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We occasionally ask our valued Members to share their dental care savings stories as a part of our “Share Your Story” Promotion. In return, we randomly pick one “Share Your Story” participant to receive a free discount dental plan or cash equivalent. We value your feedback as these dental care savings stories are a true testament to the savings, service and selection offered by

Join a discount dental plan today and join the thousands of satisfied Members who are saving at the dentist!

Amy S. - Pittsburgh , PA - 04/01/2008

Who knew that spending $100 could save me $1600?

I work for a small non-profit. With fewer than five employees, we are not eligible for group health, dental, or vision programs. My fiancée is self-employed, so we pay out of pocket for his benefits. A combination of fear, tight finances, and good old procrastination left me without dental work for almost a decade.

Once it became apparent that I could wait no longer, I sat down at my computer to face the music. One quick search led to I was looking for a plan that could cover both of us even though we're not yet married. I called customer service and was immediately connected to a friendly, cheerful woman who asked me just a few quick questions. She recommended Avia, a plan that would cover both of us and offered hundreds of providers within a 15-minute drive.

On the day of my first appointment, they asked me about my coverage. No sooner did I say “Avia” than the woman behind the counter said, “That’s really good.” After consulting with my dentist, I learned that I needed over $3000 worth of dental work… but my Avia plan brought the total down below $1500 – which could all be financed at a very low interest rate.

Since then, I’ve recommended and Avia to dozens of people. I couldn’t be happier with my plan, benefits, service, and savings. It’s been a real lifesaver for our finances and our health—and it’s saved us $1600 in just two months. Thank you for offering this service!

Barb, Dave, Brooks and Chad M. - Palos Verdes Estates , CA - 04/01/2008

My family and I have always had dental insurance through my job as a teacher. Unfortunately, every dentist we went to on the plan always dropped the plan and we were left without a dentist. We actually put up with this for 20 years!!! Our last dentist we went to was on our ill fated insurance plan. He was the best dentist we ever had. My dental-phobic kids, ages 13 and 19, actually said none of his procedures hurt. Of course, 6 months after finding our dentist, he also quit using our insurance. Once again we were left in search of another dentist. What a disaster!

By now, there were fewer and fewer dentists left on our insurance plan. A dentist was recommended by a fellow teacher and he was horrible. His teeth cleaning hurt, his cavity filling technique left my son sore for days and he claimed to have found thousands of dollars worth of work that needed to be done on all of us. I knew this dentist wouldn't work and I really wanted to go back to our dentist, but how?

It was at this point that I decided to go online and type in dental plans and see what came up. Immediately I discovered your discount dental plans and chose Aetna's plan. We save about 50% on our dental procedures and are back with our dentist whom we love and recommend to our friends. I tell everyone I know about your dental plans... most of them think it is too good to be true, but I tell them this plan has allowed us the luxury of an incredible dentist without the full cost. Thanks!

Amira C. - Tampa , FL - 04/01/2008

I moved here from Australia. In Australia, our medical and dental is free. If I wanted to get braces, I could get them for free but would have to wait a couple of weeks, which was fine. When I moved to the United States two years ago, I knew I had a tooth that was bad, but didn’t think I needed to get it fixed. Since a year ago, I have been in pain on both sides of my mouth. I was on pain killers because I could not afford to get my teeth fixed. My parents did not move here with me, so I did not have any support from them.

My job offered medical but not dental. I cried so many times. I was 138 pounds, and I went down to 110 pounds because I could not eat the candy and all the foods I loved. I could not chew properly either. I went to the dentist in January of 2008 and he said I needed to get a tooth pulled, two root canals, and two crowns. When I told people at my work what the dentist told me they said I needed to get a loan because it was expensive. I tried to get a loan but did not get approved because I had no credit established yet. My boss offered to loan me the money because I had been miserable everyday for months. I did not want to accept.

In February, the pain got worse and worse. I went online and searched for help for dental insurance. The website appeared. I looked into it and it sounded GREAT. I told all the employees at work and they said that I should not believe what I am reading because it sounded too good to be true. Everyday I would look into this. I called customer service many times with so many questions and they were very nice and answered them. I finally asked what the catch was and the lady laughed.

I went with my gut feeling and bought the Aetna Dental Plan. I paid $99.99 for the year. The dentist I originally went to had recommended an oral surgeon for the root canal and another to get my tooth pulled. When I called them, they were going to charge me $250 for pulling my tooth, and for the root canal they were going to charge me $1100 each. When I called back and asked if they took the Aetna dental plan, they said yes.

