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We occasionally ask our valued Members to share their dental care savings stories as a part of our “Share Your Story” Promotion. In return, we randomly pick one “Share Your Story” participant to receive a free discount dental plan or cash equivalent. We value your feedback as these dental care savings stories are a true testament to the savings, service and selection offered by

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Janet S. - La Mirada , CA - 04/01/2008

This is my third year with the Patriot Plan and I am still so very pleased that I made the change from my private dentist. I used to spend a lot of travel time and thousands per year on dental visits for my family. Now, I not only save loads of money each year, but I now also have a dentist that's right around the corner! Thank you Dental!

Parimal M. - Dublin , OH - 04/01/2008

My family is very happy with the Signature Wellness plan. I had the family plan and it helped me big time, especially with dental care and eye glasses. My dental work covered everything from cleanings to tooth removals. In regards to the savings, I saved around $400, which I think is a good amount to be saved on an annual basis.

The dentist I go to has been really good so far. The information I got from the website is very good as well. I am very happy that I came across the Signature Wellness plan and it has been much better as compared to the ones currently offering services to people. I have already recommended this discount dental plan to several of my friends who “immediately” joined. Overall I had a great experience with the plan.

Jeanne O. - Bethpage , NY - 04/01/2008

After going without dental insurance for years, I decided it was more than overdue to get my teeth checked. I investigated many different plans and plan providers. Most of the plans were not very suitable as they had a limited amount of dentists in my area.

I found the website to be the most efficient and detailed out of all the other ones I looked at. It was extremely user-friendly. The website was well laid out and made it simple to compare all of the different plans that they offered.

After examining all of the plans and their prices, the Signature Wellness Plan seemed most suited to my family because it provided discount eyeglass coverage, discount chiropractic services, and discount prescription coverage - all things my health insurance does not carry or does not cover fully.

Getting the plan was easy and quick. When I called the customer service line to ask them a question, they were extremely helpful and friendly. My family chose a dentist from the plan that my parents had been using and I thought he was excellent. I thought he was very friendly and eased my fear of the dentist, especially since I had not been to a dentist in over eight years. I could not have done this any sooner.

Right after getting this plan, I had severe pain in my mouth and went immediately to the dentist I chose. I needed a root canal. Thank goodness I had gotten this plan in time. I have to admit that I was terrified to get a root canal as I had a bad experience in the past. However, my dentist assured me it would be pain free & he was right!

I estimated I saved well over $1,000 between my regular check-up, the root canal I needed, and some gum work I needed to get done. I am very pleased that I selected and had a wonderful overall experience. Since choosing, I have told everyone I know without dental insurance about this service. Thank you!

Woodrow B. - Burke , VA - 04/01/2008

My story is a story. I chose the Signature Wellness Plan and have saved a total of 580 dollars so far. I joined as a member on October 22, 2007. Since then, I have had my wisdom teeth removed and a routine check up as well. Normally, the wisdom teeth would have been 1,113 dollars with my dentist.

Instead, I handed the front desk assistant my printed out Signature Wellness Plan card. I went in, received local anesthesia for free, came out and paid the 678 dollars. I was a little woozy, but wow - 678 dollars? My wisdom teeth had been killing me for months! To tell you the truth, I only joined because my job gives me no health benefits due to the fact that I am a limited term worker (but still work 40 hours per week). My next big savings came when I had a routine examination that normally would have cost me 73 dollars with my dentist. Instead, it was 38 dollars with my Signature Wellness Plan. Can you believe the prices of healthcare these days??!! Unbelievable, but makes it livable. Thanks.

Larry P. - Grandview , MO - 04/01/2008

Over the years I have been in employee groups where dental insurance was an option. However, since coming to, I see where I was wrong in several of my conclusions. I thought I was saving money with a group, and yet when I went back and did the math, I discovered that I really did not save much, if any. If I add up the monthly cost, plus the procedures, and do the same with, there is a savings with

We have had our teeth cleaned several times, and I have had two crowns put in, while my daughter needed several teeth pulled, and my son needed a procedure. I estimate that I have saved almost $1,000.00 this last year using this plan. My wife has the best teeth and only needs cleanings.

