildup and that I must be brushing and flossing regularly and correctly. My bill for the cleaning was $32 and would have been $82 without the Dent-All Plan discount.

These experiences have pretty much restored my faith in dental care professionals. I can honestly say that my latest dentist appears to be among the most professional, knowledgeable, and caring dentists I have known. All of the personnel in this office are very caring individuals and seem to have a genuine interest in their patients. In searching for a discount dental plan, I had looked at several other websites, and was particularly impressed by the website. The ease of navigating the site, choice of plans, available dentists, and other information were instrumental in my joining this plan.

I will certainly recommend the website and discount dental plan to my family members and acquaintances. On a scale of 1-10, my experience with the Careington POS Plan thus far has definitely been a 10!

Fred F. - Neptune , NJ - 04/01/2008

I have the Aon Dental Solutions Plan, formerly the Protective Dental Plan. I chose the plan because it suited my immediate needs, and the doctor that was recommended by someone was on my plan. I visited two other dentists before going to see the new dentist. I was told by two previous dentists that my tooth needed to be extracted. I refused to let them do it, and so I went to visit the new dentist. She immediately took x-rays of my entire mouth and determined that I did NOT need that tooth extracted. She was able to fix it immediately with no pain whatsoever. From there, she fixed two minor cavities and we made an appointment to come back for a cleaning, fluoride treatment and two more fillings.

I know how much I saved on that first visit. I was quoted $1,300.00 for an extraction. The new dentist charged me less than $363.00 for my first visit, which included fixing the tooth that was supposed to be extracted, full mouth x-rays, and two minor fillings. A follow up visit to have additional fillings filled and cleaning cost about $300.00. I would think, overall, that I did very well. My dentist was professional, caring, friendly, and above all, very competent. She was recommended to me by my niece and, in turn, I recommended my wife to her. Her experience was great also.

I would recommend this plan and this particular dentist to anyone. When I knew I wanted to choose a discount dental plan, your web site was very helpful and, after completing all the necessary information, we had a family plan the very next day. I feel the price of the plan is fair. If I were to give a rating to both the plan and this doctor, I would definitely say they both rate 10 out of 10.

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