I ended up getting my tooth pulled a month ago and was charged $120. For my root canals I was charged $1300 for both of them, not one. I saved so much money. I saved $1030. I feel very blessed and very lucky that I had found this website. I am going for my crowns in a couple of weeks and after this I am going to take good care of my teeth since I have this amazing plan.

The people I work with have been asking me questions about this plan and I have recommended it to so many people. My overall experience was 10 out of 10. I loved the oral surgeon I went to. The website is great and the customer service was fantastic. Thank you and this is my story.

Barry S. - Azle , TX - 04/01/2008

I originally signed up for a dental plan, but it did not have dentists in my home town that I liked that honored it. I called and they changed my plan to Aetna which was honored by almost everyone. I thought I might have a problem switching, but they were very accommodating and made it very easy.

I not only saved a good amount of money, but was able to use a dentist that I liked. The dentist charged me exactly what was on my online price list with no objections. I also used one of the other services that were included - vision. I went to a major eyeglass retailer and they ran my plan against my other discounts like AAA and AARP. My plan was about 10-15% less than the other discounted plans that I had available to me. All-in-all, my experience with has been excellent and I will definitely renew when the time comes.

Lynn G. - St. Charles , MO - 04/01/2008

We have saved over $2000.00 in the first 5 months since we purchased the Aetna Dental Access Plan. My wife needed 2 fillings, 1 root canal, and 3 crowns. The total cost at a dentist not accepting the plan would have been well over $4000.00. I'm going in May and I know I need at least 2 crowns. This plan has been a life saver for us. We are retired and have no dental coverage.

Frank L. - Long Beach , CA - 04/01/2008

I chose the Aetna plan because it included the labs and was actually a few dollars more than the UNI 100. It did not include the vision, but I already have that type of coverage with our health plan. If I didn’t, this may have been a good way to gain that type of coverage also.

I had dental cleanings for both me and my son. The amount I paid for two dental cleanings was $146. I would have paid $85 each or $170 without the plan, so there is some discount.

The dentist is a quality dentist. I do not see him much as we are in good shape, usually getting cleanings only, but he does have LCD TV’s in each room showing Hawaii videos.

I liked the comparison chart for the plans. It was easy to use, and the website is also very easy to use. I would have liked to see a more detailed fee schedule comparison for a dentist of choice, so that I could see what plans they accept and how the fee schedules compare all on one page so I could print it out and think about it. I did sign up over the phone for that personal touch. I also liked that you could search for a particular dentist.

If you are self employed or have no dental coverage, this fee schedule plan seems like a reasonable choice. The experience so far is good; the dental receptionist liked the plan a lot, which tells me it works for both the patient and the dentist.

Nellwyn B. - Midland , TX - 04/01/2008

When considering dental health care coverage, just made sense. Could we afford traditional coverage? Yes, but when compared with the benefits of the plans offered on, there was no comparison. For a full year of traditional dental insurance coverage, we would have to pay about $950 for our family, and that’s before we ever set foot in a dentist’s office. Through, we purchased the Aetna Dental Access plan for only $134.95 for 15 months of coverage!

The purchase price alone represented almost $850 in savings each year. The website is really easy to use. We were still fairly new to town, and had been using a dentist that wasn’t all that great. He wasn’t on any of the plans. Fortunately, had several area dentists to choose from. The dentist we found through the plan’s website is awesome! His office has cutting edge equipment. His staff is so friendly, and my seven year old isn’t even afraid to go to the dentist anymore!

What’s even better is that we don’t have any of the hassles that come with traditional insurance. There are no waiting periods and no limits on the discounts we can receive. Every single procedure we have had done has been significantly discounted. I haven’t had to file any paperwork. I just show my membership card, and we get the lowest possible price on dental care. The three members of our family have all had twice-yearly cleanings with exams and x-rays, and a few fillings. My husband had to have two wisdom teeth extracted, and we had protective sealants applied to my son’s molars. The plan saved us almost a thousand dollars on the procedures. With the great deals, great website, and the great dentists at, we will never go back to traditional dental insurance!

Jessica W. - Orlando , FL - 04/01/2008

I chose the Aetna Dental Access plan for myself and my family last summer. We had previously been without dental insurance and spent over $1500 in one year on my son's teeth alone. My husband and I had not been to the dentist in over 5 years, due to a lack of coverage. The dental plan available through his employer was expensive and offered few choices in the way of doctors.