We opted for the Signature dental only plan because we did not need the other benefits with the expanded Signature plan. It provided the best savings plus the most choice of dentists in our area, including specialists. The dentist we use has proved to be a good quality dentist for the work we have had done. We are treated just like all his other patients when in the chair and find the experience to be a pleasant one.

Once I discovered the website and found how easy it was in terms of inquiries and searches, it was easy to sign up and begin taking advantage of the benefits available. On one or two occasions I have had to call customer service and have found them friendly and helpful. Plus we receive the monthly newsletter which is full of useful information.

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate Dental Plans an 8 and would recommend that anyone who needs dental help buy a plan and use that plan. I like to save money and I also like to have quality patient care.

Mike and Summer V. - Phoenix , AZ - 04/01/2008

My wife and I got the Signature Wellness Plan through because it looked like a good value, and we haven't been to a dentist in way too long. It turns out my wife had 11 cavities! She required special cleaning, and, of course, plenty of fillings.

Your plan saved us around $800 right off the bat. I suppose it could have been worse with root canals and such. I still have yet to go for a cleaning. We are still anticipating taking care of the couple she has left. You can't do them all at once. She is getting the white colored fillings for her bottom teeth. I’m sure that mine won't be quite as bad. (Hopefully!).

She has been very impressed with the service she got from her provider here in North Phoenix. The workers in the office know that she is definitely a customer who requires a "gentle touch". Her fear quickly diminished after the first 2 visits. This day and age, with medical costs soaring, and the economy in such a questionable state, it is nice to know that there are affordable alternatives to health insurance companies who refuse to treat any pre-existing conditions you may have. It seems they just want the sure-fire profits, where many discount dental plans, such as the one we were so lucky to find, really care about their members.

Our story continues ... and hopefully yours will be just as much a success!

Glenda J. - San Antonio , TX - 04/01/2008

I had a severe toothache and was in need of a dentist ASAP, but everyone wanted $250 to $350 just to pull my tooth. So, I went online looking for a dentist who worked in my area and found a long list. The first one on the list was less than a mile from me. Beside his name was a little symbol, so I clicked on it. Low and behold it was a discount dental plan for $99 a year so I read it over, liked the coverage and bought it ASAP.

The main reason I bought it was that it said “buy today, start using tomorrow”. I bought it and made the appointment for the very next morning. The plan I chose was Dentemax and I'm glad I did. I have already told my boss about your plan and she is considering getting it as well.

The dentist was great. I never felt a thing and I’m a COWARD when it comes to going to the dentist. The procedure I got done was a tooth extraction (erupted even). With x-rays I only had to pay $124.00. I will definitely tell everyone I know about the plan and will help them find the one for them. That’s my story and I'm sticking to it!

Diane and Walt O. - Georgetown , TX - 04/01/2008

We picked the Dentemax discount dental plan, and we have been really pleased that we picked this plan. We have saved hundreds of dollars, probably well over $3000. We needed a lot of dental treatments; I needed partials and my wife needed crowns. This was all after having served 25 years in the United States Air Force. Obviously the dental treatment in the USAF could have been better but now we are so pleased we purchased Dentemax. It has worked out well for us. Our recommended dentist from Dentemax is the greatest and we are best friends, even after the extensive dental treatments we have had.

Thank you Dentemax!

Laura S. - Bay City , MI - 04/01/2008

I'm a 33-year-old teacher who found herself employed outside the teaching profession and with no dental insurance. No problem, I have few cavities and had no previous dental problems.

About 6 months into my new job I had a toothache – a bad one. The pain became unbearable and I had to go to a dentist and pay full price for an exam and x-rays. It was expensive and the diagnosis was even more expensive. I needed a root canal immediately. The total asking price on a root canal without insurance is no less than $1,200.00.

I started researching discount dental plans. I read the site without much hope. The pain was bad, and I didn't have $1,200.00. I was really discouraged about this turn of events. The $1,200 bill was going hurt.

Then I found the Dentemax plan for $120 and found out I could use it immediately. I signed right up, thinking there might be some sort of hitch but desperate. I took my little printed out paper card to my dentist and it was accepted. Within 2 days, they had me scheduled. The procedure took an hour. It involved 4 sets of x-rays during the drilling, and came to... (get this!) $590!