We now all go to the dentist on a regular basis and save approximately 40% off the cost on each dental visit. We absolutely love our dentist and his staff. They are courteous, knowledgeable, and best of all, they don't over book! Just yesterday morning, my husband went in to see the dentist regarding a tooth that has been giving him problems. They determined that he needed a root canal and crown. If he would have waited any longer, he would have lost the tooth. My husband went back in to have the work done this morning. I figured that he would be in bed all day today, but in fact, he is doing great. He has told me at least a dozen times that he now feels better than he has in months!

He saved approximately $1,000.00 today using his Aetna Dental Access card from Altogether, we are beyond pleased with the service you provide. We will no doubt be renewing our plan this summer.

Tamara S. - Hopatcong , NJ - 04/01/2008

I am writing today to tell you just how much the Aetna Dental Access program has helped me afford dental care for my son. Being the mother of a 12 year old boy who has a history of crashing on his bike, falling off of fences, and managing to break his teeth at every turn, can be a major expense. I am a single, working mother and dental insurance is not offered through my employer. Therefore, all of my son’s dental work is out of pocket. Needless to say it's very expensive.

At the first visit to the dentist, I saved a whopping $127.00! I was shocked. I didn't realize that the plan would pay for itself the very first time I used it! I would recommend purchasing a discount dental plan from It has been proven to save you money. I will be renewing my plan when it is due to expire. How could I not?! Thank You!

Nita B. - Kula , HI - 04/01/2008


I was very pleased to find that a Dental Discount Plan even existed! I have six children, and some of them, like me, have real problems with their teeth. We cannot afford dental insurance, and, because of extraordinary circumstances, three of our children are not eligible for free dental care in the state we live in. Still, even the free dental care is not very desirable, especially since they only offer amalgam fillings, which we do not want. Also, the sign-up process for the free dental care in our state takes so long that it is several weeks before you even get an appointment!

With, I can make an appointment in as little as three days. Dental insurance through our employer not only costs too much, but has a maximum coverage of only $1000 per person per year. With the amount of dental care that I need per year, that would not cover all of our costs. That's just one thing that makes this discount dental program so great. There is no maximum discount!

I chose Aetna Dental Access as my plan because it has the greatest discount for the procedure that I need most, which is a filling. It also has a Pedodontist as a participating dentist, which is what I really need for my kids. This feature alone set above all the rest. It's great that there are so many dentists to choose from.

The website is very easy to use. I love the fact that I can compare the different plans' features and prices side by side when choosing one. Being able to see examples of fees for different procedures makes it so much easier to decide on a plan for me. It's also quick and easy to find a dentist on the website.

This is our second year with We have had fillings, cleanings and check-ups all at a discounted rate, which really helps our family. I have recommended my plan to friends, and anyone I talk to when the subject of low cost dental care comes up. This is such a great option for people without insurance, or for people whose insurance does not cover all the dental care that they need. The price is great and the plan is simple and fast to purchase and use.

Cheryl O. - Andover , MA - 04/01/2008

I was blessed with my father’s easy going personality, wittiness, and his less than perfect teeth. On a recent trip to the dentist I was advised that I would not need one crown, but two, and a small cavity that needed to be filled. I asked for the price of the crown and they said it would be $1364 each. Yikes, so much for our trip to Disney.

My husband has a great job but it does not provide us with dental insurance. I should have asked before my cleaning, but I mentioned I had seen a dental plan online and had seen my dentist’s name along with it. The receptionist informed me that they did accept this dental plan and it was a discount plan, not an insurance plan. I inquired the price of the crown with the discount plan. She informed me that if I signed up for the discount dental plan (Aetna Dental Access), I would pay for my services off of a different fee schedule.

Bottom line, what does that mean? My dentist has been contracted with this discount plan to offer discounted dental services. For that same crown that would cost me $1364 without any coverage, under the discount plan will only cost $691. What?? How is that possible? The same service for almost 1/2 the price? What gives? I went home and signed up for the discount dental plan that was less than $90/yr at I can now get my two crowns for the price of one. Not to mention, the filling I need for the cavity would have cost me $159, but with the discount plan it’s only $76.

It certainly pays to investigate and be an advocate for yourself. The dentist did not offer that they accepted this plan but it was worth my extra effort to save $$. I live in Massachusetts. Please do yourself a favor and check to see if your state offers this plan or something similar. It even states that you can have dental insurance along with this dental discount. Not all dental insurance plans cover everything; there is usually a cap as to what they will pay. Good luck with your future dental woes and keep smiling. I know I am.

Lloyd B. - Canton , GA - 04/01/2008

I had many cavities due to medication, so my dental bill is quite large. I had 3 teeth pulled and saved a lot of money in just one visit. The dentist was very attentive to my needs, as I am 86 years old. The dentist called me the evening of the extractions to see how I was doing. I thought that was very good since one of the nurses could have called, as in many offices they do that the next day. I'm so glad my granddaughter referred me to this plan. Thank you for this great dentist and your plan for service.

Robert N. - Lynn , MA - 04/01/2008

My experience with Aetna Dental Access was very much a surprise. Not only was the cost reasonable, but picking a dentist in our area was so simple. My husband and I have found a great dentist thanks to the ease of finding someone in the plan on the computer.

My husband has gone to see him to fix his dentures and for fillings. Thanks to our dentist, I was also able to get a referral and an exam for a condition that was caused by a cracked tooth. The problem was solved. Thanks to the discount dental plan, we can afford to have our teeth taken care of at a price we can afford.

Bella B. - Orangeburg , NY - 04/01/2008

I am a widow who just retired from my job in December. I worked at a hospital where I had good dental benefits. I was very worried about how I was going to pay my dental bills. I went on the computer to look for something that I could afford. After all, I lost all of my benefits when I retired.

That is where I found Dental Most of the other plans I couldn’t afford. I applied for the Aetna Dental Program. I have not regretted it yet. I found a wonderful dentist a block away from my home. He just capped two of my teeth after my check-up. I also had periodontal work on my gums. I just couldn't believe how much money I saved with the Aetna Plan. I am very happy with it and would recommend it to all my friends. I guess it was my lucky day when I went on the computer looking for a plan. Thank you so much!

Jo O. - Atlanta , GA - 04/01/2008

I am 89 and on a fixed income, so I was looking for a way around the high price of seeing a dentist. I am in good health, but teeth have a way of needing help when you get this old, even if you’ve taken good care of them. I had a loose tooth, and I knew it was about to go and I’d need to replace it with an addition to my bridge. I had just moved to Atlanta to live with my daughter, and the prospect of finding a new dentist was daunting. My son recommended that I look online for a dental plan. Ha! I did that the way I do all my computer stuff – I asked my daughter to do it for me!

She said that one web site made it very easy. She found a lot of choices at, and after looking at all the choices and the locations of the dentists on the plans, we settled on Aetna Dental Access. The dentist we chose was just down the road, and his assistant immediately made an appointment for me. The dentist was a very pleasant man and I was very pleased with the work he did. My mouth feels “right” again, and he charged exactly what the plan said he would. Now I know that I’m set - I have a local dentist who will see me and take care of all my dental needs.

Denise B. - Sugar Grove , IL - 04/01/2008

Normally I would not take the time to write a review like this, but I am overly impressed with my Aetna Dental Access Plan. Not only was I very happy that I saved almost half on my bill, but it was very comforting that my dentist also spoke very highly of the plan. After switching jobs, my new job didn't offer dental insurance. I wasn't familiar with any discount dental plans, so I hesitated to sign up for anything in fear it would end up being a "rip off". Finally, I just decided to give one a chance. After all, it is under $100 to sign up.

I was lucky enough to see a web promo code, which saved me an additional $10 when I signed up. I am so thankful I finally did! I chose the plan based on the dentist I wanted to see. I had heard through the grapevine this particular dentist was great. Needless to say he was better than great, and I loved my hygienist as well! Thankfully, I didn't have any cavities :), so I was just in for x-rays and a cleaning. I did pass on the word to a girlfriend, who signed up for the same plan, and made an appointment with the same doctor. The website was super easy to navigate around and it’s pretty black and white. I am 100% confident that her experience will be as great as mine!

Jeff C. - Rogers , AR - 04/01/2008

As a Minister, I was looking for a family dental plan for myself, my wife and two teenagers. We joined Aetna Vital Savings in January of 2007. It has saved us 30% - 50% on general dentistry such as check-ups, cleanings, x-rays, and fillings. But, the biggest savings came definitely through the orthodontics discount!

My daughter had to have braces, and this plan costing under $200 per year, saved us $2,000 for her braces! And, the dentists and orthodontists on the plan are great! We have recommended your plan to many of our friends, and have just renewed for another year. Thank you! You have been a blessing to our family!

Denise B. - Tampa , FL - 04/01/2008

As a self-employed member of the workforce, I have explored many options for medical insurance. I was spending hundreds of dollars every month on minimal coverage for myself and my husband. After years of paying, my husband had to go for a minor procedure and we discovered that most of what we expected to be covered by our costly insurance coverage was not part of the plan we were paying so dearly for. I ended up paying out more for the one procedure than I had paid for the entire year of coverage!