Needless to say, the $120 cost of the plan was nothing in comparison. I am so pleased with the plan. It is easy to use, accepted by my dentist and it saved me $610. I have recommended it to everyone I know.

Charles M. - Newalla , OK - 04/01/2008

I enrolled in the Dent-All plan two years ago and have saved over $2500.00 so far from what the dentist usually charges. Every procedure, including a root canal, replacing a crown, and filling cavities, has been less than half the price quoted by other dentists. The dentist I use is very professional and provides me the same quality care as those not using the plan. The website is easy to use and I have recommended it to over 50 of my friends and family who don't have dental insurance through their work. It's almost like "this is to good to be true", but it isn’t. I highly recommend it to everyone I know!!

Don R. - Las Vegas , NV - 04/01/2008

In February 2008, I joined the Dent-All Plan (Careington CarePOS). I had been searching for a dental insurance or a discount dental plan for a good while. I am 72 years of age, and have been uninsured since retiring at the end of 2003.

My last dental exam under my employment PPO plan was a disaster, to say the least. The dentist told me I needed several crowns, several fillings, and a few existing fillings were to be replaced because "they might loosen up." I was not shown any X-rays, or given any further information about the work to be done. My cost under my plan would be around $2500. Since I had always taken good care of my teeth, and I wasn't having any problems, my gut feeling was that maybe I was going to be helping pay for the dentist's new car, rather than getting the dental care I needed.

Upon joining the Dent-All Plan, I found a dentist about five minutes from my home. My first visit, of course, included X-rays and an oral exam. The dentist went over my X-rays in great detail, and to my surprise and delight, he said I didn't need anything done except a routine cleaning. He specifically discussed that I had healthy bones and teeth, and that several cosmetic procedures were available in the event I was interested. (I have a chipped upper front tooth and a small space between my lower front teeth. Both these conditions have existed most of my life, and at my age, I don't feel they are urgent problems.)

My bill for that day was $82, but would have been something over $200 without the discount dental plan. I returned about two weeks later to get a cleaning. The procedure was routine, which surprised me, given the elapsed time since my previous cleaning. Both the dentist and the dental hygienist commented that I had no plaque buildup and that I must be brushing and flossing regularly and correctly. My bill for the cleaning was $32 and would have been $82 without the Dent-All Plan discount.

These experiences have pretty much restored my faith in dental care professionals. I can honestly say that my latest dentist appears to be among the most professional, knowledgeable, and caring dentists I have known. All of the personnel in this office are very caring individuals and seem to have a genuine interest in their patients. In searching for a discount dental plan, I had looked at several other websites, and was particularly impressed by the website. The ease of navigating the site, choice of plans, available dentists, and other information were instrumental in my joining this plan.

I will certainly recommend the website and discount dental plan to my family members and acquaintances. On a scale of 1-10, my experience with the Dent-All Plan thus far has definitely been a 10!

Ken C. - Katy , TX - 04/01/2008

I'd just like to take the time to say thanks for being there when I needed you. I signed on with Careington back in December of 2007, and I have to tell you it has already been worth the investment. At the time that I signed on, I had been a member of Blue Cross-Blue Shield for many, many years. It's amazing what companies don't tell you, or what we don't take the time to learn about what they offer.

I went into my dentist office in December and she indicated to me that I should think about a partial for an area which had been void for a long time. Partials are not cheap, and when I was told exactly how much Blue Cross Blue Shield would not cover, I was shocked. came through, however, and for about half the cost, I now have a partial. The dentist’s assistant suggested getting a supplemental to help and pointed me in your direction. So, I'm giving them all the credit.

As for your company, I would recommend you to anyone. I know that the dental office will continue to do so as well. Thanks for the help. There is no better supplemental out there that I know of.

Arlene A. - Saddle Brook , NJ - 04/01/2008

A few years ago, my husband was told by our then dentist that he needed a root canal. Well, what can one do? Then when he was told the cost, we were in shock. It cost as much as the roof replacement we had just had done to our house!