Our options in insurance premiums were extremely expensive and the coverage I wanted was not even available. I believe that our health is directly influenced by what we eat and how we live and my choice has always been towards alternative approaches to health and well being. When I discovered the Aetna Vital Savings Plan on, I was overjoyed!

The program allowed me great discounts on the services I most wanted, and those that most appealed to my lifestyle choices. There was a long list of local practitioners who offered the services that I was most interested in – Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Massage and more! This was icing on the cake because I thought that I was only getting discounts at my dentist when I first started to shop for the right program through!

I found the most incredible massage therapist I have ever used through Aetna’s Vital Savings and save 33% off his regular rate. I also have great discounts on my favorite dentist too! There are so many great services available through the Aetna Vital Savings program that I no longer have a need for traditional health venues. Through the alternative health venues, my health has never been better, and through I am able to save thousands of dollars annually with discounts on the services I use and premiums on other insurance coverage I no longer desire.

Michael M. - Joliet , IL - 04/01/2008

In most cases, I wouldn’t take the time to write about a product or service. But, with, I feel like I owe them after all the money they saved me this past year!

I usually travel between 200 and 300 days a year for business. My time is very limited, so getting to the dentist is not at the top of my list. Late last year, I traveled to visit a relative in Maryland, and while I was there, I saw an advertisement on TV for It sounded too good to be true, but I use the internet for everything, so I logged on to the website to learn more.

I was able to easily look up my doctors (3 of them) and find out what plans they participate in. Fortunately, all three of my doctors participate in the Aetna Plan which was approximately $100 per year for me and my two children. The website was very helpful, but I called the customer service number at the website to confirm that my two children would be covered even though they live in North Carolina and I live in Chicago. No problems; everyone was covered. In fact, the agent was so helpful that she even walked me through all the things I should do to make the plan even more beneficial to me before I made my decision.

I called each of my dentists’ offices to confirm their enrollment and then find out how much I would save with the Aetna plan. I couldn’t believe my ears as each one rattled off 50%, 60% and even 65% percent figures. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this “no brainer” plan was for me. I signed up at the website, “easy as pie”, and in a few minutes, “shazam” … I had joined and printed off my plan card.

I had already spent about $5,000 at my dental offices the three months prior to joining the plan; an amount not easily parted with. But, I still had some major dental work ahead of me. Four bone grafts, 4 pulled teeth (including two wisdom teeth I needed removed) and a bridge to replace the missing teeth were just some of the things I needed to have done.

It wasn’t pleasant but it would have been more unpleasant if I had to shell out the additional $10,000 the plan saved me! Yes, I’m talking several thousand dollars at a time. The first bone graft I had cost me $3,000, but with the new plan in hand, the next one was only $1,400. To this day, I can’t believe it was so simple to save as much as I have. It was like cutting out a coupon in a newspaper.

Now, don’t think this plan is only for people that need major dental work. After I had my bone graft surgeries and my nice new shinny teeth, I had to keep them spruced up so I wouldn’t get into the same boat again. A simple cleaning at my doctor’s office is $192 if you don’t have insurance. With my Aetna Plan from, my cost was only $85. You do the math! Again, a “no brainer”, this plan has given me my smile back in more ways than one! The savings on my cleaning visit paid for the yearly Aetna plan fee with

Now, I recommend to all of my employees, friends and family. In fact, my consulting firm’s dental plan options are very limited and cost a whole lot more with very little savings. With, all of my employees and peers now have options when it comes to dental plans with the use of

So, before this sounds more like an infomercial instead of a review of, let me say this: it is one of the best options offered to me in a very long time. I recommend everyone to check it out for themselves. You won’t be sorry. Even my mother, the skeptic she is, couldn’t believe it was that simple.

Lisa I. - Macon , GA - 04/01/2008

I wish I had signed up sooner!

We were told in March that my husband needed one root canal and two crowns. That is one serious chunk of money. I had looked at your web site last year, considered purchasing a discount dental plan, but I never did. So, faced with these procedures, I went on-line and, using your extremely user-friendly website, chose Aetna Dental Access.

I joined too late for the plan to help pay for the root canal, but one crown later, it paid for itself. The procedure cost was $964.00. The discount was $327.00, leaving us a balance of $637.00 out-of-pocket. The Aetna plan I purchased was $150.00, so it paid for itself today. There was no problem purchasing the plan via the web. Our dentist, whom we like a lot, took the plan without any question. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the plan and with the wonderful savings. In today's economy, we need all the help we can get. Thank you.

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