My husband mentioned that we were retired and did not have dental insurance, but the only concession that the dentist offered was a payment plan. Well, when a second root canal was needed, that was it. We told the dentist not to begin the work, and I looked online for some help.

Luckily, I stumbled upon, found their website very user-friendly and easy to navigate, and searched in our area. Voila - the Avia plan included a dental group right in our town! We figured it was worth a try. (Anything was better than practically needing a home-equity loan for your teeth!).

We discovered a very friendly, competent, and professional dental office, and saved money right away - more than half off the cost of the root canal alone. Since then, we have had all of our check-ups, cleanings, and dental crowns - all of our dental work - done at this office. There is no doubt that by now we have saved thousands of dollars.

We have recommended both this dental office, as well as, to many people, and we personally know of one family who has also signed up and is very happy. They are a younger family with children, and have found this office delightful and quite accommodating for children also. For anyone who is hesitating, just wait until you are told you need an expensive procedure! Then you will be like us, and make sure you sign up every year with

Darlene H. - Henderson , NV - 04/01/2008

My permanent bridge came loose and then fell out. I did not have a dental plan. I went to a dentist I found in the phone book, and he examined my mouth and gave me an estimate of $6,934.00. After I came to, I went online and contacted They signed me up with the Avia Dental Plan. I went to the dentist on their plan, which was 1 mile away from my home. He gave me a price of $2,686.00. I am smiling now and showing off my new bridge. I had savings totaling $4,248.00. Thanks ever so much. I am truly a happy camper.

Amy S. - Pittsburgh , PA - 04/01/2008

Who knew that spending $100 could save me $1600?

I work for a small non-profit. With fewer than five employees, we are not eligible for group health, dental, or vision programs. My fiancée is self-employed, so we pay out of pocket for his benefits. A combination of fear, tight finances, and good old procrastination left me without dental work for almost a decade.

Once it became apparent that I could wait no longer, I sat down at my computer to face the music. One quick search led to I was looking for a plan that could cover both of us even though we're not yet married. I called customer service and was immediately connected to a friendly, cheerful woman who asked me just a few quick questions. She recommended Avia, a plan that would cover both of us and offered hundreds of providers within a 15-minute drive.

On the day of my first appointment, they asked me about my coverage. No sooner did I say “Avia” than the woman behind the counter said, “That’s really good.” After consulting with my dentist, I learned that I needed over $3000 worth of dental work… but my Avia plan brought the total down below $1500 – which could all be financed at a very low interest rate.

Since then, I’ve recommended and Avia to dozens of people. I couldn’t be happier with my plan, benefits, service, and savings. It’s been a real lifesaver for our finances and our health—and it’s saved us $1600 in just two months. Thank you for offering this service!

Barb, Dave, Brooks and Chad M. - Palos Verdes Estates , CA - 04/01/2008

My family and I have always had dental insurance through my job as a teacher. Unfortunately, every dentist we went to on the plan always dropped the plan and we were left without a dentist. We actually put up with this for 20 years!!! Our last dentist we went to was on our ill fated insurance plan. He was the best dentist we ever had. My dental-phobic kids, ages 13 and 19, actually said none of his procedures hurt. Of course, 6 months after finding our dentist, he also quit using our insurance. Once again we were left in search of another dentist. What a disaster!

By now, there were fewer and fewer dentists left on our insurance plan. A dentist was recommended by a fellow teacher and he was horrible. His teeth cleaning hurt, his cavity filling technique left my son sore for days and he claimed to have found thousands of dollars worth of work that needed to be done on all of us. I knew this dentist wouldn't work and I really wanted to go back to our dentist, but how?

It was at this point that I decided to go online and type in dental plans and see what came up. Immediately I discovered your discount dental plans and chose Aetna's plan. We save about 50% on our dental procedures and are back with our dentist whom we love and recommend to our friends. I tell everyone I know about your dental plans... most of them think it is too good to be true, but I tell them this plan has allowed us the luxury of an incredible dentist without the full cost. Thanks!

Amira C. - Tampa , FL - 04/01/2008

I moved here from Australia. In Australia, our medical and dental is free. If I wanted to get braces, I could get them for free but would have to wait a couple of weeks, which was fine. When I moved to the United States two years ago, I knew I had a tooth that was bad, but didn’t think I needed to get it fixed. Since a year ago, I have been in pain on both sides of my mouth. I was on pain killers because I could not afford to get my teeth fixed. My parents did not move here with me, so I did not have any support from them.

My job offered medical but not dental. I cried so many times. I was 138 pounds, and I went down to 110 pounds because I could not eat the candy and all the foods I loved. I could not chew properly either. I went to the dentist in January of 2008 and he said I needed to get a tooth pulled, two root canals, and two crowns. When I told people at my work what the dentist told me they said I needed to get a loan because it was expensive. I tried to get a loan but did not get approved because I had no credit established yet. My boss offered to loan me the money because I had been miserable everyday for months. I did not want to accept.

In February, the pain got worse and worse. I went online and searched for help for dental insurance. The website appeared. I looked into it and it sounded GREAT. I told all the employees at work and they said that I should not believe what I am reading because it sounded too good to be true. Everyday I would look into this. I called customer service many times with so many questions and they were very nice and answered them. I finally asked what the catch was and the lady laughed.

I went with my gut feeling and bought the Aetna Dental Plan. I paid $99.99 for the year. The dentist I originally went to had recommended an oral surgeon for the root canal and another to get my tooth pulled. When I called them, they were going to charge me $250 for pulling my tooth, and for the root canal they were going to charge me $1100 each. When I called back and asked if they took the Aetna dental plan, they said yes.

I ended up getting my tooth pulled a month ago and was charged $120. For my root canals I was charged $1300 for both of them, not one. I saved so much money. I saved $1030. I feel very blessed and very lucky that I had found this website. I am going for my crowns in a couple of weeks and after this I am going to take good care of my teeth since I have this amazing plan.

The people I work with have been asking me questions about this plan and I have recommended it to so many people. My overall experience was 10 out of 10. I loved the oral surgeon I went to. The website is great and the customer service was fantastic. Thank you and this is my story.

Barry S. - Azle , TX - 04/01/2008

I originally signed up for a dental plan, but it did not have dentists in my home town that I liked that honored it. I called and they changed my plan to Aetna which was honored by almost everyone. I thought I might have a problem switching, but they were very accommodating and made it very easy.

I not only saved a good amount of money, but was able to use a dentist that I liked. The dentist charged me exactly what was on my online price list with no objections. I also used one of the other services that were included - vision. I went to a major eyeglass retailer and they ran my plan against my other discounts like AAA and AARP. My plan was about 10-15% less than the other discounted plans that I had available to me. All-in-all, my experience with has been excellent and I will definitely renew when the time comes.

Lynn G. - St. Charles , MO - 04/01/2008

We have saved over $2000.00 in the first 5 months since we purchased the Aetna Dental Access Plan. My wife needed 2 fillings, 1 root canal, and 3 crowns. The total cost at a dentist not accepting the plan would have been well over $4000.00. I'm going in May and I know I need at least 2 crowns. This plan has been a life saver for us. We are retired and have no dental coverage.

Frank L. - Long Beach , CA - 04/01/2008

I chose the Aetna plan because it included the labs and was actually a few dollars more than the UNI 100. It did not include the vision, but I already have that type of coverage with our health plan. If I didn’t, this may have been a good way to gain that type of coverage also.

I had dental cleanings for both me and my son. The amount I paid for two dental cleanings was $146. I would have paid $85 each or $170 without the plan, so there is some discount.

The dentist is a quality dentist. I do not see him much as we are in good shape, usually getting cleanings only, but he does have LCD TV’s in each room showing Hawaii videos.

I liked the comparison chart for the plans. It was easy to use, and the website is also very easy to use. I would have liked to see a more detailed fee schedule comparison for a dentist of choice, so that I could see what plans they accept and how the fee schedules compare all on one page so I could print it out and think about it. I did sign up over the phone for that personal touch. I also liked that you could search for a particular dentist.

If you are self employed or have no dental coverage, this fee schedule plan seems like a reasonable choice. The experience so far is good; the dental receptionist liked the plan a lot, which tells me it works for both the patient and the dentist.

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